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  1. Rhule consistently proves me wrong when I think he can't be any more stupid or narcissistic as bad as that sounds. The realist in me fully believes these days that whatever is the dumbest decision to make he will do it and then be proven wrong ultimately admitting months later he was wrong. Meanwhile many fat chicken wing eating blubber boys on the huddle were predicting the bad decision for months which leads me to believe Tepper could have hired one of our resident tubbos to coach and gotten a hell of a lot better coach who at bare minimum could have had the gift of seeing the future ramifications months down the road of making bone headed decisions but somehow we are still led by the original wonder dunce himself coach Rhule.
  2. We need more than good QB play for postseason success. We need a very good offensive line for once and a solid defense to keep giving the offense chances. But I don't feel like nothing good will happen on offense if our line can't block any better than last year so hopefully it's fixed or will be a different story this year
  3. Naughty By Nature was an AWESOME group back in the day!
  4. A very strong year filled with at least 12 wins, a deep playoff run, young players developing well into major contributors through solid coaching, no narcissisism from Rhule for once, Rhule seeming like he has a good grasp of NFL coaching for once in his career, and seeing players not phoning it in as I did last year. Do all that and I will definitely say he has now grasped how to coach in the NFL and the sky will be the limit. Oh yes and Tepper staying out of things like Keep Pounding and binging it back admitting what a dumb decision it was to phase out something of that magnitude to the current and former players culture.
  5. What an absolute joke of a suspension for an all pro experienced veteran of a predator. Probably already planning his next attempt at forcing a massage with a happy ending the sick creep.
  6. So some of you guys still poo on this guy's posts because he has more money than you? I saw some of you say his daddy gave him all his money or he earned it etc....WHO CARES, the dude still has more than you so get over it. Some of you get so bent out of shape at the thought of a guy who may or may not be a douche nozzle driving a lambo to his big ass house but you do nothing to increase your own generational wealth. Get over the fact that he either earned it or daddy gave it to him. Hate the guy is he was a rapist or murderer or used his wealth to destroy others but simply hating him because he has more than you and shows you in pics....Grow up punks. Stop being jealous of others success and lifestyles and go use it as motivation to create your own. All right BigKat, post up some pics of some nice poo of yours . Show me some cars and houses and boats and stuff so I can watch a few guys cry about it and laugh at them as I go make my $1.95 an hour and drive my 92 Mazda Miata to the gas station to buy some fancy sushi.
  7. I've always been an ass man myself so maybe so. I'm an ass before breast kinda guy. My eyes go down first before up for whatever reason!
  8. Yes somehow my phone autocorrected "As far as..." to "Ass fas as" sorry.
  9. Only question I want answered is if whatever QB we start throws him the football will he please catch the damn thing and give maximal effort?
  10. Ass far as QB's, I know it's very early but who has looked best so far or in your opinion?
  11. Hopefully he stays on field and all good to shut the people saying "wasted pick" and "bust" up last week.
  12. I like your list but how can Watson be on it anymore? He hasn't played in forever and could be very rusty. May not play this year either who knows. Probably should drop him and out someone on there. I don't know who but someone else. As of today he has had more snaps at the massage parlor than on the field.
  13. Well I basically feel the same way you do. I hope for the very best but I certainly won't hold my breath and not putting money on it. I'm going to have to see a few consecutive seasons of winning some games, quality coaching and at least some sort of playoff appearances before I will be able to put my full faith in our direction year after year.
  14. Ya know, if a nursing home scooter race included full contact and maybe with each driver carrying a kendo stick or some type of good bludgeoning weapon I would probably tune in for it if it were televised. Add in some Norris oxide on those scooters and a few hand wielded weapons like a good mace or samari sword and I might even purchase the pay per view.
  15. I don't know what the quote is or really care. All I do know is a ma a fan of the team but not of Rhule and I still think he is in way over his head in the NFL unless one of our coordinators or assistants can help him along and hold his hand this season. With that said I still hope the team wins and wins like hell but I'm definitely not going to believe we are super bowl bound. Hope and belief are two very different things. I do like this gif though so I'm posting it as well.
  16. Those diets suck if you start eating carbs again as you gain it back very fast. Best to eat a diet based on protein, healthy fats and still moderate amount of carbohydrates combined with weight training and cardio. The more muscle you build the more fat you burn. This low carb diet you mention often times ends in weight gain when the person falls off the wagon and begin eating carbs again. Best to do it the right way which will take a little longer but in the end will yield sustainable results and someone will not have to completely give up carbs like a 25 year old wannabe Calvin Klein model in LA. You sound as if you are very disciplined and a wealth of knowledge yourself on nutrition as well as strong mindsets. Is there any way you could post us up your Mr Olympia contest pictures and show everyone your ripped physique so we too can get our discipline and motivation? Thanks!
  17. I would tell you that I like your optimism but they really need to prove it on the field and that line really needs to protect them better if that's going to be possible.
  18. Actually sports message boards are garbage for political discussions but you or your buddies in the litterbox haven't grasped that concept yet. Triggered? Not necessarily triggered I just think certain tools ought to be doing something in the real world to improve things since they are supposedly so passionate on sports messag boads but these clowns ALWAYS fall short outside of posting drivel on the net. Those types are a dime a dozen but by all means pleas continue your mrssage board mission as I know it's the only thing you do to back up your beliefs since actually working to improve a community is often where people like you fall very short. It's pretty easy to whine on a message board so by all means go with your calling while doing nothing to improve anything in the real world. One thing we can definitely agree on us Teddy had to go. I got behind him.to support him as our QB when he arrived but after a season with him I was more than ready to see him go. He was the most boring QB I have ever seen play and was willing to take zero chances on the field. Yes he was overpaid and for his money I expected more as well. On the other hand, I don't give a crap about his politics and what exactly he believes but you had to take someone who has marginal at best play and throw it an entirely different direction because that's just what people like you do I get it. I realize you have probably never done one single thing for anyone in your life and probably come from pure privilege yourself then you went off to a university on your daddy's privileged dime and now feel the need to run around on the internet passionately typing your politics so you can hide from the fact you have never had to work a day in your life for anything, never done one thing to backup your beliefs you feel you have to shove down everyone's throat at all times but yet will continue to use your privilege to try to better yourself all while pretending to be some champion for what's right and just yet never doing a thing other than popping out your mouth on a message board. Congratulations, that is the epitome of hypocrisy and how I classify most of your political type on both sides of the spectrum these days. News flash your side is as big of a joke these days as the side you supposedly hate so much. Both sides are filled with people like you and it's all about the show rather than the go with all of you. By all means respond back with one of your smart mouthed little retorts but deep down you know it's all true. Quit hiding your face in your Starbucks coffee and clean off that neck beard and you would come to terms with it as well.
  19. I'm not sure what's worse, "discussion through the lens of alt right" or alt left wackos cut from the same cloth whining on teddy threads.
  20. Oh shut up already you wannabe internet message board political twat. Go play in the tinderbox with the rest of the sludge who pretends to be on a mission politically to change the world on the internet yet never does poo in the real world because you have to show up and get your hands dirty. 99% of you in there are nothing but posers and phonies. Being political on internet message boards means NOTHING. Go make a difference and get involved in your community of youre so damn woke chump.
  21. Well, our head coach does suck something awful so even though I don't see this as Rhule's fault we can blame him if you like.
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