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  1. Yes I was referring more to the national news becoming more opinion and less about actual accurate news. It is really too bad that real journalism is pretty much dead.
  2. Very similar to the national media in general
  3. Watched Carlos in High School and beyond. Would be a solid pick up
  4. yeah too bad he can't throw it overhand 50 yards. Maybe he is more accurate throwing it underhand kind of like a granny shot in basketball. Hell he already has the granny attire so it may work lol
  5. not good enough to be a starter and can't be a backup sounds like it is time to let go of Cam and move on. I am sure we will get another Cam coming back thread in another week or so......
  6. The absolute non-understanding of business in this thread is amazing.
  7. I think they should set it up like the old battle of the network stars with a huge tug of war at the finale
  8. I think he would make a great sir pur
  9. Another prima donna wide receiver, what a surprise. The league seems littered with them these days. Show up and be the leader you are being paid to be.
  10. Ok just let me know when you get it all figured out lol.
  11. I think they need to have 2 lanes you either attend the school on an NIL or you take the scholarship. If you take the scholarship and you blow up as a viable advertising piece for someone you sign the nil and lose the scholarship. Yes I do think at some point there will be some type of salary cap on programs.
  12. Jimbo is a dirt bag as well make no doubt about it.
  13. Care to elaborate. Do you feel that all athletes should keep their personal opinions and social commentary to themselves?
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