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  1. I just wanted to poke my head in and see if it was worth frequenting the boards this off season.
  2. I mean. If the point of picks is to get good players, is it a big deal to use the picks before the draft to get good players? Esp young ones on a rookie salary? If any draft was worth trading away from, its the 2022
  3. Dan Arnold has been getting only about 30% snap counts the last 2 games. I am fine with this.
  4. Wait what? Please reread things. Without the 1st string, without the actual offense implemented. Which means even if Darnold was out there for the entire quarter, he would not have been playing with the new team and in this offense. So you acknowledge that he would not be playing "in this offense" even if he was playing. Thanks for agreeing with me that its a non factor to bring up. Exeperience and feel with new teammates? Which he also gets in the joint practices, on a higher level. Are you worried about the Sam Darnold/Colin Thompson chemistry? Or his chemistry with Ishmael Hyman? Specifically. What experience and feel for new team mates are you looking for him to get that he is unable to get without playing enough snaps in a preseason game? I am pointing out how you are literally contradicting yourself in your own whiney statements. I am pointing out how Sam Darnold not playing in a meaningless pre season game where he would not be playing with a full complement of 1st stringer or running the actual offense does not give him any experience with the people or offense. People are over valuing the usefulness of preseason games in todays NFL. They were mostly useless before. Now even more useless with joint practices. They are glorified practices taking advantage of TV deals that give a larger focus on fringe players and depth. Not for starters working on that chemistry with the 3rd string.
  5. Maybe you should move on if you can't tell I am not actually advocating that CMC should be playing. I just think you don't understand how little value preseason games hold in todays NFL after the advent of joint practices. Your point just seems mostly. Stupid. It basically boils down to "Darnold should be playing because I want to personally see him play". It doesn't actually add anything. Chemistry? Chemistry with who? 2nd and 3rd stringers? The 1st stringers aren't playing as a unit, so he would not be getting chemistry with people that matter. Like he does in the join practices. New offense with a new team? They aren't running the actual Panther playbook. Its always a scaled back version of what they would run in a regular season. So needing to "get used to the new playbook" or offense is irrelevant, because he wouldnt be getting used to it even if he did play.
  6. So basically like every rookie QB drafted in the first round? The overwhelming majority of first round QBs don't have actual competition. Its weird to say someone is being coddled by not playing. But then say they are also being coddled by being forced to play a ton. Everyone is coddled!
  7. With joint practices being a big thing now, preseason games are even more irrelevant than previous. It has more non football value than football value.
  8. Steve Smith has a history of very level headed statements. Its basically been his M.O.
  9. I dont know what meeting you are going to.... ...but I am in.
  10. I am using the standards set before me. I am told Darnold should start and play more because he is on a new team with a new system. Don't yall back track on your "Darnold should play more" wagon now. Or at least have a meeting or something.
  11. Stafford is a proven commodity that the Huddle board completely self destructed when it came out the Panthers sent an offer out for him. They thought he was that bad.
  12. No, because then you have to find someone that changed teams, the clear starter, and is learning a new system. How many "non proven commodities" did that?
  13. The practices you called controlled drills, which are a joke? So suddenly its ok to evaluate a player from the practices. As long as its not Darnold. Mostly because it makes no sense at all. Darnold not playing more is not a sign of not trusting him. Darnold playing more is not a sign of trusting him.
  14. Honestly, I just like how the situations get more exact and specific over time to exclude anyone else in the NFL. Then after we are sure 100% of QBs are excluded from the "Darnold comp" we still moan that he isn't getting reps. Despite there now being no one to compare him to in a similar situation getting reps. But we will cite QBs not a Darnold comp who are getting reps. And use that as evidence for why he should get reps. But don't you do do the same exact thing and point out QBs not getting reps.
  15. Why specifically does this matter? I would say its a joke to rely on Darnold playing in a preseason game. At least in joint practices its more likely to be starters vs starters. This statement makes absolutely zero sense. Thats fine. CMC is coming off of a major injury last year. You don't feel its important for a guy who missed nearly an entire year to get his game legs going? Get used to being hit again in a game-like atmosphere? To see if he is back to his previous form? For the record, I don't. But it seems like an extremely biased line to draw in the sand on who does and doesn't need the reps.
  16. We literally did get a veteran QB with previous starter experience. I am not confident Trubisky is better than what we have. How many teams have a Plan B on the roster?
  17. Ok. You didn't exactly answer my question. How exactly is it coddling? Is Sam Darnold getting reps in with the 1st string against the Ravens 1st string? Yes. So its not about reps and experience. Is it about the actual cameras? Is having a camera on you that important?
  18. Why is not playing many reps in the 1st two games of a preseason game considered coddled? What exactly is being coddled? Can this be explained first? I don't know how to reply effectively unless I know what is even being talked about. I can't figure out how Darnold is being coddled by not playing atm.
  19. Any other time of the year, we poo on a player like Trubisky. Suddenly...WHY DIDNT WE SIGN HIM!?!
  20. I dont care who. If we rely on either to play, we aren't going to rely on them to actually win the game.
  21. Bringing in competition for Darnold would have destroyed the Panthers in other areas. What money/draft assets should the Panthers have employed, and then look at the trickle down effect of what we'd have lost.
  22. .....what This makes sense if maybe if you are a new football fan and don't understand the point of preseason games. People here are placing waaaaaaaaaay too much of the wrong importance on preseason game calls. Preseason game calls are *not* designed to win the game. Based on your logic, running Chubba at the goal line shows how they feel about CMC. When we are on a goal line..CMC was invisible! We didn't give him the ball once. Obviously the coaching staff has no faith in CMC's ability to play football, and are trying to groom Chubba as his replacement.
  23. I am just fortunate that pro-bowl/all pro CB Marcus Peters who had lined up across from Anderson didn't notice this. And was apparently thrown off by the stare down.
  24. You mean they scale down the play calling due to having a large amount of people on the team that can't be expected to all learn the playbook, and the plays called are more about trying to evaluate players on the team than to actually win a game? 2008 Lions. 2017 Browns. Both played to win their preseason games. 4-0 in preseason. Went 0-16 in regular season.
  25. So uh. Am I the only one not worried about the game calls in a preseason game where winning is the least important aspect?
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