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  1. Not the start he wanted, completely lacked composure today. He should have been allowed to play behind a better offensive line. He was rattled early and never recovered. You know what you have with PJ yet they insist on giving him bulk of the quality reps.
  2. Matt Rhule “hold my beer” moment incoming
  3. I never said he was lazy, just that he focused on other aspects.
  4. I also think we can be fans of Cam Newton, which I was, and acknowledge he wasn’t perfect. He definitely relied too much on his athletic abilities and didn’t adapt the finer aspects of the passing game which is one of the reasons (in addition to injuries) why he’s out of the league today.
  5. I don’t think we need to rush it, but I do hope he will be the backup this year and not a third string QB. I think if Baker starts, Darnold will be traded (if possible) or cut
  6. No I trust Fitt though and hope he can influence Rhule not to blunder it
  7. I don’t think Cam ever did this. For how good he was, he could have been even better if he worked on this kind of stuff
  8. if he keeps this up this work ethic and attitude, I am optimistic that he will be a star
  9. Our problem last year was more scheme than personnel. We got plenty of sacks but also got exposed in the run game. The weird college stuff can’t work in the NFL
  10. In the words of my tweens Bruh, what’s this?
  11. Pickett may be a top 20 pick but he is not as good of a prospect as Corrall.
  12. If he can mentally adapt to the NFL, his skills are legit. You can’t teach this, it’s God given talent
  13. I think it’s smart, no point on risking an injury or setback in camp. Think long term
  14. If you really have to put in a clause to get him to watch tape, then you shouldn’t have paid him all that money. Murray will not live up to this monster contract
  15. He’s still a starting tackle for us so no, not a bust. He will bounce back this year with better defensive assistants.
  16. When will the Panthers do theirs?
  17. This offense and team will go as far as CMC can stay healthy
  18. Team is starting to gel, looking more fluid in attack and is allowing playmakers to make plays. I think if he continues to win and make the playoffs he deserves to be remain the head coach. I love what I saw last night
  19. Just because we lost faith in Matt Rhule doesn’t mean we don’t want him to succeed. It’s on him to prove us wrong, show that he’s learned something about the NFL and put together a winning season. If he does that, most of us will give him credit and support him. But the criticism he’s been getting is deserved and of his own making.
  20. Haha this original post will not age well
  21. Key to season is Rhule being hands off and letting real coaches coach. He can stick to being a motivational speaker.
  22. I think it depends on the momentum and how they finish the season. Do they finish strong and have a 9-8 or 8-9 record or lose 5 games in a row. If the team improves then I think Rhule gets another year regardless of the playoffs
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