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  1. Nah. Be professional. Let your game do your talking.
  2. Talking trash to fans...that will likely get him in coach's doghouse.
  3. He goes and gets the ball...reminds me of Smitty. Love it.
  4. That's how I read it and why I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt...again...for now.
  5. I'm sure they know quite a bit more than we do. That doesn't guarantee they aren't woefully wrong on Erving or anyone else, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt...for now.
  6. If you're gonna look bad, practice is the place to do it. Colts apparently wanted to put on a show for their fans. I expect the Panthers will be fired up to look better today, but I'm not expecting a miraculous reversal. Still early and not even close to time to panic.
  7. They said a LOT of stuff prior to the draft...you can't take that as gospel. You think they are gonna show their hand at that point? If they wanted Fields or Jones at 8, regardless of Darnold, you don't think they would've picked one of them? I honestly don't know how they ranked the QB prospects. I just know they didn't think Fields or Jones were franchise QBs or they would've picked one of them. As you say, it's as simple as that. Don't listen to what they say before the draft, watch what they do. That tells you more about their big board than any nonsense they say to the press.
  8. So your argument is that the draft capital used to acquire Darnold somehow factors in to not taking Fields or Jones? Because if it's not Darnold's mere presence on the roster, I'm not sure what difference it makes when he was acquired.
  9. Without acquiring Darnold, we likely trade up for the QB we actually wanted. Or we pick Horn and sign someone else. But we would not pick Fields or Jones at #8 even had we not had Darnold because if that was the case, we would've picked Fields or Jones anyway. That's the way it works. A lot of people questioned why pick Keuchly with Beason on the roster. You pick the guy you you think is worthy of the pick. Fields was not that guy. That may turn out to be a bad decision, but they weren't letting him get away if they actually believed he had a good chance to become a Franchise QB.
  10. Everybody knows our strength is defense and with Saleh the head guy in NY now, not surprising folks expect a low-scoring game.
  11. We could lose, but I don't think we will. And no, it's not a must-win.
  12. No. If Moton plays LT, I'd rather either play Scott or Christensen at RT. Only way to improve is with live reps. We could possibly make the playoffs this year if everything goes well, but we aren't exactly a "contender" yet. No one-year rentals until we are poised to challenge for a SB birth.
  13. It's PFF, so take with a grain of salt, but it gives us an idea... https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2022-nfl-draft-position-rankings-offensive-linemen Then there's this: https://www.si.com/nfl/draft/prospect-rankings/2022-nfl-draft-positional-rankings
  14. You were. We should've taken Trey Smith. Hell, I would've taken him a round earlier.
  15. What is Reddick? He is the destruction of Tom Brady's back-to-back fantasies.
  16. I said in another thread, don't be surprised if Fox starts ahead of YGM. Fox played on a stud DL and learned a few things. He's got skills. He's like a better version of Obada.
  17. Just like it wouldn't surprise me to see Moton as our true backup LT.
  18. Still early. Concerning that he hasn't taken a snap with the ones, but I'm not gonna lose sleep over it.
  19. This happens frequently around here. People make statements and suddenly that's what the coaches/FO are thinking. It would be funny if people didn't actually take it so seriously.
  20. I would really love to see 72 protecting Sam's blind side, but again, as others have said, it's not a matter of him automagically excelling because he's good on the right. If he's our best LT, he should play LT, simple as that. But after watching Trent Scott stonewall Burns yesterday, I am hopeful he will step up and stay healthy. I'd rather Scott surprise everyone by being steady and healthy and Moton continue to be the rock on the right.
  21. Rhule said Chinn would line up more as a safety, but he'll be used much like he was last year. Sometimes he'll be up on the LOS, sometimes he'll be deep, sometimes he'll be one-on-one with someone. In short, they're gonna put him in position to make plays.
  22. Morgan Fox, Marquis Haynes. Fox may start over YGM. In fact, I'd wager he does. Then there's Reddick, who is a Pass rush LB. He could play DE in a pinch, though I imagine if any of our DEs miss more than a game, we'd pick up someone. There's also the rook, Nixon, who is ridiculously athletic for his size and could probably slide outside if necessary, though that would likely mean we'd suffered some significant losses.
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