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  1. Never mind,Keon Coleman incoming
  2. Need to find another FB in UDFA
  3. What happened to LAR?They moved improved from 2022 31st to 2023 1st.
  4. 49ers found their new QB after an injury,it did not need anyone's admission.
  5. I knew 4.6 is bad,but Keon Coleman is faster than Puka Nacua in gauntlet,and look how bad Puka Nacua'RAS is. Keon Coleman is a steal if he droped to #33,he will shine in some simple routes like slant or flat,maybe he will be anther "Slant Boy". BUT...separation guy is a prior need,like Roman Wilson,Ricky Pearsall...
  6. Come on,Jordan Davis droped to 13th,Laremy Tunsil also droped to 13th,they never to the 2nd round
  7. I'm very interested in Roman Wilson,Bryce needs separation help.
  8. top2,offensive mind is the trend.
  9. WTH...Fortunately they didn't wait Ben Johnson.
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