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  1. Khalon Tolson and Ra'shan Henry got significant signing bonuses so look for them to most likely push for a roster spot. Hartlaub got a small signing bonus a well.
  2. Walker goes 1 and Trib goes 2, after that I think the draft could get wild.
  3. Ridder getting some love he deserves. He's right about the Bama game. Will Anderson and the rest of the Bama DL outmatched Cincy's OL so badly it made it near impossible to get any usable film.
  4. Willis highest upside, Pickett highest floor, Corral best scheme fit. I'm high on Ridder too.
  5. Hamilton, no question. I'd have a hard time passing on him if there was still an OT there.
  6. That's for the team to convince them not me. Idk what moves they will make between now and then to entice top players. We aren't even sure yet if we'll have the same head coach because idk how easy it will be to lure a good OC candidate away for a potential lame duck coach. Until we've heard directly from Tepper that's still up in the air. A day 2 pick isn't necessarily a 2nd rounder, but you can trade down in the first, trade up from the fourth, trade future draft capital, trade players.
  7. Trade is more likely so should included that there too, but Rodgers and Wilson both have potential outs of their contracts. We have a GM with an affinity for trades, I imagine we'll end up with at least one day 2 pick.
  8. Best chance in one year is to use those draft picks from last season. Something like... LT Christensen LG FA - this gets experience around the youth. Bunch of solid ones can be had this offseason currently. C Draft Pick- Linderbaum day 1 or like a Dohnovan West day 2 RG Brown (ideally here but can play LG depending on FA) RT Moton QB you either land one of the studs in FA or try your luck with the rookie deal with a Pickett or Corral round 1. Or if you're looking for more run oriented, a Willis or Ridder day 2
  9. We sort of hedged our bets on the 3 trade moves: Gilmore for a 6th when he will return a 5th if he walks is just good business. The 3rd for Henderson could mostly return (most likely a 4th) a year later if DJax walks instead of Gilmore. For Darnold, we got 6th back with Teddy, the 4th from the Texans in the last draft. Only the 2nd is missing and they could decide to return it but sliding back in the first because of a weak draft class at the top. The handcuff right now is mainly the picking up the 5th year option with Darnold. That has a chance to costs draft picks too if it needs to be off the books. At this point the pick has to be OL and we should probably use a day 2 pick there too. We also need to be using these last several weeks to figure out what we have in the rookies.
  10. Same deal as the Eagles game, if the iOL can handle the DTs we should get the W. Not an easy ask, WFT is probably better then the Eagles there.
  11. Combination of injuries, officiating and just playing a better offense/QB.
  12. Zane has to be in the roster for 3 weeks. Eberle can be elevated 2 weeks before needing to be signed to the active roster and can be protected from poaching for 4 weeks. Either player could be the kicker next week. Team looks to be taking advantage of those rules to continue the kicking competition throughout the season.
  13. Only two that make sense are DJ and Burns. If you feel strongly I guess you could do Jackson or Carter but your negotiating on half a season of production.
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