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  1. Come on,Corral is just not ready,he even just got few few reps at camp
  2. Yup. Maybe they should change to a 3-4 system
  3. Sam Tecklenburg was a TE,before he added weights.
  4. That Dan Arnorld trade was hurt,so our TE crews are awful in passing game
  5. That's fake. Top 25 Air Distance Throws of the NGS Era since 2016 Baker make the record - 4th 63.8 yards,1st 66.4 yards. His arm is not the problem
  6. I want a Mon-Bye-Thu,but chance is zero,so,all 4pm plz
  7. I always don't want a lot of QB run play,Cam...Sam...maybe Corral soon,he already had two big injuries,should play like Drew Brees
  8. You've got a point there.But experience tells us agility may force miss tackle.We will see in training camp.
  9. 3Con 7.44 this sucks,so can't be a returner. Maybe converted to a FS
  10. Yep,that's what i concern about too. But another side,Parsons did 19 reps too
  11. I like this guy,but i like trade down better,we have a day2 off now
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