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  1. That's supposed to be 8/28 not 8/22
  2. The Phillies won their 34th home game of the season in this game too. Either a coincidence or sports are completely rigged .. it's the latter. Like how Huey P. Newton founded the Black Panther Party then Cam Newton was drafted by the team with a black Panther mascot .. or like, when the actor who played Black Panther in the movie Black Panther, and Jackie Robinson in the movie "42" - Chadwick Boseman, died, on 8/22/2020 - the day the MLB was celebrating Jackie Robinson Day - and Jack Kirby's birthday, the original creator of Black Panther comic .. All just a coincidence, right guys?
  3. Wait until Cam is in the midst of a second MVP season this year while we're a good QB away from being a Super Bowl team. This place is going to be a riot.
  4. Not me. Mac Jones is Stidham, maybe worse.
  5. Cam's going to have a 56 TD season this year while we have Sam lol
  6. Non-Panthers related thread so I'll add this
  7. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisonescalante/2020/09/08/why-speaking-english-may-spread-more-coronavirus-than-other-languages/?sh=1b41436eeaaf lol if you can't see this entire thing is a joke, shame on you
  8. https://www.boston.com/sports/new-england-patriots/2021/07/29/patriots-training-camp-day-2-takeaways-cam-newton/ The link is from today. The image of text is Mike Reiss from yesterday. Smoke coming off Cam's passes.
  9. But I thought being vaccinated meant that nothing COVID related could impede your chances of winning .. So, while we have a high percentage of the team vaccinated, still, a vaccinated player or coach could miss a crucial game if they test positive but are asymptomatic AND vaccinated? So really, even a vaccinated DJ Moore, Darnold, CMC, Rhule could miss a game due to COVID despite being vaccinated .. People would be very angry if an unvaccinated player had to miss a game due to COVID but how about a vaccinated player missing a game due to COVID? If this can happen what's even the point of getting the shot .. a COVID outbreak on a team would just be a bunch of asymptomatic players saying, I have COVID? I feel fine .. because we all know it is a super killer disease .. so much so that in order to know you have it you need a test
  10. That is definitely CMC what’s the fuss about? He probably did arrive last night and is bringing in more stuff today .. but that’s definitely CMC
  11. How do y'all trash Jerry Richardson then want this guy lol
  12. What the f*ck is this BS .. threads about Cam Newton? Moved or locked .. threads about Watson and other non Panthers related stuff? They stay
  13. He's 25 you're talking about him like he's a finished product .. he's just now about to hit his prime .. get it straight .. up to this point when he hasn't even been in his prime he's been a good goalie .. he could elevate his play to great in his prime. Stupid move.
  14. Early 30's QB becoming healthy again .. who would need time travel to see odds were Cam was going to find "it" again .. who bets against Cam
  15. It keeps being brought up that the staff will be on thin ice if Darnold falters while Fields/Jones do well .. how about if Darnold falters and Cam looks like ‘15 Cam again .. but Tepper can’t fire himself
  16. Because of our defense PJ Walker could start 17 games and win 10
  17. Yeah it is. We have Sam Darnold, and our franchise QB is going to be a FA after this season, who's likely going to be coming off a great season, and in the OP scenario is .. so what kind of contract do we offer Cam to return .. a Cam coming off an MVP caliber season?
  18. This is Panthers related because I'm posing a question that has to do with the Panthers ... Say Cam does 'put up' this season as he calls it, in the form of an MVP caliber season or Super Bowl win .. He's on a one year deal. In this scenario he would be in line for a nice contract. NE took a QB pick 15 this draft. In this scenario does NE let Cam leave as a FA, electing not to pay him and let Jones take the reigns? or was Cam so good that in Bill's mind he has to pay him? If NE elects not to pay Cam and they let him become a FA, how does Cam coming back to CLT coming off an MVP, Super Bowl win season sound? What would you pay Cam coming off an MVP season? https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/07/15/cam-newton-its-really-put-up-or-shut-up-time/
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