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  1. Would three first round picks to move up to #1 do it?
  2. We'd be lucky if the Bears took this. I would 100% do this trade.
  3. We knew it in SB50. Cotchery caught it but Manning had to win
  4. Yeah this is Florio, his schtick is getting old.
  5. i would have actually lost all respect for Tepper if he just took the easy road and just hired Wilks to appease others for PR purposes. Time will tell if Reich can turn the franchise around but he is well respected in the league, has proven to be a good offensive mind who can hopefully develop the next franchise QB. Wilks is a good coach but his style represented the past, not the future.
  6. Not in terms of legacy. Getting Cam injured makes him the worst on field draft choice
  7. Second only to Carruth. I don’t even count that piece of crap
  8. I still think it’s a win-win. I hope CMC wins the Superbowl and that Panthers can make those picks count. We relied on him too much and made us too predictable. He is much better when he’s one of many weapons instead of being the main guy. Shannahan is using him perfectly
  9. KB was the worst first round pick in history. I remember watching him in 2016 and thinking how lazy his route running was, slow and pathetic
  10. Lost between the lines is the fact he didn’t thank Tepper for the opportunity to be the interim head coach or the opportunity to interview. That says something and I don’t like the insinuation that he wasn’t given a fair shot. Ultimately, Tepper wants an offensive minded coach and Wilks is not it, regardless of his skin color.
  11. NAS

    Trey Lance

    Oops sorry missed the other thread, feel free to merge
  12. Not gonna lie, he was my favorite prospect coming out of the draft. I think he would have had a good season this year if he didn’t get hurt. With Purdy looking like the next Tok Brady, I think 49ers may to recoup one of the 3 first round draft picks they traded for him. If a QB isn’t available at 9, do you think we should consider trading the pick for Lance and let him and Corral battle it out?
  13. Tepper should hire a consultant to do the head coaching search. This would allow him to make an objective decision rather than emotional one.
  14. Does it really matter what fans want if majority of the players want Wilks?
  15. That's what I'm afraid of, we don't have the draft capital to trade up and if we do, it better be for a can't miss prospect.
  16. He's already older than Darnold, terrible pick.
  17. I think the most clarity anyone can have about a QB class is right after the season and before all the combine and pro day nonsense where terrible quarterbacks like Zach Wilson somehow get hyped into getting drafted second overall. All you need to see in a quarterback is watching situational football in real games.
  18. This - I'm not sold that Fields will pan out long term. He relies on his legs too much
  19. I think someone will trade with Bears and grab a quarterback and don't think it will be Panthers. Colts, maybe? It's safe to say Young and Stroud will be gone early, I am hoping someone drops to us like Will Levis or Anthony Richardson. Am I being delusional? Is trading up our only option to land one of the top 4 QBs in the class?
  20. Well He's not at the same level as Watt or Bosa, so he'll have to take significantly less.
  21. 9th pick purgatory. Just take the best QB available or trade back and draft a prospect and hope either he or Corral can come good
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