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  1. Daley is truly awful and should be playing for the XFL, not the Panthers.
  2. With each passing day I despise Rule more and more.
  3. Marshall needs to get healthy and show something or he could find himself on the outs. You can't help the club in the tub.
  4. Because reasons! Seriously though I think Rhule just cannot admit that his evaluation last year on Elflein and Erving were so wrong and is trying to save face.
  5. It’s just a stupid slogan. He’s been literally scrambling to figure things out since he was hired so there is no process.
  6. Give him a break, he was spending his off season jack-hammering porn stars.
  7. He used to do ACC football games with Steve Martin and was terrible then. I always had to mute the sound because Doc was so annoying.
  8. Put your Tom Brady jersey on and get your warm milk and go to bed. You make us all sick.
  9. I thought that TheBigKat had his thread starting privileges revoked. If not it should happen so we all don’t have to be subjected to his nonsense any longer.
  10. He was playing with and against scrubs. Hard to take much from the performance.
  11. I’m very optimistic. He’s a baller and his competitive nature will rub off on the offense. Huge upgrade.
  12. Tepper found that 60 million in his couch cushions. Time to buy the pipe and foundry location and put up the practice facility/entertainment district that connects with Bank of America Stadium.
  13. I despise Rhule. I think Baker is worlds better than Corral at this respective point in their careers. I have high hopes for Corral as a future starter.
  14. #20 was feeling some pain after that tackle.
  15. My bet is that Mills did something stupid and Ron had no choice. Mills did some bizarre things while he was living in CLT.
  16. He didn’t actually say that you were not educated properly, he said it depends on how you were educated. Anyway, to each his own. I feel that horrible grammar can and should be overlooked depending on context and source, but it should be important for professionals to get it right most of the time, Twitter or not. It’s not intellectual elitism, it’s trying to find some basic level of correctness.
  17. I’ve heard of it. Guys like you and MHS need to fight the good fight on language and grammar.
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