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  1. I think that is supposed to be peanut butter and banana. Not mayo!!!
  2. Ha, I just pictured him saying Mayo Mayo Mayo as his call sign. It's ain't no Omaha!! lol!
  3. He must really miss Cam to name himself after Cam's son. lmao!
  4. Saw Carolina was a odds on favorite for Carr. Ugh, that would suck. I don't know if many of you watched Raiders games this past season, but he was terrible. Missing wide open receivers, over throwing, under throwing, he absolutely sucked. He looked more washed than Brady. He got benched for Jarret Stidhem FFS! Yeah yeah, that was done to save money, but if the Raiders were any closer to making the playoffs, they would have kept him in. He had weapons all over the field, and great RB, and good defense, and Carr still sucked. He had his best friend on the field, and couldn't get it done. I hope he doesn't come here.
  5. If they let Sam and PJ walk, I could see a scenario where we have Jimmy G as the FA QB, Corral, and draft a rookie QB.
  6. I'm happy about Frank Reich as our new HC. Wilks, for all the feel good rah rah around him, was not the answer. Against Cincinatti, Pittsburgh, and the last loss against Tampa, he really poo the bed. No adjustments, and just settled in for a "We'll get 'em next time" attitude. Good luck on your future endeavors, Wilks! Thanks for getting us back to shore while we were out in the wilderness for so long with Rhule.
  7. I would be a fan no matter who we choose, win or bust. That's just what it means to be a fan. But I guess the base may lean more casual fan, than lifelong fans. Just think about it, we stuck around with Rhule at the helm. Even though I don't care for Payton, I will still be a fan of the team.
  8. Carr had some great weapons this season, and crapped the bed so many times. He was missing wide open passes and sailing passes over the heads of his receivers. He's washed IMO. No more QB retreads. Draft a rookie QB and keep it moving.
  9. PJ and Baker were the QB's in the Cincinnati game.... Sam was still in IR then.
  10. lmao, odds of Frank getting the job may have gone up significantly now.
  11. Yeah, Sam had a shitty game yesterday, but not much help either. Our receivers could not get open or really help our QB (like other receivers around the league). I'm sure having a bygone era OC in McAdoo can shoulder a lot of the blame for that. If we retain Wilks and Sam, I anticipate we pick up an OC with schemes for present day NFL and start to look a lot better next season. We draft a QB, WR, TE, another edge rusher and line backer, and trade for some secondary help and we're punching in our ticket to the Yoffs next season.
  12. I honestly think we got a change to draft Young, because other teams will be too leery about his size.
  13. If they had a prenup, won’t matter. They most likely did, since both were successful in their own careers when they got together.
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