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  1. In a league where you have andy dalton, ryan Fitzpatrick, ryan tannehill (dont let stats fool you, hes a game manager as they come), daniel jones, starting for their team? Let heineke cook, I don't use the word hater often, but yall are sounding like some haters, for real. And yes, heineke > darnold.
  2. According to the huddle, backups are not allowed to be starters. Goes against the status quo QB rule book or something. I'm always gonna root for the underdog, if ryan fitzpatrick can be given opportunity after opportunity, despite not contributing much to a team, then let heineke cook. Also, #PJWALKER2021 (if you thought it was over)
  3. According to the huddle, you can't fix someone. You cant properly develop a qb.
  4. Then there shouldn't be any excuses for sam.
  5. Tom brady has always had plenty of time to throw.
  6. But a great WR has to be good in traffic as well.
  7. its not diet, tom brady has never had a bad oline, rarely does he get sacked. thats why hes still healthy.
  8. Mahommes had a little more than an OL problem, his offense in general wasn't helping out either.
  9. or because maybe sam tecklenburg just didn't want to play anymore?
  10. Not if he can escape the pocket and extend plays. The game has changed, qbs are expected to do more these days.
  11. I believe broncos are just trying to put themselves in a better draft position, maybe i'm wrong but i don't know how teams expect to win with just checkdown's.
  12. Context is important. yes, interceptions were made, but that saints game you're referring to where the oline pretty much gave up, pj walker was thrown in last and made to play hero ball for a game that was already lost. I don't hold the saints game against pj walker.
  13. Drew lock is better, more upside. Broncos are probably planning to draft next year.
  14. we're talking about sam darnold as an individual, winston is the better qb.
  15. That guy calloway is gonna end up starting. Saints still have a defense, panthers shouldn't sleep.
  16. I dont know about the other poster I've been a fan since the XFL, but I was sold once I saw the defense literally play better just because the QB played better. We talk about the 2nd half of the season & the defense, but it started with the Detroit lions game, that was the heel turn. PJ Walker came with that energy and the defense responded. Laugh if yall want, but if matt rhule kept PJ walker in for the rest of the 2020 season? 9/10 wins.
  17. If the huddle can make threads about the stats of the backup qb's, then sam darnold's stats should matter. same energy.
  18. I thought backups don't matter? for a position that doesn't matter, pj walker gets a strong reaction.
  19. Let's be reasonable here, we don't want to give the pj hate train any gas. My standards are a little higher than most because i don't see sam darnold as someone who needs to be coddled, he is a 4 year starter and has all the weapons at his disposal. 33 TDs 13 IN 3,300 25 RYs this is the minimum for me.
  20. If that does happen, i will, life will go on, pj walker will get picked up by some other team.
  21. And if he is, so? thats his right.
  22. Only difference is sam has been a starter longer. that is literally it, oh, and pj walker is more athletic and mobile. More confident.
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