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  1. I'm not insinuating that ALL of the new guys make the roster, I just wouldn't be surprised if more than the imagined bunch get demoted or cut.
  2. I foresee more of Rhule's roster getting churned out, some of the hang arounds from his time here might be on the outs. Different staff and scheme, different mentality in terms of roster building. I wouldn't be shocked to see even some of the ST guys get churned out in favor for players who have more of a chance to make an impact on the field as well. I wouldn't even put it past players like Viska/Henderson to get traded away or cut .
  3. If this staff actually uses personnel correctly not only did we sin Cam Peoples we also have Spencer Brown who can get us a yard if needed. The issue with this post is that we have been spoiled in the past by having the QB assume that role as the short yardage back. So now we assume any qb we get SHOULD be able to get that short yardage/RZ yardage. I'm sure tossing BY into a rugby scrum isn't their resolution to the problem. It's early, let it marinate.
  4. This forum, Twitter, B/R.. Literally anywhere fans can drum up conversation about the panthers has been borderline unbearable lately. 11 Days and a Wake up. Cant come soon enough.
  5. Both Michigan games he was under a lot of pressure. Especially 21’s version of the game. It seems like against GOOD pass rush he does just fine but against teams that shouldn’t get near him is where it gets weird. I’m about as concerned about that as I am about Bryce’s measurables. If a clean line can ‘prevent Bryce from getting injured’ CJ will be just fine. Win/win situation.
  6. I agree. That’s why I think if it was really just a color change and minor tweaks we would have known by now.
  7. From Andrew Lind (the person who wrote the article for SportsLogos.net)
  8. I agree with what someone else said here, Cards may have been on an accelerated urgency to get something positive out there.
  9. I honestly don't think it will get that treatment. I'd wager its gonna be stripes still.
  10. The random twitter creations are just that, random tbh. I don’t think they coorelate to any actual design more so than people just expressing their creativity.
  11. Thielen working out in an unbranded and decal barren silver lid. Would think even in the offseason they have fully donned helmets, especially with OTA's right around the bend. *Hmmmm* (I know this isn't at our facility, but he probably got the helmet from them.)
  12. If he gets released, his next stop is likely a 1 year deal until FA next offseason. He already would have gotten paid by AZ. Use this next year on a 1y/7-10M deal to pad the pockets and stats and hit the market next offseason.
  13. The media/PR people have nothing but time on their hands to tweak and refresh the look on the website. IDK if it has any actual effect on anything more than the website/media stuff.
  14. I've seen this edit every year for about 10 years lol
  15. I think fans bullied him (Patty) into training a different voice. Last couple interviews I watched with him his voice seemed deeper and less nasally.
  16. Defense laid an egg, poor coaching decisions down the stretch playing super conservative when your defense isn't matching the offenses energy.
  17. He has a higher rate of first read throws.. because they are open, Yes. Does he ONLY look for his first read.. no. This myth has been debunked already lol. His protection was less than elite this season as well.. It's totally alright to prop up or even defend other prospects without dragging down another lol
  18. Lowkey one of my favorite players as a kid, absolute favorite to use in old NBA games.
  19. He doesn't even do this often enough for it to be a point of emphasis lmao Why does every comment about AR come back to point out some over inflated problem with CJ?
  20. I'm pretty sure its just the typeface they use for the current 'CAROLINA PANTHERS' wordmark. Edit: Seems they transitioned from the faux claw marks with this rendition of the type face. The serifs are the same as the wordmark though. Good catch.
  21. You rolled dice to get here, might as well.. we've already doubled down essentially to move up.
  22. I watch every game of OSU and have for years. This year the OL looked decent in the beginning but wasn't great overall, a lot of pressure even against teams you wouldn't expect. No push in the run game apart from a couple (I would call them) Over achieving efforts. His protection wasn't amazing, it also wasn't Kentucky bad. Too much trust in them to keep you clean is how it looked live. It is what it is though, I've seen him face pressure and still turn out good performances so it's not a big flag for me.
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