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  1. Always said Wilson is the best bad QB I've ever watched, kind of crazy its worked so well for him for so long. As for here, we're all just hoping the OL remake and new weapons can mitigate Bryce's struggles.
  2. I mean Seattle had to, it was all they could do with Wilson. Young doesn't have as good of a deep ball and has show more willingness to go over the middle of the field but you can probably draw a lot of parallels here.
  3. A lot of manufactured touches in there. He's got build up speed so any of these route or sweeps were we can let him get up to top gear are going to be perfect for him Year 1 while he hopefully develops as a route runner over time.
  4. Although he does have outside experience, this pick has Troy Hill succession planning in the slot written all over it. D'Shawn Jamison is probably in the most trouble to keep a roster spot with this pick. Still only 21 yo too. Rounds 2-5 all players 21 y/o or younger.
  5. Diontae is the big piece because grabbing someone who can win on his route and win early was missing big time last year. I'm really excited to see how they will use XL because he could have a huge impact with the many different way he can impact a game. We now technically have a couple of players that can beat man consistently and some weapons to hurt zone badly, so like all the moves this offseason on paper its a huge improvement. Would still like to see another speed merchant who can win deep and with his routes added over the rest of the draft too. Maybe Burton if he falls from character concerns.
  6. He primarily lined up here for the Steelers so not a real surprise here but figured he'd be moving around or playing a bunch of Z. Doubt a draft pick would change this in 2024 either.
  7. I get he is really young and has the jump ball highlights but I'm much lower on Coleman. Not impressed with his speed or route running on tape especially against draftable prospects and those players don't translate very often in the NFL.
  8. Don't know that I agree with this point. The only proven and consistent pass rusher on the entire D-line is Clowney, so grabbing an EDGE, especially one that could reduce inside like YGM did last season on passing downs (thinking Robinson or Kneeland types) seems like a huge need on paper. Center is a need and could easily be BPA though. Team might continue with building from the inside out and snag JPJ, Barton or Frazier there in the second.
  9. I'm seeing in the range of 16-20 true first round grades on prospects this year. We could be sitting in a position where trading back a couple spots keeps us with the same caliber type player and picking up an extra day 2 pick on top of it. Arizona moved back 8 spots from 33 just last year and picked up a 3rd. We're going to have a grouping of players we like around that pick, if we feel we can still get one and move back to grab extra capital go for it. We're not one player away anyway.
  10. Its set up nicely for the draft at this point - Outside WR - Johnson has a ton of snaps at the X and can play all over. Theilen is relegated to the slot for the most part nowadays. Last 2 coaching staffs drafted power slots and tried to move them to the X so just target an outside WR this time. - EDGE2 - Expecting either Wonnum or Johnson to fill that EDGE2 role is a tough sell and a high draft pick here would solidify either EDGE2 or EDGE3 this year and even though Clowney is EDGE1 this year you have a chance to develop that player to move up the depth chart. With the length of the contracts of the players and the fact we just reset the position here this will be a perennial need right now. - CB2 - Same deal banking on Dane Jackson to fill that role. CBs get banged up at a high clip too, so competition for that spot is likely needed. Probably why we're talking to Gilmore already. - C2 - Line looks fine with depth all around except for at Center. Corbett had an unlucky year of injuries but its a rough sport and an injury or two to a guard could prompt Corbett to slide back out too. He's also on the last year of his deal so resetting the position with a high pick and setting it up for the future would be smart. - ILB3 - Depth is weak here and Thompson is in the last year of his contract so draft and start developing. - RB3 - Hubbard is in a contract year, Sanders contract is going to make him expendable next season. The position is going to need an overhaul. - TE2 - Tremble looks like he is up to TE1 now but if you're looking for more in the passing game out of the position an upgrade has to be made. Without projecting draft trades it would be ideal if we came out of the first two days of the draft with a WR, C and EDGE
  11. I'm very high on him. He is small so holding up in the run game will be an issue particularly year 1, but he has good length for that small frame. Not going to bend the edge like Burns could but he has a good array of rush moves. I'd look for him around 65. Significantly more refined right now then Issac and Booker IMO, but you're really drafting those guys for traits and potential.
  12. The late breakout is probably discussed during the interview processes with teams but I have a feeling the passing of his dad right before entering college (after losing his mom a couple years earlier) could be a factor and might be why teams are giving him a pass on the low early production.
  13. If I had a guess I don't think he's going to play on the outside as much next year. Probably going back to that power slot role he did well in college, kind of like Chris Godwin plays for the Bucs. Also why I think the team is targeting another outside receiver in the draft.
  14. I like Marshawn Kneeland and he's looking like a top 50 prospect with his size, length, athleticism and versatility. It will probably take about 39 to get him but I think he could have an immediate impact. I like Adisa Issac too who has all the traits and upside but needs time to develop. I'd be more comfortable with him closer to 65 though. Kansas' Austin Booker is another traits/upside prospect I like potentially in the 3rd round. Strong pass rush but run defense needs to be developed. Could come in as a situational rusher in year 1 with hopes of improvement against the run.
  15. I think we are eyeing up red zone/contested catch weapons right now so Legette fits right into that as where he wins. Outside of snatching a prospect like Brian Thomas Jr or Adonai Mitchell that slips to us I think Legette is the next best option there early day 2. He is older compared to the other similar style WRs in the range (23 vs 20/21) but seems to get a pass on his development in scouting reports because this is his first year of big production. Still his size/speed/strength combo along with run blocking prowess makes him very appealing. I expect a big receiving threat type at TE is coming too to help in that role.
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