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  1. July - BUY BUY Baker! November - BYE BYE Baker!
  2. Matthew Stafford was born in 1988. Just 5 years later the NFL approved the team expansion that included the Carolina Panthers. This guy is that guy's father. Checks out, Panther related.
  3. DJ hasn't been consistent. QB play, at best hasn't been consistent......at worst it's been awful. DJ is a defensive focal point. Play calling has been awful. Coaching has been awful. The weight distribution of these factors is debatable, but they're all part of the story.
  4. While interesting, this is 2d analysis. The 3d analysis includes cap impact and the potential that these players walk away for nothing after the 5th year.
  5. In 2018 he had Kelvin Benjamin and Zay Jones at WR, Charles Clay at TE. The team rushed for 2000 yards. ROUGH In 2019 they completely overhauled WR/TE with Cole Beasley, John Brown and Isaiah McKenzie at WR and drafted Dawson Knox at TE. The team rushed for 2000 yards. IMPROVEMENT In 2020 they added Stephon Diggs and Knox began to develop. The team rushed for 1700 yards. MASSIVE STEP in 2021 they ran Diggs, Beasley and Emmanuel Sanders. Very talented WR group. Dawson Knox takes another huge step forward. The team rushed for 2200 yards. ARRIVAL Beyond Allen developing over this time the Bills have made aggressive acquisitions to put real weapons on the receiving end of his passes. Buffalo has always supported Allen with a wildly successful running game (of which he is a huge part) averaging 2000 yards per season over his first four years. Give a strong armed QB good coaching, potent receiving weapons and 2000 yards a year rushing and you get Josh Allen.
  6. I don't think the players tank but I do think they take on a me first attitude. What can be achieved when you're on a terrible team? Avoid injury, stay employed, try to improve value? It's hard to expect players to risk their career for a team that's going nowhere. So yeah, players take plays off, play soft, give less than 100%, in general protect themselves and their future to the extent acceptable. This might give the appearance of players tanking but it's just human nature. Countless examples yesterday but the most obvious was Jaycee. That dude made half a dozen business decisions against Mixon.
  7. QB evaluation is no where near perfect science. Everyone is looking for the next Josh Allen. I doubt Josh Allen would be anything right now if the Panthers had drafted him. He was hot garbage in 2018 and replacement level in 2019. He didn't start to round into form until 2020. Who's going to get two years of runway with this team or fanbase? Fit and situation matter a great deal to a QB's opportunity to develop IMO. Right now we are a terrible situation for any young QB. We could draft the next Josh Allen and never even know it.
  8. I just want to be entertained by our team and feel like we have a fighting chance each week. Every fan base ends up with a frown except one every year. I just don’t want the apathy I felt while Rhule was here. It was hard to care at all. Wow, I cared last week though! I wanted that Atlanta win and it hurt to lose the way we did. I haven’t felt that emotion in awhile, it was nice. Wilkes has made me care again! Let’s see what’s next!
  9. Not sure how you can say that, there's no way to know if Cam would have completed that pass. In his prime he certainly had the arm. We do know that Cam definitely had some amazing moments. First that come to mind are the 2015 wins @Seattle (will never forget that Olsen TD!) and the amazing drive @NO to take the lead and remain undefeated. There were many more, these two just came to mind first. Why do we need to subtract from Cam to uplift PJ though? Other than that, PJ did win the game for us. He may have won the game on the previous drive as well if DJ hangs on. There was nothing further PJ could do, he did his job to the tune of the longest completed air pass in next gen stats history. Coaching took the ball out of his hands after the OT turnover which I thought was a huge mistake. Putting the game on a kicker who just missed vs. the QB that just put the team on his back.
  10. PJ has won me over. Wanted him gone after the Rams game. Tampa and Atlanta have completely changed my perception. He's played really well. That pick 6 was an insane defensive play. He was barely missing on some first half throws yesterday. I want to see more, it definitely feels like his ceiling is quite a bit higher atm. Subject to further evaluation as the league gets more tape on him.
  11. Quality of play leads to accountability IMO and that definitely snowballs either direction.
  12. Hard to say. This team was robbed in the Cleveland game and could have quite easily won the Giants game as well. As terrible as the season has been we're a couple bounces away from a 4-3 record instead of 2-5. Win or lose, we'll be able to put the Bucs game in better context after this Sunday.
  13. Yeah, I'm in no way saying that we're a lock to benefit from this process. In fact, I'd agree the odds aren't all that favorable. Simply saying that when you do hit a single player can count for more than 1, in fact quite a bit more than 1. The Panthers are clearly trying to give themselves the best chance to get the best player next year. If we hit on coaching and draft it opens a fairly large window, if we miss then we're the Browns/Jets/Jaguars of the last decade.
  14. I get your point but not all 22 starters are equal. A franchise QB can immediately elevate the players around him. Disruptive defensive players can elevate the play of others. In this way the synergy a high quality player contributes adds up to more than a singular influence.
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