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  1. We all know that crap rolls down hill and Tepper is the king of this dung heap organization. He has set the table for this impending disaster. Keeping Rhule, PJ Walker and Darnold are indicative of what the team and fan base have to look forward to...the definition of insanity and gross ineptitude.
  2. http://joebucsfan.com: Mike Evans May Have Squeezed Matt Rhule Out Of A Job - JoeBucsFan.com. https://www.joebucsfan.com/2022/01/mike-evans-may-have-squeezed-matt-rhule-out-of-a-job/ Do the players, the fan base, and the future of the organization a favor and sign the annulment papers already!
  3. G-Rhule stays for year 3...um...what QB? We don't have one thanks to G-Rhule. We also don't have an OC or an OL for that matter! Watching the Panthers play on Sunday is like using a kaleidescope to pinpoint a location on a map. If this nonsense is allowed to continue into a 3rd year, the fan base will begin emptying seats simply because this fan base has suffered long enough.
  4. G-Rhule is half a ham samich, a bar in Ohio filled with inebriated revellers and a moment's indiscretion caught on camera away from being the Carolina version of Jacksonville's Urban Decay...
  5. Why the hell is this even a question at this point? He's made the team and the organization the laughingstock of the entire league with the quarterback turnstile not to mention OC/Baylor nepotism. The games have become beyond painful to watch and the players seem aimless and lacking serious sideline direction. G-Rhule must G-O!
  6. He was flipping through that book of America's Most Wanted which should make them the NFL's Least Wanted but obviously the Panthers' and Jags' Most Wanted. Neither organization can seem to get much of anything right starting from the top.
  7. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2021/12/panthers-plan-to-give-hc-matt-rhule-another-year For the love of God, Panther fans can't take another year of quarterback roulette, play calling roulette, etc. The ONLY fan base in worse shape from a purely coaching competency standard would be our neighbors to the south in Florida. Sorry, Jacksonville!
  8. One would hope... If the Panthers are on the verge of a mass exodus...this clown (Rhule) should be leading the way.
  9. Rhule is the king of shelling out bushwah but then again he's paid to push Tepper's branding of the team which sounds all warm and fuzzy but if you listen closely, you can decrypt the bushwah which is essentially the cut-throat corporate approach to professional sports: perform, win yesterday, today, and tomorrow or don't let the door hit you on the way out. And if you're expecting a straightforward, forthright response, remember these are talking heads delivering the corporate bushwah and nothing more. As for the Cam question, it's clear that bringing him back to the fold was an act of desperation by an organization that has no idea how to evaluate the Offense much less coach it. And Rhule was not exactly a willing accomplice in welcoming Cam back as he was noticeably NOT in the meeting with the Panther brass as it likely begged the fan favorite face of the organization and former MVP to return after it summarily booted him from the building to save cap space and to toy with the promise of greener pastures with Teddy Bridgewater. So yes, Rhule was irritated, possibly insulted, by the final question and thus signaled his token retreat. Cam is not his pick though he is likely our best option to win and win now. That is the objective, right? Rhule, Tepper and the gang don't have time or patience for developing players.
  10. Tepper is about to have a come to Jesus meeting with his investors otherwise known as his season ticket holders and high priced suite swans who wine and dine corporate America when we lose to a 1-5 team.
  11. I rarely ever see our WRs or TEs break from their routes if they see the QB in trouble to comeback to help him out. Kelce, Adams, Gronk, Hopkins, Kittle and etc will. And McCaffrey will. All of the aforementioned are high caliber players. Our receiving core is fair. It could be fantastic but we have poor pass protection and questionable play calling. We can hardly expect anything more than a stop-gap measure from Darnold when he has no O-line to protect him so he can do his damn job. No QB could hardly expected to be successful with our non-offensive line.
  12. Knowing the luck of the franchise, it would be McCaffrey. In return we'd get smoke and mirrors, a nice song and dance, but at the end of the fancy production number we'd be in bed with Houston one way or another.
  13. Pantherclaw, I absolutely agree and I see that my post didn't address that aspect at all. Rhule is all about conservative, predictable play these days and none of that will fool aggressive defenses or inspire break-out offenses. My main point centers on the failure of the offensive line to consistently protect Darnold thus hampering his ability to execute any given offensive scheme.
  14. How much can Darnold be expected to accomplish when the O-line collapses by the time ball is snapped? I appreciate the organization spending money to bolster our defense but working on all elements of the game is what's needed. And let's face it, Tepper wants a hotrod under center and right now folks we have the eco-friendly Prius. It didn't take long for the tide to change in Charlotte against Darnold, but he never really had an O-line to work with that would help him find true success. Just another case of fool's gold for Darnold.
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