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  1. If the draft were tomorrow where does Bryce Young go?
  2. Relax guy, no one is pitching a fit. Just stating that we're paying a lot of money for players not on the roster, which is true no matter how you chop up the conversation. I appreciate the deeper explanation on DJ and CMC and how that is nuanced. With your explanation I think we can agree that amounts to us paying 34mil for Bryce Young and DJ Johnson in 2023. I think the merit of paying Burns survives under either circumstance. Just my opinion.
  3. Yeah I did, the one where you said part of our dead money was restructures? That was a chuckle. Otherwise, my point stands we have 55mil in dead money. That is to say, 55mil of our 2023 cap space is committed to players who aren't on the team. There is nothing misleading about that.
  4. How is it misleading? Which of these players are on the roster?
  5. I mean we're paying 54mil in dead money this year. If we can pay players 54 mil to not play here I'm pretty sure we could pay Burns 28-30mil to do his thing. Edit: We have another 25mil on IR.
  6. This should be a Panther's t-shirt at this point.
  7. Not sure what our market has to do with how you build a team. I'd go with Green Bay or Philadelphia. I just want the franchise to stabilize. Green Bay - Only four losing seasons since 2000. Philadelphia - Only five losing seasons since 2000.
  8. I mean this really means nothing tbh. While our draft classes may land a "hit" on this spreadsheet, calling our 43% vs KC 49% only a 6% difference is ludicrous. Patrick Mahommes counts for the same hit % as any single player counted for us. Those things are not equal.
  9. Well it's official, I'm also now worried.
  10. Not sure being an "NFL exec" is always the best qualification. Plenty of these guys get fired every year for failing at their job. Hell, at least half the huddle thinks Fitt's best talent is ordering extra cheese on his whopper. With that said, grading out a C for BY seems like a fair conclusion at this point. We just need to see mental growth from the rook in a big way. His physical traits aren't going to change in a meaningful way.
  11. The real tinfoil hat question is....did Stroud's team leak that themselves to avoid being drafted by Carolina?
  12. BY on that dinner. Does this sound like Tepper wasn't involved? “It was a lot of getting to know each other,” Young said via the NFL Network of his meetings with the team brass. “I really do appreciate the dedication to everything. With Mr. Tepper, him being so involved, that just shows how much he cares about the team and you can tell that that radiates through the entire coaching staff. They’re extremely invested in everything. I’ve been able to talk to them and they have a very clear plan of what they want for the future and what they’ve been building, and they’ve been doing that for a while now. Just being able to sit with him and everyone else that was a part of the dinner, it was just a great opportunity for me and a great experience. Even personally, I learned a lot from just hearing from their philosophies on and off the field. So it was a great experience for me.”
  13. Man this defense has really started to feel the attrition and it was finally too much to overcome in Seattle. Horn, Shaq, Frankie, Xavier and CJ We still might have pulled this game out if our LT/LG could have played with discipline.
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