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  1. OL > WR. priority: 1 Sewell 2 Chase 3 trade down and pick another OL
  2. Fields sucks,so they comparing Big Mac to Lance
  3. Nar,Fins might pick a WR2,but Lions must take the OT1...just hope they think Slater is that OT1
  4. Solid sighing.Career only 2 drops...but 3 FUMs
  5. Morgan Fox is that big DE fit?Maybe he can play some 3-tech snaps also. But we still need a true 3-tech DL.
  6. BPA. If JaMarr Chase is there,just take him,but that's impossible.
  7. But...they do not cut Remmers either???
  8. Yeah,before that,he recovered a ST FUM TD and promoted to ST captain next year...this season Zylstra recovered a ST FUM TD too
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