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  1. Would the 9ers admit it anything else? This is just standard "say you always supported the guy you drafted" talk, regardless of the situation.
  2. This thread was a wonderful trip down memory lane.
  3. Aren't Sam Darnold and Justin Fields like a year and half apart in age?
  4. Bleacher Report on literally any team that didnt take Justin Fields: "Horrible draft, horrible off season"
  5. So does this mean Kelvin Benjamin got that Popeye's Biscuit?
  6. I've seen other rankings. Its all over the place. Here is one.
  7. The interview was weird. "I take responsibility for my short comings and my actions, but pardon me while I throw everyone under the bus concerning my main short comings and actions"
  8. I am excited about the skill set each brings to the table. Right now, I just want to see someone get hit hard. And Tremble is the newest shiny.
  9. I believe the main factor in Marshall's stats will be Sam. I believe he will get his play time, his target chances, etc. Everything will come down to whether or not Sam steps up in general.
  10. I am on the Tommy Tremble train and I refuse to allow anything to derail me.
  11. Yall acting like we will pick in the 4th round. We gonna trade back until we own the entire 6th.
  12. Panthers saying still guys remaining with a 2nd/3rd round grade on their board. A year ago with the former guy, I would have rolled my eyes. Today, I am excited.
  13. Carolina just fleeced Texans. A 2022 pick is huge imo.
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