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  1. His situation is unique. He's only 23 yo, younger than last year's #1 pick.
  2. I'd be interested but Teddy should be staying if we trade for him. I'd treat Darnold the same as a draft prospect.
  3. Any list without Lawrence at 1 is poo There is something that he must value at the position more than others.
  4. It's an important story line of the offseason. I'm fine with the business stuff. I'm waiting to see what strings he decides to pull on the football side (preferably little to none).
  5. Amari Rodgers and Demetric Felton we got to see at the Senior Bowl. I personally love Felton and hope he is high on the teams board because he would fit Samuel's role really well since he's basically Samuel but with only 4.5 speed. Rodgers is likely going to be a solid slot too. Tyree Gillespie could come in and develop into the Juston Burris role He's right about Jamin Davis, he has some great tape in 2020 but is going to get knocked because it was his only year as a starter. Seen his typical projection as a 43 WILL. Tamorrion Terry I don't know about him but he sounds like
  6. Another virtual meeting. Best I can tell at first glance, he's a day 3 scheme fit for our defense
  7. Some great player comps in this evaluation...
  8. Love his traits and versatility but he has an uphill climb to stick this season. We'll see what he has ...And he's an EDGE and will compete with Haynes
  9. Oh well, guess he should drop to #8 then. Ignore the noise, he has the tools and once he interviews teams will understand if the one read has any merits New breakdown vs. Indiana
  10. Now there's one more RFA to go. Most important one too.
  11. 6'5" 225 lbs who claims to consistently run in the 4.4s. Idk if I believe it but maybe he's a developmental RZ target. Only highlights I can find are of him winning in contested situations.
  12. Weatherly didn't work out with Obada and YGM far more effective in that big end role who can play inside and Charlton was surprisingly effective this year after having a rough camp so give the expensive vet the boot.
  13. I'm almost positive it is not what they want from their FS so someone else is going to have to fill that role. I know Robinson was drafted with that deep safety role in mind, but lots of young competition there in that last line of defense. Snow mentioned wanting Chinn playing as more of a safety going forward than a LB playing back like he did this season, so him as one of the starting safety makes sense.
  14. If I remember right, they started using him closer to the box which was not the role he was meant for when signed. With a bunch of other holes I thought they would hold onto him another season but the move makes sense. I mean, they did get 4 'safeties' from the draft last season (Chinn, Robinson, Franklin, Hartsfield).
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