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  1. Could turn out terrible?? So is he the answer to our QB situation, or is he a failure. Difference in all of the above QB’s and Grier is they haven’t failed yet
  2. So just to be clear, you think DJ is a top 5 wr in the National football league?
  3. So I would argue that the top 5 wr in the game can do those things... that’s what makes them a top 5 wr.
  4. Absolutely not. DJ is a top 15 wide receiver, def not top 5. He will rip off a 40 yard catch but then go quite for long stretches. If you can give me one example of him taking a game over like a Hop or Julio I will reconsider. His contract should reflect what he is, 8-10 best wr in the league, anymore than that and you’re paying based on the hope that he takes a big leap. now with all of that being said, it’s still really hard to find a guy that’s as good as he is- we’ve been looking since 89, so is the teams ok with overpaying for an above average wr- no clue. He good, he ain’t grea
  5. Also if we did trade for Carr we’d have to find a trade partner willing to take TB. Otherwise you’ve got about 45m wrapped up in two QB’s with shockingly similar career stats. That would be abysmal.
  6. Watch his eyes?? I don’t even know what to do with that. Regardless that’s not a great argument. Kelvin Benjamin probably looks at the salad bar a lot, but when it’s time to order he gets the meatloaf with the loaded baked potato every time. Also I’m so sick of these “adjusted” stats. PFF says one thing, Next Gen another, football outsiders another. I’d rather just use actually games stats, like this: TB yards per completion career- 11.0 DC yards per completion career- 10.9
  7. Well the knock on teddy is that he lacks the ability to push the ball downfield, but has a high completion percentage because he dumps it off so much. Doesn’t carr have the same issues? Upgrade? Yes. Substantially so? Probably not.
  8. Your point was that La couldn’t replicate TB’s result with Rodgers because there’s only ONE Brady. But in reality LA has a great roster, and in reality Rodgers is a better QB than Brady, by what margin is irrelevant to the conversation. So are you saying that teams that make a move like that are ultimately unsuccessful and it’s detrimental to them long term? Because if so you’re initial comment did not indicate that whatsoever, seemed like you were directly comparing two teams and two QB’s ala your NBA analogy- which isn’t really an analogy because it’s the exact same thing as the original sce
  9. That’s absurd. Rodgers outplayed Brady in that game and it wasn’t even close. You honestly think that if the NFC championship game was LA vs TB with Rodgers under center TB still wins? Rodgers is a significantly better QB than Brady at this stage in their respective careers
  10. Yea I don’t think this post will age well. Between Gurley, Cooks and Goff they are about 35m over the cap next year. That’s the issue with trading for proven round 1 talent- you’re buying high so to speak. Nothing wrong with a blockbuster trade to put your team over the top, but it’s just a fact that you also have to supplement those huge contracts with good draft picks. They’ve got about a two year window to win it all, after that they’re gonna have some big problems.
  11. Lance is the absolute definition of boom or bust. One year of tape against marginal competition, but man he looked so good that season. The one game in ‘20 was pretty average, but I think with his athletic upside his absolute worst case scenario in the nfl is a vastly more dynamic Taysom Hill. I have a feeling if we drafted him I would have the same reaction as when we drafted cam- apprehensive about the prospect of drafting him, but then super excited when it actually happens. I think Brady, coming from the saints would also try to get him in the mix his rookie season in some fashion, wh
  12. Yea I think QB contracts are getting out of control- wish the league would implement MAX contracts for the position because it's such a cath-22...hopefully the QB we just drafted is a baller, 2 years later: crap this dudes a baller, now we have to pay him 200m. Regardless, not a fan of trading up this year. Unless DW gets dealt to the Jets, we're probably looking at the #3 QB if we try to leap frog Detroit. I just think we have way too many holes on our roster to think about pulling that trigger. I'm sketchy on Lance, but I really think it's in the cards for him to fall to 8 and then sit
  13. Yea I look at Rhules contract and see a guy who’s being given the opportunity to build a team from the ground up. So rather than feeling rushed into drafting a guy like Lance- who may very well turn out to be Lamar 2.0, he may also decide to trade back and target 2022 as the year that this team can compete for a 1-2 seed in the playoffs. Lance seems like the kind of pick that the Jags or Jets or Raiders would traditionally go for because their coaches are trying to force the issue in a tight window of time. Rhules contract is really set up to allow this team to evolve naturally. I ju
  14. Just curious what everyone thinks of this. Assuming top 3 QB’s are gone, we’re sitting at 8 with Lance on the board. Someone like the Steelers put an offer to us- trade back for a future 1- first of all, do we do it. Second, who looks good mid to late first round. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I genuinely believe we should sit out FA this year, go for another solid draft, and in this scenario use both 1’s as ammo for the top QB next year. A couple guys I have my eye on with that scenario in mind: Christian Barmore- Dude is an absolute beast and really reminds me of a less experien
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