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  1. As someone who struggles with mental health, I find it incredibly insensitive to see others on this board mocking someone else's struggles simply because you can't empathize with an invisible struggle another person is battling. Sometimes the old adage of "if you don't have anything nice to say" really is the best approach. That is actually how you can help a complete stranger struggling with mental health....you avoid ridiculing them at the very least. If my words do not resonate with you, I would encourage you to take a step back, reflect, and try to identify some real ways you feel you can get better at supporting others. Very small things can make massive changes to completely random people.... trust me, I actually see this everyday on this board and you don't even realize you helped me....but you did. So please and thank you.
  2. So back in my heyday I used to play a little QB...but take this with a grain of salt as I never playt anything more than swmi-pro purely for fun. I always had a cannon for an arm and could throw an official NFL "The Duke" football 75 yards all day long until I turned about 28....then wow does life come at you fast. Anyway, I have 9" hands and I'm 6'2". By NFL standards those are on the smaller side. I can tell you I had incredible grip strength (granted I wrestled and had forearms like Popeye). The only time I felt like I had a disadvantage with my hand size was when the ball was wet, but just barely and not soaked. Once the ball gets wet, the wax that has been used to condition the leather slightly starts to release and the ball gets slick. Thise actually made a huge difference in my confidence to grip the ball tight and still put some zip on it. Once the ball gets soaked, it actually can start feeling a bit tacky. I hated wearing gloves and never would as I would lose the feel/touch of the football. Anyway...take whatever value this might add from my experience in my glory days.
  3. I was expecting that Rhule would have been fired. If you're brought in to build a winning culture and you've fired multiple assistant coaches that you personally hand picked and have gone 0-2 on quarterbacks that you personally hand picked...all within your first two years, then you are a fraud and should be relieved of your duties. This fantasy that we're just a Ben McAdoo away from being deep playoff contenders is willful ignorance regarding how bad Rhule has botched his time with Carolina.
  4. I understand where you're coming from, but it's wayyy too early. If there's one thing Tepper understands, it's that winning makes money. I agree that he's in new territory for him and is definitely floundering, but he will get better and learn from his mistakes. Now, I think we'd all be a lot happier if he started the learning process immediately and fired the wet fart of a coach we have. The lack of transparency of Tepper's vision for next year is down right infuriating.
  5. If Rhule is evaluating them, then I want nothing to do with any of em. Rhule's evaluation abilities are about as effective as an underwater hairdryer.
  6. I was going to say something mean, but I'm trying to channel positive energy...so I'll say something nice. It would be nice if Clete Blakeman won this year's Darwin Award. I feel better.
  7. Fitterer is smart enough to understand the iceberg has already been hit, and Rhule is trying to convince the band to keep playing.
  8. I was optimistic when Rhule was hired...I was so ready for a new, fresh approach that I fell for the misdirection, while he ushered Cam out the door. Fast forward to them bringing Cam back and I was elated, but watching Rhule blatantly disrespect and throw subtle jabs at Cam while he's continuing to push his favorites in Sam and PJ has really soured my mood. Cam is my favorite Panther of all-time and Rhule will always be the ass hat the ended Cam's tenure with the Panthers in the most disrespectful way TWICE. Don't let me catch you hustling across the crosswalk, Rhule, because you ain't going to make it.
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