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  1. As I’ve been saying for months, the failure to win with Teddy Franchise was clear evidence that Rhule isn’t NFL material. Not sure why anyone would be surprised if Rhule is flushed back down to the college ranks after this season.
  2. I’ve been telling everyone for months that Teddy was franchise QB material. Not sure why anyone is surprised.
  3. Teddy balled today as expected now that he is once again playing for a real coaching staff. Any chance the Broncos would trade him back in exchange for Sam + draft picks?
  4. T-minus 3 days until the Darnold honeymoon ends and the hand-wringing over letting Teddy Franchise slip away begins.
  5. Teddy is already proving himself to be a celebrity in Denver. It’s a no brainer for him to be higher than Sam (and admittedly underrated by the author). https://gazette.com/sports/broncos/quarterback-or-celebrity-teddy-bridgewater-hopes-to-be-the-broncos-answer-at-a-position-denver/article_06a9a692-0f38-11ec-ac28-c347e8e04fc2.html
  6. He is the first OC at any level who hasn’t been successful with Teddy as his QB.
  7. With Teddy winning the starting job, my prediction that Teddy will be starting in the league long after Rhule is shown the door is right on track. You don’t let go of a QB like Teddy Icewater to hold on to a college coach who is unproven at the NFL level.
  8. Teddy already impressing in Denver. I expect that the narrative around here will be much different this time next year after Teddy wins like he has everywhere except in Carolina and Darnold struggles even worse than he did with the Jets. https://www.si.com/nfl/broncos/news/broncos-noah-fant-first-impression-teddy-bridgewater-passes
  9. If a great QB like Teddy Icewater struggled in two minute situations and in the red zone under Brady, just imagine how ugly it will be with Darnold given his track record. “Darnold also ranked 31st in two-minute situations with a QBR of 51.8 and 33rd in the red zone with a QBR of 10.0.” https://abcnews.go.com/Sports/teddy-bridgewater-criticizes-carolina-panthers-practiced-season/story?id=77651570
  10. They always say “Practice makes perfect.” Get ready to see game winning drives and clutch performances from Teddy after a couple months of actually practicing those situations.
  11. This provides further evidence that the problem lies with Rhule and Brady, and they should have been shown the door and the team built around Teddy. He didn’t earn the nickname “Teddy Icewater” for nothing. I expect great things from him in Denver behind his wisdom and leadership, especially in crunch time.
  12. Let’s keep trading down until we have 6 sixth round picks and 10 seventh round picks.
  13. I guess Darnold will have to play without an O line this season just like Teddy had to last year.
  14. If it were left up to Teddy I’m sure he wouldn’t have dialed up the “reach over the goal line” play either.
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