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  1. Eli deserved to get benched back then but that’s neither here nor there.
  2. You have to actually play the rookies for them to have an impact.
  3. Zebras not gonna let Philly breathe lol
  4. I hope no one hires Hackett so we can scoop him up next year after Rhule is mercifully kicked to the curb.
  5. Yes, sign Mitchell and draft Samuel and let the overrated JAGS battle it out for the QB1 position.
  6. Whatever week the bye week falls on will be when the falls.
  7. I think it's a subtle dig at Matty boy.
  8. Tepper knows he can always hire the coach from Coastal or Cincinnati because they are obviously good at turning around programs.
  9. Yes, I too have high hopes the Black Monday will bring good news for us all. I think Tepper is staying very quiet because he has already decided to move on.
  10. AB is a full blown narcissist. There is not much hope for change unfortunately.
  11. Yeah that's right, I forgot about those JAGS
  12. So PJ and Tecklenburg likely would not be on another roster. Who else from Temple and Baylor would not make the cut?
  13. The Process!! Analytics!!! Positional Versatility!!!
  14. I just don't understand how these so called coaches look at this film and think it is acceptable and keep trotting the same dudes out there week after week. If Erving is back at LT on Sunday I will lose my mind.
  15. Trade him straight up for Darnold. They both will be on 5th year options. Both teams get a new look and can move on from there. Baker can take the beating while we upgrade the OL and draft a rookie QB in 2023.
  16. Flipping burgers and asking “paper or plastic?”
  17. UNC is a bad, undisciplined and soft football team.
  18. Maybe, but he's like Darnold, even when he has time he is very skittish in the pocket and rarely goes through his progressions. He just bolts. Maybe he is shell shocked, but there will be a lot to clean up as a pro.
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