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  1. Need to evaluate the roster at this point. Zavala and/or Mays will start getting the reps again. Maybe some Jansen in there too
  2. They may take a flyer on day 3 or UDFA but QB is not the concern right now.
  3. It has only been one offseason, they never were going to have all the players to fit the scheme. It sucks and there was certainly hope the team could be competitive with some of the talent on the roster and the weak division, but this very common with a brand new offensive and defensive schemes.
  4. Would trade for a WR in a heart beat. Don't know why people are so against it just because year 1 is off to a bad start. The issue was obvious once Moore was traded and they still need to address it going forward, so if there is a deal to be had for a WR1 or WR2 just pounce.
  5. Marquise Brown would be my top target at WR. Jeudy ok too. Chinn, YGM, Luvu should all be on the trading block due to fit and or their remaining contract length.
  6. We need a #2 as well so if you can find a really good deal for one I'm good with pouncing. That being said, Hardman is on an expiring contract so pass, he'll be there in the offseason if you really like him.
  7. Was figuring closer to 8 weeks on that one. Surprised we haven't heard anything on the Haynes front though and hopefully hear something on Christensen next week too.
  8. Data could be poo, but there is also more factors than just the QB that goes into throwing the deep ball. Data is just an indicator, the tape is still king.
  9. Can't find Theilen but I expect at best bottom right. Keep an eye on this for potential free agent/trade targets. Separation would be my top WR quality and not surprised to see players mentioned on this board like Aiyuk, Adams, Cooper, Jeudy and Brown doing well there.
  10. Marquis Brown or Jerry Jeudy seem like possible in-season trades. Add Amari Cooper, Diontae Johnson, Brandon Aiyuk, Davante Adams as possible targets more likely come the offseason. Probably only Aiyuk requires a first rounder too. If you need draft capital back, (with Brown and Burns likely off the table) players like Chinn or YGM would likely have some trade value at this point and are not true fits here. Luvu could be a trade piece too due to his contract.
  11. It's an upgrade and WR1 this year. I think he'd be a good fit too, but I hope they still target another WR1 maybe next offseason I'd think of him as a Devonta Smith but still needing to find an AJ Brown
  12. Kupp is still good, but he also gets to go up against Linebackers and Safeties a lot because of McVay's Scheme. Same deal is happening with Puka.
  13. The narrative that followed Tua after his rookie year is going to be the same the follows Bryce. Borrow before Chase and Josh Allen pre-Diggs were pretty much the same too.
  14. Fantasy football has warped so many people's understanding of good play.
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