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  1. If this is true...WTF is our front office thinking. If we get a extra pick out of the deal maybe but to give up picks to bring in Jimmy is crazy. Draft a QB this year, start Teddy by week 6 or 8 bench him for the rookie QB if there ready. Release Teddy next offseason then move on.
  2. All this tells me whatever QB they fall in love with between (Wilson/Fields/Lance)on draft day we definitely moving up all signs are pointing that way.
  3. If we miss out on the top 4 QB’s, I wouldn’t mine trading back add another second or third then selecting Newman.
  4. Potential future QB? Could be our pick in the 3rd or 4th.
  5. I like Stafford but for the right price. Giving up 3 first rounders for a 25 year old Watson a top 5 QB for the next 10 years is worth it IMO. Stafford is a great QB but at 32 years old coming off a injured plagued season. With so many holes we need to fill. We will have 2 years max to build a competitive roster, that’s going to be able to compete for the division title before Stafford prime come to a end.
  6. If we stay pack and don’t make any trades I’m ok with this draft class. But I have a feeling were definitely going to be involved in some trades come draft day.
  7. I’m all for trading back if Rhule in Co don’t feel Lance will be a franchise QB. We definitely need to hit on our next QB whether it’s this draft or the next.
  8. I feel you bro but if Teddys our QB next year will be lucky to win that many again. Nobody is going to trade for Teddy and we can’t cut him.
  9. If he can stay healthy I agree. I’ll hate to give up draft picks while we have a lot of holes to fill for home to be on the sideline holding the clipboards.
  10. If we lose out on the top 4 QB. I rather we trade back get as many picks as possible. Build a stronger foundation and go all out for Howell or Rattler
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