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  1. Worth a watch. Btw I didn’t realize we have the 31st pass blocking line. Welp!
  2. Starting corners are not unemployed or on practice squads
  3. Encouraging info, I'm hopeful no more than 3 - 4 games for CMC.
  4. I mean to say Daley. and Elflein played first two games and looked like crap. Keep splitting hairs.
  5. I actually think he's been better than TD this season, particularly in coverage.
  6. OL is our biggest weakness and will only get exposed more if they don't fix it. I am really hopeful that Brown and Christensen can develop quickly because Daley and Elflein have looked terrible.
  7. Not taking anything away from the Defense but they're not the 2000 Ravens or the 1985 Bears. Sam is not Trent Dilfer either thankfully. It will take more than a game manager to win the games in today's NFL. Sam will have to rally the troops like he did last night to build a lead that the defense can protect.
  8. One thing that has come perhaps too soon due to injury to CMC is that this has now de facto become Sam Darnold's team. He is now the face of this offense and the team and he proved last night that he can lead through adversity. He didn't try to do too much but steadily provided the calm and composure that was needed to close out a scrappy opponent. While I can't wait for CMC to return healthy, I'm excited to see how he handles this new found position going forward.
  9. Yes. At one point, I thought there was discussion about TNF teams only playing after their bye so they have enough time to recover and prepare. I'm hoping CMC can be back by early November to face the Patriots
  10. Probably go on IR with designation to return. If we make the playoff we could use him but only if he's 100%
  11. The other Robbie topic wasn't good enough for you?
  12. They've already shown that. Marshall had a solid game with 4 catches last night.
  13. Did anyone in the media ask Rhule about it? It's mind boggling that the #2 WR only has 1 catch for 9 yards when his QB passes for 300 yards.
  14. Apparently, Matt Rhule's pep talk with Chuba made a difference in the second half. Royce Freeman and fourth-round pick Chuba Hubbard took over in the backfield after McCaffrey left the game in the second quarter. Hubbard got stuffed on a fourth down a short time later and the Panthers were only up one at halftime, but things began to open up for them in the second half. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/09/24/matt-rhule-royce-freeman-chuba-hubbard-just-have-to-be-starting-nfl-running-backs/ Head coach Matt Rhule said both players stepped up and he made it clear what he’s looking for from the duo while McCaffrey is out of action. “Yeah, I think they just have to be starting NFL running backs, and Royce has done that before,” Rhule said in his postgame press conference. “I told Chuba at halftime, ‘That’s why we drafted you, man.’ I thought Chuba was outstanding. At the end of the half, we didn’t give him a ton of chances, but I thought he got in there at the end and made some key runs. When we can line up in four-minute offense and run and get the first down on two plays, especially versus that stout defense, that’s a credit to the offensive line, credit to the tight ends and full backs. I thought those backs hit it, and the minute Royce got in he made that nice run, cut the ball back on a dual play, which that’s a veteran-run. That’s a guy that’s played a bunch and saw it. Those guys stepped up for us.”
  15. I was really impressed with his catch and run down the sideline
  16. I think this defense can hold Dallas to 20 pts or less and give us a chance to win
  17. Cowboys won’t test Darnold their defense sucks. Our defense will be though
  18. I think it’s good but would pump the brakes a bit. Defense looks very vulnerable when we don’t get enough pressure on the QB. I think high powered offenses like Dallas will be able to put some yards and points this team.
  19. Yes it's the run defense that's even more impressive to me.
  20. Ironically it seems like Teddy just had more of a connection with Anderson. Not sure if he’s not getting open or Sam isn’t attempting the throws.
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