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  1. I’m just glad we’re getting a good game. The playoffs so far has left more to be desired
  2. We’re the Panthers. Dumbass decisions year in, year out across the board is to be expected.
  3. We drafted a DT last year. Drafting a MLB would be a another classic Panthers pick that has proven to win us nothing over time. With a new GM, HC, Owner, I’d rather take a different route than what we’ve already done in the past for so long. I’d much rather sign a MLB via FA
  4. That wouldn’t be enough. We’d have to trade a player like Dj Moore too
  5. Anyone else see Andy Reid’s Brass Balls hanging on the Chiefs logo post game?
  6. He had enough time to a sign off on the Teddy Bridgewater deal..
  7. I just don’t see Surtain being a year in year out shutdown cb. Yes, he has the size, but does he have the lateral quickness and agility? While I’m here, the player I’ve been most impressed with is Bazmore. Love seeing an interior pas rushing DT specialist!
  8. Good for him. He’s making some money at least as a backup for a longer duration in the NFL
  9. Teddy would have turned the ball over by now. Like he always does in crunch time
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