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  1. And this is exactly why I don't have any interest in trying to trade for Watson, if Wilson got this, Watson is even more. And we're not a QB away from competing for a SB like the Broncos are, especially if we have to give away multiple years worth of firsts and seconds, as well as a couple starters. Would love to have a QB of his caliber, but not for what the cost will be, would be the same situation we had with Cam for years, great QB, but no OL or weapons around him because of lack of draft picks and cap room. Hard pass
  2. But what you're doing here is trying to quickly fix those past mistakes, by reaching with our picks, and that's an even worse way to manage a franchise. If we trade CMC for a 1st rounder and use that plus our own to draft a QB and OT, we're doing it COMPLETELY wrong. As if we do that, we'd be taking a QB with the first pick and a OT with the second, as there isn't going to be a worthwhile QB to take at the back end of the first, that would be a total waste on giving up CMC. And if we take Pickett/Willis with the first pick, we're taking a significant risk there by reaching for them, and then still end up with a much worse OT in the back end of the first compared to what we'd get at #6. The right way to do it is to draft an OT at #6, keep CMC, make smart signings this spring, and go into next year realizing that the following offseason is when we go all in for the QB. At that point we'll have franchise tackles on both sides of the line, DJ and CMC as elite weapons with Chinn, Horn, Burns on defense. We'll have another top 15 draft pick next year, plus have our mid round picks that year, and we can package up our first, second, and future 1/2's as needed to either trade up in the draft for a QB or to trade for a veteran QB out there.
  3. So you're just going to ignore the fact that I've said in multiple posts that I think he should and will be shifted to being more of a Slot WR than a RB, and that the last half of those 7-8 years as a full time Slot WR? I'm not stupid, of course he doesn't have 7-8 years left if we hand it off to him 25 times a game, but if we're smart and only give him around 10 carries a game, but give him 10-15 targets a game with half lined up in the slot and the other half coming out of the backfield in a route, then yes, 7-8 years is more than reasonable for him to be a game changer. Think of him as a Wes Welker or Julian Edelman, both played into their 30's at a high level as that slot WR who just runs their routes better than a defender can cover them, basically the definition of what CMC does. And with how CMC takes care of his body, I think you eliminate 10-15 hard hits per game from him pounding the rock, then yes, he should be good to play that 7-8 more years in THAT role, NOT as a full time RB getting 20+ carries a game.
  4. Your point? This is football, not basketball, unless you're a superstar QB, no matter how good one individual player is, it can't overcome 21 other starters who aren't good enough and/or coaches who aren't good enough. And hell, even if you are a great QB, sometimes that alone can't do it, just look at who just won the Super Bowl, Stafford had what, 2 or 3 winning seasons in his whole career in Detroit? If someone wants to argue his injury history, sure, that's fair and a legitimate consideration. But pointing to the team's wins is just stupid, the guy had 1,000 and 1,000 with 19 TDs, something only 2 other players had ever done, and we still only had 5 wins, are you trying to say he wasn't the best weapon in the game that year despite us having just 5 wins? I understand that this staff has completely screwed up his usage and it's lead to injuries, and nothing says they've figured out how to correct that yet, but I want to give it one more year to see if they can do so before we move on from someone like CMC for a late round pick and a marginal player. Yes, he isn't getting younger and his health is a concern, but if they finally realize to utilize him more as a slot WR than an RB, they'll keep him healthier and he can play at a high level for a long time, particularly when he eventually becomes a full-time WR in his early 30's. Yes, getting a 1st rounder and a solid player while getting rid of that contract, IN A BUBBLE, is a decent move, but giving up a generational talent to do so is too much for my liking. No, we're not about to compete for a championship right now, but CMC hasn't even turned 26 yet, if we shift how we use him, there is no reason he can't have another 7-8 more years of being an elite player (the last half of that as a pure slot WR). We're not talking about an elite DE or something, I'd be MUCH more open to moving Burns, and I really don't want to do that either, as he's much more replaceable with someone who can do similar things. But CMC is a unicorn amongst unicorns, there hasn't been anyone like him in the NFL since Marshall Faulk (who hasn't played in 16 years), and even then, CMC is a better receiver than he was. People are talking about getting the Bills 25th pick plus a player... go look at last years draft, sure, Najee went 24, but nobody else in that range was a real impact player last year, are those really the type of guys you want in return for a 26 year old CMC just to dump his contract?!?!?!
  5. Seriously? You guys want to trade away the best weapon in the game for a late 1st and a 3rd? GTFO with that, short of a Top 15 selection plus more, I'm not even picking up the phone, and even then, that more better be a hell of a lot better than a 3rd. I don't care about the contract or the injury issues, as I fully expect them to shift him into more of a slot WR who also carries it 10 times a game instead of someone who lines up in the backfield 30+ times a game. It will extend his career by keeping him healthy while taking advantage of his unique skillset.
