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  1. Saints 24, Panthers 13. That OLine... It's close until the 4th quarter until the Saints score to make it a 2 TD lead. Panthers squander a couple of Winston interceptions along the way.
  2. Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers W Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons W Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills W W Minnesota Vikings @ Cincinnati Bengals W San Francisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans W W Seattle Seahawks @ Indianapolis Colts Los Angeles Chargers @ Washington Football Team W New York Jets @ Carolina Panthers W W Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs W Miami Dolphins W @ New England W Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints W Denver Broncos @ New York Giants Chicago Bears @ Los Angeles Rams W W Baltimore Ravens @ Las Vegas Raiders
  3. The Panthers also have a RB who can catch passes, as well. Or, so I've heard.
  4. Yeah, again, narcissist with some pretty destructive tendencies. Amazing that the Chargers hadn't sussed that out before the draft.
  5. Difference between an Alpha and a narcissist. Sometimes. And, just because someone has natural leadership qualities doesn't necessarily mean they turn out to be a great leader. A whole bunch of examples of people who wanted to lead but never should have been put in that position, football or otherwise. Jeff George easily comes to mind, although he was again less a leader and more a narcissist.
  6. Yeah, you're likely a young punk with no experience. That's okay. I know how to block.
  7. Do I think Sam is going to try his best? Yeah, within the confines of what he is capable, I'm sure he will. The problem is, I just don't get the feeling he has the "fire in his belly" to do whatever it takes to be as successful as his skillset indicates he should be. Let's see how it plays out. I hope I'm wrong.
  8. And I would counter that you are someone who has never worked for anyone with natural leadership skills. Sometimes it's best just to shut your mouth than insert your ignorance into a conversation.
  9. And that's where I think a lot of people are confused. Alpha doesn't mean always flamboyant and noisy. It simply means being a highly focused leader who doesn't cower when tough decisions are needed. Jake didn't want to be the greatest, but he certainly was the leader of the offense, even with Smitty around. Great leaders don't really need to yell and shout all the time. Cam was a great leader who was demonstrative. Doesn't take away from his skillset or his ability to lead. As with most leaders, it doesn't work out the way they'd like, some of the time, but they believe they can get the job done. That's what they have in common. I hope I'm wrong about Sam. If so, I'll come back and say so, but nothing I've seen stands out as being a leader.
  10. Brady is setting the bar pretty high. Montana had a similar skillset. I said before I thought Jake had those qualities as well. Those are a few examples. I grew up watching Ken Anderson with the Bengals. He wasn't the most demonstrative of people, but it was very clear he was the leader of their offense. In the games I've seen with Darnold with the Jets, I just don't get a similar sense. There have been quite a few moderately successful QBs like him. Trent Dilfer comes to mind. Joe Flacco as well.
  11. Oh, I think I do and Sam ain't it. He could still be a good quarterback, but I don't see the natural leadership skills to be a great one.
  12. No, but I don't think there are many here who understand what being an alpha means.
  13. I don't know that those are the best examples. Both were alphas, just waiting for an opportunity. Being an alpha doesn't mean acting the fool or being especially boisterous. It means being a natural leader and understanding what it takes to be one. They are the ones who WANT to be in charge during crucial times. If a person isn't a natural alpha, yeah, they can still act as a leader, but likely a poorer one. Your personality is just kinda who you are. Jake Delhomme was an alpha. Cam was certainly one. I just don't think Darnold has that personality trait.
  14. I think Sam will be an okay QB. But he isn't an alpha and most successful QBs are.
  15. If it comes from ESPN, it should immediately be discounted as bullshit. ESPN has always had a northeast bias and Max is from New York. He's probably butt-hurt that Darnold didn't work out with the Jets and was traded away. He's a boxing analyst trying to pose as an NFL pundit. Please.
  16. Seattle signed Muse to the practice squad. I really thought this would be a no-brainer for Carolina to bring him in. And that's all I've to to say about that.
  17. Also thinking the game will be closer than expected. Panthers win 20-16 with the Jets final drive ending in a sack or interception. I think the defense is way ahead of the offense at this point.
  18. Part of the problem is the market the Panthers are in. When teams are being evaluated, let's just face it, the Panthers are not a sexy team, which means most articles written about the Panthers are lacking depth. Part of that is just lazy reporting. Peter King usually does a pretty good job covering all teams, even if he has a northeast bias. He has the Panthers as a near .500 team with either eight or nine wins and points out that the last month of the season is going to be incredibly tough. The Panthers really need to win early to have a shot at the playoffs. I agree with King.
  19. If the guarantee is no other championships, then no. From just what I can gather, Tepper is free to voice his opinion to Fitt and Rhule, but they have the authority to make the call. Time will tell.
  20. The ranking makes sense. No one knows what Sam Darnold will do nor what the Panthers are capable of. I hope they are really wrong, but time will tell.
  21. I have concerns for both Sam and Jameis. For Jameis, he loses the script...often...resulting in bad plays at the worst times. I don't care for Sean Payton at all, but think he'll have a better influence on Jameis than anyone the Bucs had. Having said that, sometimes he's just not wrapped too tight. It's bound to pop up sooner or later. For Sam, I just don't trust him. I don't see the fire in his belly or the overwhelming desire to win. I see a guy who can be comfortable doing what he's doing and hoping for the best. He's not an alpha and at the QB position, that's not a great thing. I'm hope I'm wrong, but am expecting to be underwhelmed.
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