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  1. You’re into gematria I see, it’s never a coincidence tbh
  2. Fields to Carolina then
  3. If we can’t get him then we gotta hope the 49ers take Mac Jones at #3 and Fields slides to us at #8
  4. Hard pass on Lance, hoping the 49ers take Lance at #3 and fields falls to us at #8
  5. I guess we all just had a difference of opinions
  6. Your the same person that probably thinks these players aren’t in the Illuminati. My god you’re dumb
  7. Good try, I’m a Texas fan. My narrative is bullshit to you because you can’t understand it. Look up “humiliation rituals” ya payaso
  8. For those of you in this thread that don’t know about “humiliation rituals” you guys should look into it
  9. Your avy says it all tbh, you’re a clown if you think this man assaulted 22 women. Use your brain.. why come out now after all this time as he’s about to be potentially traded to another team
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