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  1. 3 DT rotation is not enough,is it time to activate Hopkins?
  2. We sucks when "Must Win". We just need clam down,keep rotation,don't overload CMC again
  3. If Cam threw to 88#,it will be a big play,if to Anderson,it will TD,but he threw to CMC
  4. Oh,Baylor had some plays like this mode. So Matt Barkley also will take some snaps,right?
  5. When a player nearly to a perfect game or no run no hit,don't notice that. It's the same for that straight record
  6. Heinicke sacked 5 times,but WTF still won,that's a challenge to the D
  7. Need him to check down now,forget any long pass
  8. Has he read over the playbook?
  9. I'm shame that they let a injured player to start. We will be fined or lose draft pick
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