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  1. Not really impressed with any of the coaches, especially along the offense. The OLine coach should never be employed again, except by Walmart maybe, and not along their front line. But at the end of the day, it's the head coach who takes the blame when an entire half of the team plays like keystone cops. And he should be fired for it.
  2. That could be the season for Zane (quad issue). Welp, pick another kicker off the pile.
  3. Every game the Panthers have better time of possession, they've won. It's that simple. That means the offense needs to hold on to the ball a bit longer. Fewer three and outs. Help the defense recover before they return to the field. And then some of it is probably knowing the defense has to carry the load resulting in more chances taken (looking at you Shaq) and more time the defense has been out of position trying to make the big play instead of the best play. That's discipline. That's coaching. The Panthers are lacking.
  4. This. So do you break the bank and extend him, hoping the situation around him improves? I don't think so. Trade him in the offseason if you can. If you could convince me next season would be better and he would re-engage, then I reconsider, but otherwise, I'd rather have draft picks going into next year, which is likely to be as much a poo show as this one.
  5. Was going to mention him... Donte is doing what much of the defense has been doing - playing undisciplined football. Cheating. Why are they cheating? Because they are trying to make a big play and get off the field. That's what Donte and Shaq have been noticeably doing the last few weeks. That's why they're out of position so often. And you can lay that at the feet of the offense, who can't seem to stay on the field. The Panthers have won every game they have topped 30 minutes in TOP. And I'm sure the defense is frustrated. They played very well the first three weeks. You could see the discipline and dedication, but when the offense went in the tank for multiple weeks, they tried to cut corners and here we are.
  6. He wasn't the same after the Darnold hospital ball. In fact, I don't think any of the receivers have recovered from Darnold. Andersen and DJ seem to have developed a case of the drops and alligator arms.
  7. Panthers 23, Dolphins 20 The Panthers will jump out to a 17-3 lead at halftime, but the 3rd quarter is the 3rd quarter and by the time it's over, the Dolphins will have closed to within 3 points (20-17). The fourth quarter turns into a bore fest with both teams recording FGs but nothing else. Miami misses a long FG to tie as time runs out.
  8. - Cam plays fewer than 50% of overall snaps on offense. - The Panthers have trouble running the ball (Washington defense #6 vs run) and can't take advantage of Washington's poor pass coverage (#30 overall). - Zane Gonzalez has a good day and Carolina wins with a late FG.
  9. Poll question. I doubt the Panthers can re-sign more than one. For purposes of this poll, we'll assume only one can be signed.
  10. When Paradis went down and Teck replaced him, I could have sworn I heard that Brady was the backup. Elflein has had experience there, but I wonder if the coaching staff is thinking maybe Brady tries the center spot, since the guard positions look...okay.
  11. Thanks PJ, you are proving to be the capable backup we had hoped you'd become.
  12. I don't know that the Panthers have ever valued signing top tier free agents. It's never been part of their plan.
  13. Raleigh PF

    CMC's return

    Sorry guys, but CMC is not tradeable until the end of next year, at the earliest and he's more likely to be cut than traded. Here's why: If the Panthers traded him after this season, they would incur a $26,638,000 dead cap hit. In other words, it just isn't happening. If they cut or trade him after 2022, the cap hit is $12,828,500 which isn't great, but it's not $26M either.\ BTW, running backs don't return high draft picks, especially if they miss a ton of games in a two-year span.
  14. I got shouted down before the year started because I bemoaned the lack of leadership on the team, especially as it relates to the offense. Young leaders have emerged on defense which contributes to their success. They have swagger. I was told that Sam Darnold was a leader. Well, maybe that needs to be reassessed. I just don't see it. And apologies to CMC fanboys, he's a great player, but not necessarily a leader on this team. They'll flounder until they can find one.
  15. It's not so much that he has COVID, which is bad enough, but it's that he pretended he was vaccinated when he wasn't. That means he wasn't following protocols and was putting his team and teammates in jeopardy. So, instead of potentially missing 5 days (vaccinated), he will now miss at least 10. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/11/03/aaron-rodgers-was-secretly-unvaccinated/
  16. Why would he choose New Orleans? They don't seem to be that much closer than Carolina.
  17. Not my favorite, but pickins are slim.
  18. DJack(expiring contract) and Bouye make the most sense to pick up decent draft picks. No one else is going to return anything other than a 6th or 7th rounder, so might as well keep them. It would be nice to pick up a vet QB. At this point, I'd be open to bringing in Blake Bortles for a shot, provided he hasn't retired yet. Dude is only 29.
  19. Question - are all the dropped balls by DJ and Robbie the result of poor concentration on their part or a lack of trust in their QB? Marshall is on IR because he caught a ball that resulted in a big hit. Are DJ and Robbie worried that Sam is throwing concussion balls?
  20. Schwartz has indicated he's not yet ready to return. If he were ready, there would be several teams ready to sign him to a deal.
  21. Latest was that the no-trade clause was not an impediment to a Watson deal. Sounds like Tepper simply pulled the plug on the trade.
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