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  1. Almost at that $200M earning mark
  2. I think I would die a little on the inside if we trade more future assets for Kirk Cousins
  3. I'll watch the Panthers as much as Redzone shows, much like I do now if the Panthers retain Rhule. I won't give up on the team for that. Trading for Watson on the other hand would in fact end my fandom in the Panthers. I can't root for a team that gives the keys to the franchise to an "alleged" sexual predator.
  4. Rhule will never pass on the chance to play his boy Sam Tecklenburg
  5. His release of Cam is metaphorical dog crap on the floor and Tepper is rubbing Rhule’s nose in it
  6. Stephon Gilmore intercepted the ball with 1:53 left against the Falcons when they were driving and sealed the game. So the answer to your question is week 8. https://www.espn.com/nfl/game/_/gameId/401326437 Every team has injuries/issues so you can't hold the oppositions injuries against the Panthers. Would the Panthers have won the Vikings/Eagles games with a healthy CMC? Probably but those teams don't care, they got the W.
  7. Coming into the week, the Panthers were 6th in points allowed at 19.8 points per game. The defense is obviously flawed but it’s been good so far this season
  8. It could probably be better if he hired some former NFL HCs to be on the staff but I think it’s too far gone
  9. Defense isn’t responsible for the pick 6, holding any NFL offense to 21 points is passable
  10. Hopefully the last time we’ll see him in a Panthers uni. The money that it’d take to sign him has to go to the offensive line.
  11. No reason to let any of them walk out the door, you can restructure long term pieces (CMC, Moton, Shaq, Robby, etc), structure the new contracts to have low year one cap hits (add on void years included), extend players to lower cap hits (DJ Moore), and maybe save some dollars to facilitate a Darnold move (like with Teddy). The salary cap is not real and the Panthers have acted like it is for too long.
  12. Steve Wilks wasn’t too bad at DC after McDermott left, he was good enough to get the Cardinals HC gig
  13. They watched a 4 minute highlight compilation on youtube of his time with the Jets
  14. Stafford’s a roller coaster, man. Goes from hitting every pass to sailing open receivers
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