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  1. Honestly,we have a big arm now,since Heinicke?
  2. Need a offence vocal leader?!Like Steve Smith?
  3. Slye is going to a 28/30 longest65 season
  4. And DT,which is overdone,they must waste picks or dead money or both
  5. 1 depends on the offence line 2 depends on the others RBs,i hope CMC take below 60% snaps 3 will be fine
  6. I don't think they will take 10 OLs,8 or 9,then could take more skill spots
  7. A flexible OLhope they ALL play decently. Marshall,patience.
  8. 88# and 8# !! DJ seems to change to 1#? 24# is a hot potato now,Horn and Trenble both evading it
  9. Bye @ week13 this sucks,it's too late,they will be tired dogs
  10. Privacy.I don't want to know what is his issue now.I just want him to solve and going to be a steal.
  11. That's an ordeal for the broadcasters,ths same with D. Arnold to Darnold trick play.
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