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  1. Only if it's a straight swap with Darnold and maybe a late pick
  2. As the pressure from fans and the media intensifies, do you think Tepper may be hoping that Rhule quits, and he can save face and money? I don't see any other rationale to keeping him around
  3. Yep, we'll be cheering for the #1 pick in late December
  4. It's too bad we're in such a small media market. If this was New York, there is no way that Tepper would be able to ignore the questions or avoid the media response
  5. True, but it at least prevents him from screwing up the organization for future years and having Fitt in full control of the roster may give the next head coach a fighting chance to turn things around more quickly.
  6. Fitterer instills confidence and should be made a true GM instead of being subservient to Rhule
  7. Yes but at least that’s on him, This way he hides behind “collective” decision nonsense like picking up Darnold’s 5th year option. It was pathetic that he didn’t show any accountability yesterday
  8. Rhule should have been fired, but if you’re going to retain him at least take away his final roster control and let Fitt and Morgan get the personnel right. I don’t trust Rhule to make any personnel decisions
  9. Does anyone have Chirstensen's grade when playing LT for the season?
  10. That answer alone is a fireable offence. My hate is turning on Tepper now for keeping this clown arouond.
  11. Tepper can't believe he's been taken for a ride by this used car salesmen. He must be truly embarrassed
  12. Assistant to the assistant head coach
  13. Tepper's silence speaks volumes. I think he's on the fence, but could go either way.
  14. Hahaha ok second best plan, start trending on Twitter
  15. Mass protests in front of BofA stadium tomorrow to demand from Tepper to fire Rhule. Who’s with me?
  16. Rivera is much better but it was still the right decision to fire him, wrong decision to hire Rhule. Both truths are self evident
  17. No, it was time to move on from Rivera. Tepper made a mistake of not getting rid of Hurney at the same time and letting the new GM pick the new head coach.
  18. I will be doing something else on sundays and wait for him to get fired
  19. Predict the headline, do you think Rhule will get fired or not?
  20. It shows they don’t watch Panthers games
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