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  1. Lance is going to be very good ! I’d love lance but Mac jones has star potential. Hands down the best pocket passer I’ve seen since Andrew luck
  2. I like wentz reminds me of a slower cam Newton but better as a passer . But I’m not willing to give anything more then a 2nd round for him and that’s being generous
  3. Swap him and teddy but at the right price I’m not giving more than a 5th and draft Mac Jones to sit couple years or if we think jimmy is the franchise draft pitts or devonta smith
  4. Don’t know why David Newton is still reporting there’s better posters on here than Newton
  5. They would be so dumb to trade Kirk he’s one of the best qbs in the nfl . Y’all want Watson I’d take Kirk cousins for 2 first rounds
  6. Don’t put me on the same level as that maniac , yes I remember him and no that’s not me and i talk nothing but football
  7. I don’t see you making any posts with your takes , keep it football related, maybe he should take your posting privileges
  8. Why because I’m not screaming for us to trade 10 first rounders for Deshaun Watson? And I watched film on Mac jones and think he’s the 2nd best behind Lawrence? Maybe you should watch film
  9. I wish he could just be let go. What could he teach a rookie? I don't want his game rubbing off on someone- always playing safe and never taking chances. I'm not like some here who know exactly how all the contracts work, but if he can be let go without too much damage done to the cap then do it. It was just a mistake signing him to a rebuilding team. Teddys best role is a backup on a contender. I've wondered how they can really keep him around at this point. The public handling of the QB situation couldn't be more clear and the team doesn't seem to be hedging to retain any Teddy goodwil
  10. Darnold is a beta Male bust . The man has no leadership and no integrity
  11. Lance is my 2nd favorite. I love his big play making ability but he also played vs scrubs . Mac jones was better and played vs the best and lead his team to a championship
  12. Just like rhule is in love with cam lol rhule plays chess not checkers , it’s opposite
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