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  1. David Moore. I think he will get an opportunity before Deonte Brown does.
  2. Na I'm good. I've seen enough good from our plan to not throw away the future. We are building for sustained success. Us as fans just need to be a little more patient because we finally have a competent front office.
  3. Ian Thomas was never this good of a blocker, when it comes to the "high ceiling" as a pass catcher, I agree.
  4. For sure, especially on day 3 when you want to get high upside guys that they trust they can coach up. Calling it now, remember the safety duo of James Wiggins (9.70) & Darrick Forrest (9.59), both tremendous athletes with real ball hawking traits. Also worth noting they posted the 2nd and 3rd highest RAS scores for all eligible safeties this year.
  5. Doubt we get Jamar just with the theme we've been going with athletes. He ended up testing very poorly at his pro day with only a 6.19 RAS score (would love to get him tho).
  6. This is a "my guy". Best kept secret, if we can't get him because we go IOL; I would really like getting Darrick Forrest Jr.
  7. I agree. I wish we would've waited around the 4th round or so, but I'm not mad just because he wasn't given many opportunities in the passing game, but with how athletic and how high his ceiling is, I don't mind it. Glad we are just finding our identity.
  8. Literally. No more automatically going down when touched with no yards after contact, Tremble already more man than Thomas could ever imagine to be lol
  9. This guy might not develop to the best pass catcher, and even if he doesn't I'm totally fine with it. He will make such an impact in zone blocking that it will make up for it. If you want to be sold quickly on how awesome this kid (20 years old) is, skip to 2:55 seconds. That's the type of dog we need. I see his comp being more of a Kyle Juszczyk than George Kittle.
  10. Here are two videos to help you get on the Jaycee Horn bandwagon and really make you love this pick. 1st video : A breakdown of him as a prospect and film analysis. 2nd video : A series from Jaycee Horn's personal Youtube account that I suggest you watch the second episode of. This kid is beyond competitive and will be a stud for us for years to come. Also worth noting, his #1 Wr he wants to guard in the NFL is...Julio Jones. He wants bump and run with the best of the best.
  11. But I still hear ppl complaining about giving up a 2nd for him lol. Low low risk for a high reward, I love it.
  12. Didn't even know someone's reputation could be in the negatives
  13. Also super versatile and can play the slot. Jevon Holland's name has cooled off a lot so if we don't get Grant I wouldn't mind him or Jamar Johnson (my sleeper of the draft).
  14. Richie Grant is the best pure single high safety in the draft (yes even over Moehrig). He will go 2nd round for sure. Whether it's us or not.
  15. This would be AMAZING. I'm a huge stan for Melifonwu after the senior bowl.
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