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  1. For college basketball I don't think it matters as much. Lets be honest, since the age of one and done the college basketball product has gone down hill. It has been proven time and again that having the best talent doesn't win championships, look at Duke this year, number 1 recruiting class and they suck. Buying a bunch on 1 and done players isn't going to change that just different teams will now prove that formula doesn't work. Football is a little different, you at least get to keep those kids a couple of years
  2. Admitting you made a mistake and learning from it. I like it, I like the process as described here and LOVE the fact that Tepper personally called Wilks to let him know vs having someone else do it.
  3. Good, now Scott knows were to make the cap saving cuts at
  4. He is stressed, his legacy is in question. If he fails at Nebraska after failing here, he knows his career is basically over. Stress is a killer, literally. I hope he succeeds as well, I hope every human being does
  5. Coincidence this comes out the day after Tepper admitted hiring Rhule was a mistake?
  6. Opinion piece of course but I could see this happening Latest CBS Sports mock draft has Panthers trading up to No. 1 in blockbuster (msn.com)
  7. Projecting Racism, if you keep screaming everything is racist because of most likelies then we never move forward with it. There was nothing racist about this, they stated from the very beginning they wanted an offensive minded coach and out of respect for a great man they kept him in the mix. Nothing more, nothing less
  8. What exactly is Wilk's grip? Did you know that there were other white coaches interviewed with better resumes then both Wilks and Reich who also didn't get the job? Wilks has nothing to grip about and you're projecting here. Wilks is a great man, not a great coach, his record proves that, the fact that no other team has reached out to him proves that. Great men doesn't necessarily make a great coach and that is all that happened here
  9. Maybe if they fire all of their coaches they won't be pre-season favorites to win the super bowl next year?! Ah hell what I am thinking, Jerry could be the GM, Coach and every other position coach and the media / fans would still have them has pre-season favorites
  10. I'm sure Jerry has something to do with that
  11. I've thought about this since the initial thread and the only thing I can come up with as the reason for keeping Burns is...the Panthers don't see a franchise QB in this class. I'm assuming that their thought was Burns was more valuable than any QB available. It's the only thing I can think of because you take that trade 10 out of 10 times if you felt you were getting your QB of the future or at least the ammo you need to try and get him.
  12. Not who I wanted either but are you just trolling with this one?
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