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  1. Ok, time will tell. I believe he will be worse than Howell turned out. All you Heel fan boys were convinced Howell was the next superstar QB in the league.
  2. Take off those baby boy blue glasses my guy.
  3. The New York fans and media will rip him to shreds after watching his half ass effort.
  4. He will be a bust. He is not a dawg or a big game player. He wilts with any kind of pressure or unusual defensive look. Never delivered in a big game at UNC.
  5. Is Bryce really that smart or is that just the narrative for him? I did not really see much evidence last season that he is smarter at QB than any other JAG we have been trotting out there lately.
  6. He has played the last two seasons injury free. 2 ACL and 2 shoulder surgeries before that. He is a stud and a dawg so yes he would be a great pick.
  7. Is dynamicism a real word?
  8. Aren’t you supposed to be done with the Panthers? You threw an epic emotional diatribe on here the other day saying you were done, yet here you are still stirring the pot with emotion based hot takes. Go away or get back on the wagon, but please stop acting like a child.
  9. They still have Eberflus coaching them so they are going nowhere fast. They will squander all of it.
  10. Evero probably regrets sticking around now.
  11. Shedeur is very very good. I would love to draft him. Leonard is very athletic but reminds me of another Duke product in Danny Jones.
  12. Not a dawg so he's gone.
  13. Jefferson would destroy whatever is left of BY's manhood after 3 or 4 games of not getting the ball when open or fluttering hospital balls. Hmm, maybe we should get him. It will get us to our next QB faster.
  14. Wilks lost me when he let Mike Evans single handedly beat us in a game with the playoffs on the line. Dinosaur.
  15. He has been to a few games for sure but is mostly staying quiet. Melo hopefully will mature like most humans do when the teen and early twenty years are in the rear view mirror. He needs to wear his damn ankle braces as well.
  16. The Serbian guy (Micic?) was incredible and Williams played hard with defensive intensity and success. Mann looked really good as did Bertans. We know what Curry will provide. With the future ones and the quality depth we now have, we definitely cleaned up at the deadline.
  17. Stroud is thanking his lucky stars he didn’t have to play behind our abysmal offensive line in an archaic offense with no weapons. He feels like he hit the jackpot.
  18. It will be extremely disappointing if either Chark or TMJ are on the roster next season.
  19. CRA you are being negative just for the sake of being negative. That's where your mind is on the Panthers (with good reason), but if Canales wanted Evero out then Evero would be gone. EE is not being forced on the guy. Bitch and complain all you want about everything else but EE was the only guy we had who put his head down and worked all season long. He does not deserve to be shat on like that.
  20. He's a proven commodity. He has coordinated top 5 defenses with two different franchises now. There is no way to replace him with anyone equal or better than him at this stage of the coaching carousel. EE knows how to coach up a great D. Let him do his thing another year here and let Canales focus on fixing the offense.
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