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  1. No. Mental toughness is a thing, getting the ball out quickly is something sam doesnt do.
  2. Yes. A teammate can do that. Fans can give constructive criticism but robby is right, a lot of fans are fickle, and hyper emotional.
  3. Could also be because Rhule has only been coaching at the NFL for a year.
  4. these losses are so unnecessary , that 2 qb system works for the panthers. let pj drive downfield, and cam finishes it off however cam sees fit. but rhule is now scared of upsetting the fans by putting pj back in. they brought cam back because you guys wanted cam back and now that isn't even working.
  5. Dj moore is not coming back this off season. i believe he will get what he needs to get over 1000 yards, i also think he will be on the eagles or the ravens next year.
  6. yes and no. because we used the same system and it worked against the cardinals. and they had a healthy team as well, outside of qb, but colt mccoy is no slouch either. it can work, but it may be too late for it to matter now.
  7. he does. cam couldn't get the 2pt conversion which would have allowed the panthers to win against the falcons. right now, cam is not some sort of guarantee on the field, only people who can't see that are panthers fans, moreso cam fans.
  8. Which is enough time to at least know a 2 min drill.
  9. I think panthers win it. an upset, led by defense. i believe both defenses will be thumping. low score game, 24 - 16, panthers.
  10. panthers fans : stop coddling sam! then proceeds to coddle cam newton. cam newton throws 2 int? panthers fans: whats the big deal? its only 2. pj walker throws an int: go back to the XFL! never mind that you drove us downfield to score a touchdown right afterwards and cam couldn't get the 2pt conversion.
  11. can we stop doing this thing we're we criticize with no context? pj walker is not a starter, cam is, sam was, teddy was. pj walker does not have the same practice nor has he had any development. he hasn't even started enough games to have proper development. yall are talking about him like he's been a starter for 10 years, like cam. why are we even comparing a backup with very little experience to someone who has been a starter for 10 years?
  12. when did i trash rhule? i like rhule, i do think he cares too much about what outsiders think, hence why cam is here in the first place.
  13. norv turners playbook was outdated, cam just put the team over the top. thats it.
  14. don't need to. plus, pj walker is 2-0 when starting. its a plan that would have worked, but rhule is indecisive.
  15. actually it won against arizona, it would've worked against washington and the dolphins, probably the falcons too. problem is rhule waited too late to install a plan.
  16. probably not cause even norv turner playbook wasn't enough back then, probably not enough now. and again, cam is not the same player.
  17. or it is cam, cam isn't the same guy anymore. and this offense isn't the same playbook as norv turner.
  18. get the team down to the endzone multiple games, without very much practice with the ones and won the arizona game (with cmc). rhule should have made this decision 2 games ago. all they ask pj to do is get down to the endzone, he does that. then cam does the rest.
  19. see, i don't think he does, at least anymore. rhule could have put pj in after teddy was messing up last year, after that vikings game and he didn't. would it be nice for rhule to pull a heineke/rivera and let pj play? yes i would love it.
  20. no he doesn't. like, how does he someone who still doesn't know the playbook (how, after almost a month?) .
  21. will grier wouldn't have scored either, pj walker did. without 1st team reps, and throw in the fire, once again. i do wish rhule would stop putting in pj at the last minute when it doesn't matter.
  22. no. more like andy reid change the way he handles the offense and the rest of team did the work.
  23. they have pretty much the same roster before brady especially on the offense.
  24. no it doesn't. bucs were already a good team without brady, brady went to an already stacked team, he was their game manager. the patriots had an injury prone cam newton, who has never been great as a game manager pocket passer, add that to the fact that last year a huge portion of patriot starters opted out.
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