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  1. I like Dan; "we need guys that are going to go out there and inflict pain, we haven't had enough of that". Thats right Dan we do need some dogs, they've been missing!
  2. Don't really care either way, not the guy I wanted, not flashy, sounds like he might be good at what he does from what I've watched / read though.
  3. Not saying you are wrong but to be fair, Tepper has a long way to go before he catches up with the level of suck mentioned above. Those win % are for decades of losing. Maybe give Tepper time and we will be there but...not yet!
  4. What if the extensive search firm told him Dan was the right man for the job?
  5. I actually like this hire! Maybe it's because I was a fan when he played, maybe it's because he is just one of us that actually use to post on these very forums; just one of the guys / gals I guess you could say. He cares about Panthers' football in general and to me that means something.
  6. This, I tell my friend this all the time, if you want to call him the GOAT at talent evaluation and recruiting you might have an argument, but if you want to call him the GOAT at coaching; I have an issue with that! Lets take a recent example, a great coach would have their QB's footwork in much better shape than what we have seen with Bryce but the talent around him was so much better than anyone they played sans one time there was no need to worry about it. And he sees the writing on the wall, he has lost his touch with recruiting Alabama can't secretly pay players more than other teams anymore.
  7. I'm so confident that we are going to lay a turd I have picked every single TB player, including Mayfield, that I can in my Draft Kings lineup. To bad I had to pick one Panthers player; I went with the kicker.
  8. So, CJ and Levis both made it to the playoffs their first year? Both with no running game and subpar receivers this year? Derrick Henry avg like what? 2 yards per carry except against us? I'm trying to cut back on drinking so I'm not watching games like I use to but damn...it's bad.
  9. I have to agree with this, what I saw was receivers were actually open, 2 or 3 steps in front of their defenders and Bryce was just missing them. I want to see what some of you are seeing but he missed a lot of NFL open receivers Sunday.
  10. Slightly different in this scenario however, I think most people here are inferring that the monarch is also the court jester.
  11. I get it, there is nothing we can do about it, but I'll ask you like I have ask everyone else that has said something similar. What exactly makes you think FSU is not one of the 4 best teams? They had a better strength of record. They had a better overall winning % obviously. Head to head play (They both played LSU) FSU won by more points. They have a better ranked D, they played in the best conference, no seriously, this year when playing non conference teams (ACC was the best conference believe it or not). There is no statistical value of metric that says Alabama should have gotten in over FSU. From everything I can find...it is an opinion. I just don't get how people can say, or based on what are they saying Alabama was a better program this year than FSU to snub them. Won the last 2 game with a back up QB by more points than Alabama as well. I dunno, I don't get both sides of the argument.
  12. I dunno, I watched and really didn't get anything out of it but more confusion. It was said that you don't make a trade like they did without conviction for a player. It was then said that the Panthers believed they were going to get pick number two and at that pick they would be getting CJ. Are they admitting that the group had conviction on CJ but ended up taking Bryce as a big F.U. to the Texans?
  13. I have tried to stay out of this conversation as much as possible, but I disagree with this article, as someone who has actually watched most of the Texans games this year. The article itself says that basically this WR suck, and that is true, the reason they don't? Because they have a QB that is getting the ball out of his hands quick meaning that Collins doesn't have to sit in the zone long, he turns, and the ball is there. Stroud is also hitting his speedy receivers like Dell in stride so they can actually take advantage of their speed, Dell rarely has to slow down to catch a ball. With our guys the ball is either under thrown or thrown a mile over their heads, why do you think we don't through many go routes? Everyone knows we are doing an out route so yea, if a defense knows you can't through it more than 10 yards they can kinda sit on your receivers. Personally, I would give the panthers a nod in the talent department; no, I'm not kidding. Our defense is better, our skilled positions have tried and true vets that have been in this league and succeeded with other teams. Houston is playing with a bunch of guys no one had heard of until this year. In other words what I'm trying to say is, A good QB can make an entire team look a lot better than they actually are. Defenses can look good when they aren't on the field 3/4 of the game. Shitty receivers can be all pro when it's almost impossible for them to drop the ball due to placement, running backs have huge gaps to run through when you can pass the ball down the field more than 10 yards and more than twice a game. And it also works the other way, I don't think Devante Adams and DeAndre Hopkins suddenly suck, just to name a few.
  14. And on top of that we decide to tank in a year we don't' have a first round point to tank for. We are truly bad at everything thing football.
  15. Just wanted to say that you can try to sugar coat what is happening all you like, fact of the matter is Stroud is doing much more with much less! It seems like he is getting more time behind his o-line because the defense has to actually respect the passing game he is bringing. Don’t confuse what you are seeing!
  16. Rhule is laughing at the Panthers right now as we laugh at him
  17. Beating a dead horse here but meanwhile CJ and AR…well…
  18. @SCP have you noticed that since you have stopped making the game day threads, we have had a losing record every season? I think this team, this town, this place and BP needs you back on a more consistent basis! BTW, which way is the helmet facing
  19. So what you are saying is, because some teams and franchises suck worse than we do, we don't suck? I guess I like that attitude! But sorry, I love this team but I'm also not a blind homer, most of the time. The team has never had back to back winning seasons, sprinkled in with a winning season every 3 years on average. So yea, I guess we don't suck taking all things into consideration through our history.
  20. We sucked before Tepper, I'm starting to feel like we will suck after him as well!
  21. Thought about throwing our picanaha on today but we aren't having anyone over this weekend and most of it would just go to waste because my wife buys a damn 5 lb slab of lushousnous but boy do we love it.
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