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  1. Doug Pederson is the current odds on favorite to get the job. But I'm leaning towards former Jags QB Byron Leftwich, who has a stellar resume as OC (thanks to Tommy Brady). Maybe it'll also help the Panthers with their division rival losing their great OC.
  2. Freud believed dreams represented a disguised fulfillment of a repressed wish.
  3. He's also got 10 drops this season, more than previous 3 seasons combined. I don't know how many wins it cost them but that's a huge red flag.
  4. WHY?!?!?!?! Urb was the only consistent scorer on the Jags and always inside the 20 (co-eds).
  5. If mods on my forum constantly bad-mouthed our QB and blamed the league leading 25 drops on him, I'd realize it's time to find new mods.
  6. 35-21 Panthers Should be an EZ win with Sam throwing for 350 yds & 3 TDs as long as these 2 things happen: 1. The O-line gives him more than 2 sec to find a receiver 2. Receivers don't drop 10 balls
  7. Panthers would be 0-6 or 1-5 without Sam. Would be 5-1 if the O-line, defense and receivers weren't so bad the past few weeks. Sam has an elite arm (eg 57yd TD to Anderson & 45yd dime on 4th down)... the problem is that the talent around him isn't elite or avg even. Give him with a decent O-line and he'll flourish and become a franchise QB.
  8. Sam did what he used to do with the Jets: overcame awful OL protection and 10 drops by his receivers to put them in a position to win. Then the overrated defense lost the game cause they can't stop a nose bleed. Sam did his job. The rest of the team didn't.
  9. No team wins with 10 dropped passes. Yet Sam had them within a coin toss of doing just that.
  10. There's no way he "just met her" at some random party as he claims. She's an Ohio State alum and they met in June for some photo shoot at his restaurant. This was an on-going slamfest. LOL
  11. Looks like Larry Eustachy and Bobby Petrino will be inducting another ding dong in to their "Head Coaches Terminated for Banging Co-eds Half Their Age Club" soon. There's no way Urb lasts the entire season when he's responsible for turning the team into the Jagoffs: the biggest laughing stock in NFL.
  12. I pulled a hammy while playing football and took a good month to be able to run again. Sam's probably right.
  13. It's hilarious that the top 3 most popular topics in the Jets forum is about Darnold and how it was a mistake to trade him.
  14. Darnold with another great game. 23/33 304 yds
  15. Btw, I had surgery over 15 years ago and have never had a single problem with it. I went back to playing basketball several hours a day and running 10 miles per day. So I couldn't disagree with you more that they were somehow incompetent.
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