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  1. That’s narrow minded. Panthers are in the business of acquiring talent. It would not be shocking at all if the idea of bringing in Clinton-Dix, is that in obvious passing situations (Two-minute and teams playing catch-up) they’ll put Chinn at LB and bring in Clinton-Dix to play FS. That seems slightly more important than depth. We’re not in the building, we don’t have that kind of insight.
  2. His “home” is going to be very matchup dependent. At different times this season he’ll play slot corner, cover tight ends, deep safety, qb spy, blitzer, box safety, etc. Saying Clinton-Dix isn’t going to be looked at as a FS because Chinn is a FS is essentially pigeon-holing Chinn into one slot.
  3. Putting a position on Chinn will end up making your head hurt. The Panthers are looking for linebackers/safeties who can play multiple spots so they can confuse tf out of the opposing offenses.
  4. Will Grier is probably the one penciled in to the practice squad developmental QB spot.
  5. My guess would be because he hasn't signed his rookie contract yet.
  6. Gross was a 1st team all pro in 2008 which equates to being the best LT in the entire NFL that year. Michael Oher on the other hand...
  7. I’ll take a serviceable LT at a 3rd round salary every day of the week. Panthers paid Okung $13M last year for serviceable LT play.
  8. It could be the reason Robby Anderson is one of the few players who hasn't shown up to OTAs.
  9. I figured Robby would be a candidate for an extension but instead looks like Fitterer was looking to unload him.
  10. That’s obvious. Performance being equal Id prefer a QB who has a personality. Seeing Tom Brady talking sh!t on twitter making memes about Aaron Rodgers and Bryson Dechambeau is entertaining. The NFL is in the business of entertainment.
  11. C’mon Sam, give us a “blood & guts” type quote for what the Jets game will be like week 1. It’s hard to endear yourself to the fan base if your press conferences are as vanilla as that.
  12. Dude had no chance to contribute on defense so his chance to crack the roster would be special teams. Between Luvu (Free Agent), Johnston (Baylor), and Stanford (Special Team Leading Tackler last year), Orr was on the outside looking in. If you’re freaking out over what amounts to the 83rd best player on the team you must hate final cut day.
  13. I thought teams with 1st year head coaches weren’t allowed to be chosen? That would exclude the Jags since Urban is taking over this year. Dallas has to be the choice for ratings.
  14. Sam Hartman seemed like a real solid guy if you go off of the Netflix show “QB1.” He was on season 2 of the show if anyone is interested. Lots of stuff on the internet about him.
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