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  1. I noticed that too. His foot work is insane. There should be YouTube videos of all RB drills featuring CMC as the standard for all
  2. I agree. The starting offense was completely non existent today. It was almost like they didn’t even suit up to play
  3. He’s really representing that Lion tattoo well on the field
  4. It’s much easier to find serviceable dt’s and dbs in FA. I’d rather have below average dts, cbs than an Oline that’ll get our qb killed
  5. Can’t believe we picked Horn over Slater. Also dumb for picking Brown over an OT last draft. If we would’ve picked Oline two drafts in a row in the 1st we’d be in a much better position
  6. Awesome to see that we’re giving Sam Darnold the best opportunity to succeeed with this stud Oline!
  7. I live in LV, but currently have a layover in SLC in rout to Charlotte. Joe Brady and our new GM happen to be on my plane.. (Cool story bro)
  8. I’m just glad we’re getting a good game. The playoffs so far has left more to be desired
  9. We’re the Panthers. Dumbass decisions year in, year out across the board is to be expected.
  10. We drafted a DT last year. Drafting a MLB would be a another classic Panthers pick that has proven to win us nothing over time. With a new GM, HC, Owner, I’d rather take a different route than what we’ve already done in the past for so long. I’d much rather sign a MLB via FA
  11. That wouldn’t be enough. We’d have to trade a player like Dj Moore too
  12. Have a flight out on Tuesday. Just hope Ill be able to get back home in Albuquerque
  13. It is so good to see camp updates of any sort again
  14. Steve Smith once played with a broken arm. TD wont miss the superbowl
  15. 31-7 would have been better. On the bright side, if we win, our wounded warriors will have an extra week to heal
  16. The turf cost us a TD. It's all good. We have killa cam up in 30 sec
  17. Gosh I can't wait for this game. This is Christmas morning times a million
  18. Damn Philly you've been the cause of all 3 challenges
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