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  1. Just like Tom Brady , people act like watching highlight tapes they know what’s going on vs me that watched hours of film study on Mac jones
  2. I like tre lance too but Mac is the 2nd best behind Lawrence
  3. Still better than losing 5 first rounders for Watson
  4. From my stats and algorithms those are the best two behind Trevor Lawrence, we are not getting Lawrence so it’s one of those two. A solid 3 is tre lance but it’s hard because he has a sample size that’s too small . Best qbs in this order as follows : Lawrence Mac jones Kyle trask tre lance fields is a sure fire bust , worse than Haskins , Wilson is similar to Ryan tanner hill when he was in Miami, his talent is based on his team .
  5. And wtf how is their trades already when they didn’t play the Super Bowl yet
  6. Thank god our gm didn’t up the stakes for Stafford to pass the Rams
  7. Say the same thing about Big Ben right ? And he has two super bowls and who doesn’t ? Deshuan Watson ! Look at the gross ugly Stafford trade makes me puke what they gave up for him , now ask yourself are you willing to give up 5 first rounders and teddy for Watson and watsons huge contract ? I’m not we have the #8 pick we can pick Mac jones or draft devonta smith and get trask in the 2nd or get Allen Robinson or juju in free agency and draft Kyle putts and trask in the 2nd . Spending money for a qb that is average is terrible when you can draft one !
  8. I thought that was a joke you gave up Goff which is a good young qb , two firsts and a third for Stafford ? Wtf , that’s why I’d stay away from trading for Watson this is gross makes me sick they gave that much sucks for them . I’ll laugh when Mac jones is better
  9. Not really to be honest id rather get a corner instead or a safety or he’ll even Allen Robinson or juju
  10. Another mistake but atleast he’s a better qb then Deshaun Watson . Watson had so many weapons don’t forget , yes no Hopkins last year but still had will fuller and Brandon cooks which both are better than any wr we got , he also had keke as well I don’t wanna hear anything , Stafford had no receivers and was playing with a broken thumb and still was decent , but I’d give a 4th round at best for him , personally don’t want him would rather draft mac jones or traska
  11. Two teams met with jones , Patriots and saints if that says anything draft this man before they do he is a solid pocket passer , he is smart and accurate . Drew Brees and Brady were never known for having rocket arms and look at them Super Bowl winning qbs , you know who isn’t a Super Bowl winning qb ? Deshaun Watson that y’all want to dump 3 first rounds and a couple 2nds for are y’all crazy ?
  12. He’ll be better I’ll be sure to bump this post when Mac jones is rookie of the year
  13. Teddy is done but I’m not crazy like the others that think we land Watson or Stafford
  14. If we get devonta smith in the first and Mac jones in the 2nd that would be amazing
  15. Rhule seen first hand how good Mac jones is
  16. Good because it wouldn’t be smart investing big money and draft future for a qb that never won anything , no thanks
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