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  1. First thing is first, never build around a damn RB. Second, never give a RB a big contract. Third, never draft a RB in the first round. You can get a good back in the later rounds. This team is a HC, OL, and QB away from making the playoffs. I’m not really worried about the defense
  2. This man Rhule really just compared the panthers to someone that sold their soul for everything they have lol
  3. There’s for sure some validity to scripts in the NFL but I think cam just didn’t see the guy
  4. I’m convinced he didn’t want to be here and was sabotaging the team with his play calling tbh
  5. Fields is not awful, he’s just on a shitty team with a horrible coach. He shouldn’t even be playing this year. We could have took fields this year and then got a LT in the draft next season
  6. Lol had fields right there to be drafted but decided Darnold was the better option
  7. One of the dumbest things this franchise has done was giving up picks for sorry ass Darnold when fields was right there to be picked
  8. If it wasn’t for Joe Brady Joe Burrow would be a backup in the NFL right now
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