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  1. Do the Panthers just not care about special teams? Release the top punt returner in David Moore and then release their top gunner and kick returner in Trenton Cannon
  2. Since the Steelers aren’t playing a lot of starters, I’ll be a agitated if the Panthers starters don’t perform well against the Steelers backups
  3. Maybe they organizationally do things different than other NFL franchises with TC/Practice/Preseason. San Fransisco has consistently struggled with injuries outside of their Super Bowl year too
  4. What if Carter is one of the players Fitterer is discussing an extension for? He's in the last year of his deal and is going to be a starter.
  5. Probably because Trey Smith didn’t pass whatever medical metrics the Panthers use. He has a big issue with blood clots
  6. It's interesting that they only did three of the necessary five. Makes me wonder if Fitterer is working on another trade a la the Greg Little trade.
  7. There might not be much since it’s just a walkthrough before the Ravens come down
  8. I’d enjoy another Phil Hoskins level prospect
  9. Rhule’s comments in his presser yesterday made it seem like the only reasoning Christensen played LG was because of injuries to the iOL and that Christensen is seen as an option at RT
  10. To me yes, based off the amount of reps he was getting I thought he was hot garbage right now. To be fair Burns, Reddick, Haynes, Miller, and YGM probably aren’t the easiest to handle in practice.
  11. Number one offender has to be Trent Scott. I also can't imagine Rhule was pleased with Kenny Robinson lowering his helmet and getting a 15 yarder because that's bad technique.
  12. His foot speed is impressive. There's definitely a quality NFL lineman in there
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