  6. Left FREAKING Tackle nothing else is acceptable, love Horn’s future but it should have been Slater last year.
  7. Kamara and Ruggs both in Vegas jails... Paul Crewe has got a solid start to his new squad
  8. I'm torn on Flores He's clearly a good coach, he had back to back winning seasons with the Dolphins. However, he got fired because he couldn't get along with his QB or GM. That to me is a bit of a red flag, if you have a good thing going and you're willing to get rid of the coach because of those issues, they must have been pretty bad. Sure, maybe the GM is at fault there, but Too seems like a good guy, I doubt the issues between them were on his end.
  9. I don't care the cost, we HAVE to keep Gilmore, no matter what, even if it means losing a young good player or missing out on a good FA because the money went to Gilmore. Horn has all-pro potential and the two are already friends and have known each other for years with them both being Gamecocks. Even if it's a one year deal for stupid money, keeping Gilmore to mentor Horn on the field and not just in the film room as he's likely done this year is what is best for Horn's long term future. If we want to maximize his potential, you do it by keeping a friend of his who just so happens to be one of the best CB's the league has seen in the past couple decades so he can mentor him. It might cost us other players, and thus cost us wins in 2022, but I don't care, it will pay off in the future when Horn is a consistent All Pro corner.
  10. If Tepper is smart.... either the Monday morning after week 16 or not at all. At this point, we're obviously bringing him back next year, which means he either completely turns it around and thus won't be fired... but if he doesn't... I see ZERO value in firing him at any point until the Monday morning after Week 16, and here's why....... If he's getting fired next year, it's because we had a terrible year and will be in line for a top draft pick. For whatever reason, when a HC gets fired, it usually rallies a team together, especially since the interim HC usually isn't one of the DC or OC, but another coach on the staff who is well liked by the players and so the players tend to care a little more in those first few weeks to play hard for the coach they like. So if we're having a bad enough season to where he's getting fired, I don't want them to do it mid-season where we could rally around the interim coach, win a handful of games, and thus hurt our draft position late in the season. And with the new rules about being able to interview other team's coaches during the last 2 weeks of the regular season, doing it the Monday after Week 16 lets them start interviewing coaches immediately and limits the number of games the team might rally together and pick up some wins to hurt draft positioning.
  11. Burns, Chinn, and Horn, not trading them at all and wouldn't even consider it, particularly with Chinn and Horn due to their rookie deals
  12. The 5th, 6th, and 10th worst teams in the league last year made the playoffs this year I don't think this roster is all that far off from competing for a playoff spot, I'm not a Darnold fan at this point, I don't think he's the type who can lead us to the SB. But if you upgrade the OL, particularly with the 6th pick, and CMC can stay healthy, I do think this is a roster that is built to compete for a wild card spot. Now, can Rhule coach that team to get there? I think that's the bigger question, but I don't think it's all that crazy to think this could be a playoff team next year. Don't forget, we basically will have two first round draft picks this year in a sense too, as getting Horn back is basically like adding a second first rounder to the squad.
  13. Am I the only person who actually likes bringing PJ back? I actually think he is the exact type of player we want as our 3rd/practice squad QB. He never should dress or step onto the field unless it's a real emergency situation, but I think his skill set is kinda exactly what you want from a scout team QB with how many running QBs are out there in the NFL right now. We want someone like him for the defense to prepare each week against. Sure, we might be able to find someone better to play that role, but I'm sure he was signed to a minimum contract and could just get cut in Camp. But I think he's just fine to have on the 90 man squad on a minimum contract for Camp and possible practice squad during the season. I highly doubt the intent is to have him be the backup next year, he's a camp body and/or practice squad
  14. Oh I think it's a terrible idea to have him as just the straight up backup QB for this reason. But I think Sam is smart enough to realize what Cam could do to help this team in the way I've laid out here to where it wouldn't concern him as Cam wouldn't just be the backup ready to go out there, he'd have an entirely different role
  15. Please god no, last thing I want is a Watson trade. Sure, I'd love for him to be our QB, him and CMC would be a dangerous combo in the backfield. But the cost is just FAR too high, it would cost us our first rounder this year and likely the next 2 years, and still possibly more on top. We need to use that first rounder on an OT this year, and without our 2nd or 3rd rounders this year, I'm not on board for giving up 3 first rounders for a QB on a huge contract, hard pass.
