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  1. I think the talent around Burrow, made Burrow. Arguably the most stacked roster in CFB history. Don't mistaken this for me defending Joe Brady, I think he's mediocre at best right now (remember he's super young). Brady just came to our team with crazy expectations and is still being talked about like he's very good at his job and he's just not.
  2. Agreed. Can't wait to see what our defense is made up of against Dallas. Down the line the Cardinals WR's seem to be the deepest in the league with Rondale Moore balling out as hard as he is.
  3. STO looked better than him. Hope he is alright though.
  4. Sheesh, I thought Bynes looked terrible honestly. Slow, couldn't get off blocks, and missed tackles. Reminded me to much of Whitehead for my liking haha
  5. Sean Chandler vs Kenny Robinson will be a key battle.
  6. If Kenny Robinson keeps this momentum going into next week, we might have to start taking him serious as true competition for FS. That man can also lay the BOOM.
  7. It was 1 0n 1's for the PBU against Hogan. Followed up by some jawing from both. Love that we finally have a CB that has that dog mentality and the physique/(hopefully talent) to back it up.
  8. Has anyone stood out at FS? Heard Sam Franklin had a rough day. Also assuming Burris gets the start but have you seen Myles Hartsfield or Kenny Robinson make enough noise to make it a close race @Zod? Thanks for the content btw.
  9. I love what Robby brings to this team and for the first time as a panthers fan I can say our WR depth is crazy good...With that being said, once preseason comes around; if Terrace Marshall, Omar Bayless, Shi smith, and David Moore perform very well but the left side of the O line is looking as bad as I think it's going to. Would you entertain the idea of trading Robby (& draft capital if needed) to a team for a serviceable LT? I know it's early, but just thinking.
  10. I agree as well, but Henry won't be higher rated just because of his receiving stats that ultimately weigh down his overall.
  11. David Moore. I think he will get an opportunity before Deonte Brown does.
  12. Na I'm good. I've seen enough good from our plan to not throw away the future. We are building for sustained success. Us as fans just need to be a little more patient because we finally have a competent front office.
  13. Ian Thomas was never this good of a blocker, when it comes to the "high ceiling" as a pass catcher, I agree.
  14. For sure, especially on day 3 when you want to get high upside guys that they trust they can coach up. Calling it now, remember the safety duo of James Wiggins (9.70) & Darrick Forrest (9.59), both tremendous athletes with real ball hawking traits. Also worth noting they posted the 2nd and 3rd highest RAS scores for all eligible safeties this year.
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