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  1. @SCP have you noticed that since you have stopped making the game day threads, we have had a losing record every season? I think this team, this town, this place and BP needs you back on a more consistent basis! BTW, which way is the helmet facing
  2. So what you are saying is, because some teams and franchises suck worse than we do, we don't suck? I guess I like that attitude! But sorry, I love this team but I'm also not a blind homer, most of the time. The team has never had back to back winning seasons, sprinkled in with a winning season every 3 years on average. So yea, I guess we don't suck taking all things into consideration through our history.
  3. We sucked before Tepper, I'm starting to feel like we will suck after him as well!
  4. Thought about throwing our picanaha on today but we aren't having anyone over this weekend and most of it would just go to waste because my wife buys a damn 5 lb slab of lushousnous but boy do we love it.
  5. Mozzarella sticks, loaded baked potato's, totino's pizza rolls and beer! Perfect football Sunday mixture.
  6. Now this pick I can get behind! No pun intended! He will be a starter by year 2. Excellent pick after a not so great round 2 and 3 IMO
  7. Trade back, I mean everything we need is still there
  8. Excited for this pick! We needed Bryce like it or not, he can play at a high level NOW. It was the right pick and I fully support it! Now get us and Edge or TE and we are rolling!!!
  9. I dunno, as someone who really wants CJ, the closer we get to the draft that more I'm falling in line. We have our backs against the wall, after being in QB purgatory for the last several years we have to 1. Get a QB and 2. Get a QB that can start day 1. As much as I love CJ as a prospect, I'm not sold on the fact that he could come in and be an impact player tomorrow while Young can. Is Young going to be the best QB in this class in year 3? I don't believe he will, but he is the best right now which is where the Panthers are at...right now. And before anyone starts saying I'm a Bryce hater, I'm not, just because I don't' think he will be the best QB in the draft 3 years from now does not mean I don't think he will be good. His ceiling is high but not as high as some of the other QB in this class, but they need time to develop as mentioned.
  10. I’ve wanted CJ from m the beginning only because of durability concerns for Young but there is no doubt, on tape or elsewhere, Young is the better QB. The best QB in this class. I completely get why we are drafting him and I will fully support him as our QB. The coaching staff is doing there job and taking the best QB, nothing more nothing less
  11. I guess anything is possible! I just hope he doesn’t win the ER sweepstakes
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