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  1. 3 Receiver set with CMC in the backfield, no team can cover what we have now.
  2. On ESPN they are thinking it is Trey Lance
  3. I’m right outside of Greensboro, in the process of selling my house right now, inspection was Thursday. Our realtor said higher priced homes are sitting a little longer when we put it in the market. If 8 days to go under contract is proof things are getting bad then there is that I guess 8 days is a long time before all this hit. On the other hand the wife and I had already purchased another house before this one went under contract, why you may ask? Well the market we are moving to prices are still steadily increasing, houses are staying on the market an average of like 30 days and sellin
  4. Actually no, Palmer has put up 10 points on a banged up D, in their house and Teddy has completed as many passes as Palmer in Carson's house and he don't have a banged up D. Tie game at half, Vikings get the ball first to begin the 3rd qtr. So far I haven't seen anything about the Cardinals that scare me. In fact I hope we get to play them so we can show the "analyst" what a complete team really looks like
  5. Hey man I was looking for th rules?to c when th draft is where can I find all that info at?

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