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  1. This just isn’t true. Scouts said during the draft CMC was one of the best pure route runners on the board. It was a big deal because he’s a running back. Of course he wouldn’t be cooking linebackers all game, but you’re crazy to think some of these bum nickels would shut him down. Just look at the panthers over the past few seasons (prior to this year), you’re telling me playing a team like that CMC is getting shut down by some of these career JAGs? Come on now.
  2. Half this team has mailed it in after we got sold a bill of good about how great of a motivator Rhule is. This franchise is in trouble.
  3. Thanks friend, I appreciate it.
  4. Thanks for the info. I go to a nice little shop in my area and the guy there sold me really well on Liberty brand. I probably should've done some digging myself into the brand before using it so often. I mainly use cartridges (with occasional edibles). Is there a brand you recommend for that? I'm located in NC if that helps any. I looked up NuLeaf (I saw you said they are decent), but it doesn't look like they sell cartridges.
  5. Hey Linville, I’ve used Liberty brand D8 for a while now. I really enjoy the product and it’s worked great to help me sleep. Are they are a decent manufacturer? You seem to be pretty well versed in this stuff.
  6. This would require Joe Brady to use his brain and actually change things up to find more success. After Robby freaking out yesterday that he's running the same route over and over and over I won't get my hopes up.
  7. The bottom line is Fitt missed on his plans to repair the OL. He made an effort, but it was a monumental whiff. Eflein and Erving are absolute dumpster fires. The thing that scares me is that 95% of our fans could've told you that was going to happen and Fitt/Rhule didn't see it coming. However, Christensen seems like he will pan out as a good draft pick and anchor the both tackles with Moton for years to come. I'm going to give Fitt one more draft and offseason to fix the line before I lose belief in him as a GM, but hot damn did he miss on his two offseason starting OL signings.
  8. Weird how that tidbit was left out. I’m sure it was just a coincidence and not intentional. We have reached the point where our fan base thinks a JAG journey man tight end is changing the trajectory of the season.
  9. Completely disagree. Once Horn went down secondary became a glaring need. There’s not way you run out there with Donte and Bouye (fresh off suspension) with no depth and feel great about that. Fitt addressed it. Now he’s trying to address other needs.
  10. 6th round picks have roughly a 30-35% chance of making an NFL active roster. They rarely become starters. If you would rather keep a 6th round pick than pick up Gilmore, we probably won’t agree on much beyond that. There’s a better argument to be made against swapping a 3rd for a 5th and Henderson. The plus side is you get a 2020 top 10 pick for a 3rd rounder. Obviously that is dependent on how Henderson develops. But we will see how that pans out. I’ve read a lot of your posts of the years and I think you’re smarter than what you’re saying. I think everyone is just emotional over the loss right now.
  11. I don’t really understand this mindset. Fitt has acknowledged that he’s kicking the tires on OL and other teams aren’t interested in trading even backups. Are you saying he shouldn’t be looking to improve other position groups until he can improve the OL and QB? That seems asinine to me. He got Gilmore for basically nothing. You keep improving the team as opportunities come available.
  12. As of right now, Rhule plays scared to lose. He doesn’t play to win. End of the first half was the perfect example. Analytics said to go on 4th and 2. Rhule decides to punt. Eagles get 3 regardless. That’s pretty much a microcosm of how Rhule coaches right now. Brady’s play calling is embarrassing as well.
  13. So you're plan would be... sit on the team you have, don't try to nab an all-pro corner for basically no return, and hope for the best? Marty really does post on this board!
  14. Is there an all-pro caliber lineman we can trade for a 6th round pick available right now? If you know of something send Fitt a tip and I'm sure he will make it happen.
  15. All that's missing to make this perfect is one final video of Urban taking a longgggg sniff of his finger. Then we will have reached Nirvana with this whole situation.
  16. Yeah, you're sort of proving my point ha. Lane winning at USC = who cares what he's doing in his personal life. Lane starts losing at USC = left on tarmac. If Lane kept up those 10-2 seasons, he wouldn't have been fired. Winning will always be king and trump whatever is going on in a coaches personal life.
  17. Obviously a lot of that goes hand in hand. But winning is king in sports. If you win you can get away with a ton of stuff you can't get away with if you're losing. Lane Kiffin is a good example. He's as slimy as they come, spotted in bars with college chicks all the time, etc. But he seems to be doing a good job turning Ole Miss around so the rest gets swept under the rug. You have to go full on Rick Pitino to get fired when you're a winner.
  18. I think people are missing the point as to why "high level meetings" may be taking place regarding Urban. I'm sure Khan wouldn't care if Urban banged out every chick east of the Mississippi if the Jags were 3-1 or 4-0. The problem is the Jags just got their ass kicked in a winnable TNF game and Urban sent the team home while he stayed in Ohio to get loaded at a bar with his blonde groupie. As an owner, that would show me he doesn't give a fug about the team or franchise. He should've been on the plane back to Jacksonville with the rest of the team. It has nothing to do with morals and all that crap.
  19. My man, if you spend your money on PFF and like their goofy subjective grades that's fine. That's your own deal. But everyone here is laughing at you thinking you're going to White Knight for them on this board. I've seen a ton of respected analysts laughing at PFF for grading Hurts higher than Dak on MNF. If you and PFF want to live on that fantasy island then by all means, you do you. I'll tell you what. I graded Dak as a 91.3 and Hurts as a 48.4 on Monday. For $34.99 a month (or $199.99 a year) you can gain access to my reasoning as to why and how I got those grades. Let me know!
  20. Oh man. It actually makes a ton of sense. Your brain has exploded and it’s not even lunch time yet. Literally, have a great rest of your day.
  21. Ah my favorite argument of them all. You can’t criticize PFF unless you have your own metrics to grade on. I just want to ask you a couple questions to make sure we have logical consistency here. You have never criticized a professional athlete (since you have never played pro sports before), correct? You have never criticized a meal at a restaurant that you don’t know how to make, correct? I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. Dumb argument. Next.
  22. Not Panthers related, but PFF graded Hurts at 69.5 and Dak at 68.5 on Monday Night Football last night. Anyone that watched that game and has a half functioning brain watched Dak control that game for 60 minutes (other than the egregious fumble), while Hurts didn’t look like a serviceable NFL starter for most the game. Dak’s QB rating was 143.3 to Hurts 86.0. I’m not sure how that grading from PFF is defensible in any way.
  23. Another thing to understand about PFF is that they don't know assignments. They are just guessing who they think should be blocking which defender. For example, Paradis' job may be to pass off the DT to Daley in order to pick up a blitz. If Daley doesn't play his assignment correctly and that DT sacks Sam, they are going to grade Paradis poorly because it looks like he lost his block. They have no way of knowing his assignment was to pass the DT off. The only people that actually know what's happening with our line are the coaches and players. Obviously we can tell that they have major problems and look like dog poo, but we don't have the same understanding as the coaches as to what is going on. PFF doesn't either. Those grades are fine, but they aren't super reputable or anything I'd take as having complete accuracy.
  24. This is exactly why PFF is an okay place to look at something you don't know (like the Jets line rankings), but then you have to use some common sense to realize these are just dorks throwing out numbers based on their subjective grading system. There was a game in 2017 or 2018 where Cam outplayed Brees in every conceivable stat and measurable metric, but PFF gave Brees a way higher grade based on some reasoning like "expected catches" and goofy things that aren't tangible and are extremely subjective. That's when I stopped relying on their scores for anything meaningful.
  25. If you're into a nice touch on deep passes, this video will do it for ya.
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