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  1. Wilson is good/great but I certainly didn't come away thinking he was more talented than Darnold.
  2. Yeah that would make sense, it's the same kind of blatant, nonsensical garbage.
  3. Great, another swamp trash troll has infested the board.
  4. I drank about 20 Juicy Jays on Sunday, I figured it would be on the list.
  5. There was a keep pounding chant, maybe you were in the head.
  6. Well at least we will have stability for three weeks. If Zane misses a kick he will get the ziggy at the end of three weeks.
  7. This kicker situation is getting really weird.
  8. Damn that had to hurt. His head snapped back and hit the turf. Wilson is a tough dude to take that and complete a pass on the next play.
  9. Slye is who he is, a middling professional kicker. He will be cut or back on their practice squad as soon as the #1 kicker is healthy.
  10. He's a crusty, old school coach. The guy clearly knows what he is doing.
  11. Wilson will be a stud if he can stay healthy. He has a cannon arm and can make plays under duress.
  12. Won't ever feel bad for this dude after telling us to get the fug off of their field.
  13. DJ should be a slot corner and if we extend him it should be in the 7-8 per year. He’s a great teammate and the guys love him but he’s not a top shelf corner.
  14. Linville just doesn’t want to admit that Sam is a good QB and it was a smart/correct move to trade for him.
  15. We need to let Jackson walk, he is not good.
  16. In. Section 346. Let’s put an ass whipping on these chumps.
  17. I gotta believe that we see Brown in there in place of Elf on the Shelf very soon. Maybe even during the Jets game.
  18. My kid played ball with Brannon at Waddell language academy. He’s a great kid and very athletic.
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