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  1. How old is she anyhow? She is probably in her late 50's now correct?
  2. Probably nobody. I guess my thoughts were in hoping to entice a team by throwing a 4th out there but as was brought to my attention with the shortage of good kickers in the league right now that probably wouldn't get us anything anyhow.
  3. Very true, I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part. And yep Gano or Butker sure do look like nice options these days don't they! I admit I was on the Gano hate train and am now eating my words.
  4. I agree. Kickers are picked on so much but damn those guys are absolutely vital and decide so many things when the score is close
  5. Makes sense and I see what you mean. Probably take even higher which would absolutely suck to give up higher.
  6. This. I feel like this young team is bound to hit a wall at some point and have to battle through some mental adversity. I think they could be a very decent team and potentially wild card but I don't think we are quite ready for a deep run into the playoffs yet. Seems like we are getting the pieces together though which is positive news! I guess Rhule or new GM guy definitely knows how to build a defense!
  7. I'm just curious on thoughts but would it be a dimwit move to offer a mid round draft pick to a team for a good established kicker? Would a team even consider this? I guess it would then put that team into kicker jeopardy as we are and that would be a dumb move on their behalf but it would net that team a decent defat pick like say a 4th rounder? Just curious on thoughts because as I see it we will be consistently leaving points off the board with the types of kickers we are bringing in. As much as I couldn't stand Gano I'm now eating crow saying I wish he was back. Good kickers are apparently very hard to find. I wonder what the 80's Bears Kevin Butler is doing these days?
  8. Good God man what is that dead cat thing on her head? She looks like 90's Bram Stoker's Dracula when Gary Oldman played the older vampire to Keanu in Transylvania. I take it she went into the stylist and asked for the Bram Stoker? While I'm on the Kurt subject, a couple years ago someone on here told me that his son played football or soccer or something with their son and that Warner wasn't actually a nice guy like I thought he was. They told me he was a complete pompous ass conceited prick and that was disappointing to hear. I have no proof whether or not it was true but the guy who mentioned it on here seemed pretty sure of himself and told me he had no reason to lie. Anybody else know? I was always curious of him since he started at the very bottom and worked his way up slowly while stocking groceries. I loved his blue collar story of perseverance at the time.
  9. I have to say I agree with 100% of what you said here and thank you for responding. I'm sorry it took me a bit to get back but you are so spot on and we agree on this COMPLETELY. Almost as if you took my thoughts straight out of my head and typed them here. Glad to hear someone else feels the exact same way I do about Cam. I will always appreciate how good he was to the kids and his community here. Just a good dude all the way around. A Panthers LEGEND far and away.
  10. Rottenburger I definitely do myself. Can't stand that piece of crap. Payton Manning was something else in college. Didn't he cram some trainer girls face into his butthole to be funny? If that's the case it was a dumb meat head prank and he should have had his ass punished. I think he actually did though as he settled out of court with her when he went pro so I bet that "stink face" he gave her costed him a million or so. Still he should have been suspended and full investigation done in college as well. Screw anybody that does what they do if it's a sex crime but yeah Rottenburger got off and should be in prison in my personal opinion. He died his privilege to get himself out. He sounded like the most evil one of them all when those stories came out. God what a piece of crap.
  11. I didn't want to bitch but was wondering the same thing. It felt like we are going to run him into the ground again just like previous years. I understand using a star player you are paying TONS of money but how about also using the talent we have behind him who was drafted and who we picked up off waivers. These guys seem more than capable as well upon watching them. Is it a bad thing to have fresh legs constantly in and your star player getting good rest for the long haul?
  12. I never understood what the misunderstanding actually was to begin with?
  13. Why do you hope Mac Jones sucks because Cam was cut? Cam I'm sure will be just fine and is set for life as well as could find amazing work elsewhere in many things if he decides to hang up the cleats. Mac Jones I know nothing about at all and don't care either way but I also don't understand the hate for him just because he beat Can out? Good God man it's football and no move any teams makes including ours affects your life in any way. Do something that relaxes you and take a few deep breaths. I loved Cam too but somehow I'm betting with the kind of person Cam is and with his charisma that he STILL continues to make a fortune and lives his best life as he always has.
  14. I feel like Alex Smith KC would be the absolute best Darnold could be and that would be way more than I believed he would be if he becomes that. I unfortunately bam not sold on Darnold by the one game this week. I hope I'm wrong but I still have a bad feeling we are searching for a QB for the future at the end of this season. God I hope I'm wrong, I truly do. I had hoped I was wromg with Teddy last year as well and had high hopes but what I feared came true.
  15. Cut both and find a better backup. Gardner Minshew would have been kick ass as a backup and if Darnold stinks just throw him in as starter till we draft a replacement. I think though maybe Walker and Grier could go and a better backup could be found. If we have to keep one that's a tough decision because I don't believe either could QB a team in the NFL as a starter. Both have showed a couple flashes but both have major flaws.
  16. Yeah Hyman really busted himself up for the team. I hope they didn't pound him too hard out there.
  17. It's a term they use here for racists. I laugh every time I see it due to having a neighbor who is afriacn american that drives an F150 he customized. I guess my neighbor is racist too....? Makes no damn sense and is a stupid generalization as dumb as the generalizations they are supposedly always on the hunt for. I don't like trucks myself but if I had to have one I would probably opt for a silverado. I don't think they look too bad. Much prefer an SUV. I drive a toyota 4runner and I suppose it's "bad" too according to the tinder box mafia.
  18. Haha what? I agree the calls were BS and he was treated differently but a KKK meeting? Hahaha! They hated him because he made plays and celebrated while partying on the field as superman. I loved the hell out of it because he was with us and he is a good dude. Some people didn't but hardly a KKK meeting. If that were the case EVERY player of color who made an impact would be held down. Talk about reaching for straws here jesus man.
  19. Oh i agree with you. I still dont understand the LS decision. Makes no sense to me at all what the thought process was there if there was any thought process involved. I tried to forget that little decision because I still cant wrap my mind around it for anything.
  20. The world is full of BS opinions on all sides. The opinion of a nobody with some sort of crap agenda of his own much like many others i see means nothing. Cam was one kick ass dude here and did so much for his community and children. I will always love that guy and hate he didnt retire a Panther.
  21. Shhhh, that does not fit fit the narrative and would put a little hole in the agenda of what some posters want to push on here which is largely part of why your comment and that fact was ignored. It was a stupid comment by someone who must be a complete racist moron but that other fact really craps all over the agenda they push around these parts unfortunately.
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