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  1. Reasonable speculation. Creating more cap room and the FA deals we've done so far don't have huge hits for this coming year either. Bell - $3.1M Hurst - $3.1M Bozeman - $3.07M Tuttle - $2.88M Sanders - $2.75M Dalton - $2.13M
  2. Perfectly fine to like this hire. But Reich is in no way, shape, or form the originator of the mesh concept.
  3. I refuse to believe you were the fastest sperm cell.
  4. No he isn't. If he were he would have stayed there last year. I have no idea why people are soo intent on playing guys out of position and putting them in more difficult positions. We drafted Ekwonu for a reason, play him there.
  5. Play guys at their best positions. Moton is best at RT, Ickey is best at LT and quite honestly better than Christensen.
  6. Been shot down by multiple people in the know. Walter also pushed the med recheck rumor on Neal and that too was false.
  7. I think you could make the argument that they're leaning towards QB or LT, reading between the lines you could read either out of that presser. Just think Fitt is trying not to give too much away. Personal opinion: If Neal, Ekwonu, or Cross are there at #6, they will absolutely take one of them regardless of who else is available.
  8. Same. In most normal years, neither would be considered 1st rounders let alone top 10.
  9. I'm sorry but his arm isn't any different than it was 2 or 3 months ago. It's average and probably below average on the move. At this point, physically, he is what he is.
  10. How many sites are you trying to get bullied off of?
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