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  1. I would expect Sweat to fall to round 3
  2. I love it. Welcome home JC Solid against the run too
  3. Why?!! We practically got him for a bag of chips, we were going to cut Jackson anyway
  4. You may be right, he may not be a year 1 starter on the outside, but I think the high potential is there and as a slot receiver he could be what Bryce didn't have last year. I know Thielen was in the slot a lot but he doesn't have the shiftiness or the speed to create immediate separation that we need.
  5. What I have seen is that he gets off the line of scrimmage and creates separation, catches the ball with his hands, and despite his smaller stature, has an impressive catching radius. Like Smitty, not afraid to go into traffic and attack the ball in the air. His route running is among the best in this class. He is shifty, can be a threat both in short quick outs (which is what bryce needs) as well as vertically. I'm not sure where this "swallowed by the DBs" comes from, I didn't see it.
  6. Clowney is known to take his time making decisions like this so I'm not surprised he hasn't chosen us yet, it also means we're still in the running.
  7. I hope he wants to be closer to home, we need him too
  8. Every draft, there's a WR who was underrated. Last year it was Puka Nacua. This year it's Roman Wilson - he will be a steal of the draft at wide receiver if he drops any lower than 2nd round. I'll come back to collect receipts in the fall
  9. Maybe he can be had in later rounds but he will be one of the best receivers of this class
  10. Is my pick at 33 or 39 reminds me of Agent 89
  11. I hope you’re right but problem is Teppers are emotionally invested, hopefully they stay out of the way this time
  12. Good post but I will play a little devils advocate. I think this lop sided investment is needed in order to get Bryce off the ground and properly evaluate him. Once he can develop for 3-4 years, ideally he won’t need as much support and the front office can take a more balanced approach to where they spend their cap $$. We always complained that even with Can he was never properly built around on the OL and wide receivers. It’s time to at least put Bryce or the next QB in position to succeed
  13. This again? Stroud is miles better, already a top 5 QB in the NFL. It’s not just the situation, he is that good Nevertheless we have to see if Bryce improves and can become a viable franchise QB or we move on and try again. Simple as that
  14. Fitterer didn’t seem to ever have a strategy, just bargain shopped and would publicly convince himself that they are going to be amazing
  15. Beggars can’t be choosers or something like that. Even if he can’t stay healthy he can add value to the offense, help open the field for others etc. We can hope maybe his injury issues are behind him
  16. Dude knows how to get open. Only question is how Bryce will handle it if he starts calling him our for not gettIng him the ball
  17. Dude played for the Chargers, who have the lamest least loyal fanbase in the NFL
  18. Pump the brakes, I like the moves but I’m gonna take it slooooowwww
  19. Excellent post! I like the roster building. Even if Bryce doesn’t take the next step (which we hope he will) we will be in a better position to draft next year and feel good about the future
  20. Agreed and he will surely want to play well coming home to the Carolinas
  21. Well done. Thielen should be listed as a slot receiver, so the second receiver slot is still a need. Mingo still May develop but I think this is where we go with the 33rd pick and get a first round grade receiver in a deep WR draft.
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