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  1. We can agree to disagree on that LOL. All these people are under contract for 3 years at least except Taylor Moton, who is at the least about to get tagged, then signed long term next year. And DJ Moore who we still have his 5th year option and is our WR1 for the long haul once considering his utility and age.
  2. We really out here cutting all the old heads and really going to at the very least let these young guys (Sam Franklin, Bravion Roy, Myles Hartsfield, Jermaine Carter, STO) , and also Troy Pride who I think will make a big jump next year. Not saying they are all going to start but have all already gotten at least a decent amount of playing time in the hardest/weirdest offseason it NFL history. Hell we got a starting Punter In UDFA
  3. Whether we get Trey lance, Watson , Fields Zack Wilson, or hell even Kellon Mond. Let's trust the process and open them with open arms and support them because we have the pieces, this new regime is one great move like getting your franchise QB is the step.
  4. If we could get Greg Newsome II in the late rounds, he's being extremely slept on.
  5. yo this would be a homerun draft
  6. Still missing the point I was making. Just saying I brought it up as a possibility but everyone and they mama saying I was smoking something crazy lol. I agree we don't have the best chance at him but all I'm saying is half the threads on this board are now something to do with Watson and a bunch of those people are the ones that sh*t on me. That's my only point.
  7. Never said it's guaranteed to happen. Missing the point. Just saying I got poo'd on for even bringing up the idea of possibility.
  8. But I got dragged across the floor for even mentioning it towards the end of our season. I was told by the huddle GM's there's no chance in hell
  9. He will be missed, a lot of people want to tarnish what he brought every Sunday with missed tackles. However, you can't deny he made it fun to watch the Panthers with the energy he brought and being very interactive with us via all social media whether it be football or just something as simple as asking who wants to go play a round of golf. We will miss you Tre and hope nothing but great things in your future.
  10. Rumor has it, all 32 NFL teams are still on the hunt for his hairline.
  11. Not necessarily fair, I'm sure he didn't want to get hurt. We can't discredit what he did for us and being arguably the 2nd best DT in panther history. Just is on the wrong side of 30 unfortunately.
  12. Trent Williams is also who I really want. Just like at what adding Jack Conklin did for that Browns OL. 1 piece can make a world of difference and Williams could mentor the lineman we get in the 1st 3 rounds to be his successor. Win - Win
  13. I really liked Corn too. If we can get someone like Ifeatu Melifonwu or Greg Newsome in the 3rd round to play boundary CB that would be amazing.
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