  16. See, I don't think that would be the case in this situation. If he's here to be on the field for 20 snaps a game in a variety of positions, I don't think a Darnold INT will have people clamoring for Cam to be the starter again, particularly if it's working out with Cam in this role. I think we all know Cam, at this point, just isn't an elite starting QB that can carry a team to the SB, I love the guy, but he's not that anymore. Which is why I think he'd do really well in this position, give him 20 snaps a game, with probably 15 of them lined up at a position other than QB, 5 he's a decoy, 5 times he throws it, 10 times he runs it. He'll be very successful in that role, so much so that I don't think people would be yelling for him to become the QB if Darnold throws a pick.
  17. I think that's why you sell him on this idea, pitch it as a 1 year deal to be our backup QB if Darnold gets hurt, but when healthy, Cam still gets 20 snaps a game. Worst case scenario for him, he proves his value as this do-everything player and a contender signs him to do that for them next year for a ton of money. You pitch him on what this offense could be, particularly if CMC stays healthy and we draft an elite LT, as those two things change EVERYTHING. I think we'll have a very good defense next year, we'll get Horn back, and I think a big reason for the fall off in the second half of the season was less about the defense as much as the offense just being terrible and putting the defense in bad situations and being on the field for too much time. We've seen how effective that can be with Hill, except Cam is bigger, stronger, a better runner, and a better passer, I think it would be perfect.
  18. As a gadget player getting 15-20 snaps a game (think Taysom Hill)... honestly at this point, that's where he can do the most damage in the league, how do you stop someone with his size and athleticism who could always pull up and pass it at any moment? Draft a LT with the 6th pick, spend money in FA on some guards and/or a center, and bring back Gilmore to be a mentor for Horn. Use CMC in a Deebo type of role, give him maybe 10 carries a game, but have him mostly lined up in the slot. Just imagine rolling out there with DJ out wide to the left, Robby out wide to the right, CMC lined up in the slot to the left, with Cam and Hubbard in the backfield with Cam on the side of the field as CMC. You motion Hubbard out of the backfield and line him up behind CMC and pitch the ball out wide to Cam to now have the ball in space. You have two of the better route runners in the league in DJ and CMC out there running two routes, CMC short and DJ mid range and you have Robby running a go route on the far side of the field, with Hubbard now acting as a lead blocker in front of Cam (or maybe this should be Tommy). How do you defend that situation? Cam could run the ball with 3 blockers out in front of him and in space, but you also have to respect DJ and CMC out there as he could easily throw to one of them for an easy 10-15 yard gain, and if Robby beats his man, Cam has the arm to get it to him deep. It really is a lose-lose situation for the defense there, you have to pick your poison, but if Cam makes smart decisions, I don't see how that can be beat over the course of a full game if designed and executed properly. The NFL is starting to act like the NBA where there are position-less players, you put Cam, CMC, and DJ out there on the field at once with Cam as a utility player and not a straight QB, I think defenses will struggle immensely to defend that.
  19. To be fair, I think Rhule might be right on this one at the moment, and it has nothing to do with Brady He's not an elite sure fire LT, he could be a pretty good one, but he's not that... and with our draft pick, we very well could get that, and I'd much rather have that type of guy than Brady out there if we have the choice. So take an elite LT with our first rounder, move Brady inside to RG, sign a Center or draft one with a mid round pick, and give Deonte a shot at LG next year. The problem is this is also why Rhule is an idiot... because had he been playing Brady out there for the last couple of months, we might know if he was good enough to at least be an above average starter and we could have used the draft pick to address one of our many other needs. But since we just won't know before the draft and we have a chance to get an impact LT from day 1, you can't pass that up.
  20. I'll be very interested to see what, if anything, comes out further about this report right here. If he just up and quit on his team in the middle of a game, in that way, he's done, 100%, no team will ever give him a chance again. But if Arians literally said something to him about him being cut while still on the sidelines, then that changes everything. To be honest, I'm a bit of a hothead myself, and if I was in that situation and I felt I wasn't healthy enough to properly play and my coach then cut me on the sideline, odds are I might have done exactly what he did there. And if more comes out to support that story, I could very well see a WR needy team like KC or GB signing him to their practice squad before the playoffs and seeing if they think they can get him to keep his act together for a month for a SB run. But if not, and he really just quit on them, he officially retired yesterday.
  21. I have DJ on my fantasy team in the playoffs with a roster currently decimated by injuries and COVID. So yes, I absolutely care about him playing and having a good fantasy stat game lol
  22. I've said it a million freaking times........ MOVE HIM TO WR!!!!!!!!!!!! He can still carry the ball at times, like a Deebo or Cordarelle this year, or used like Curtis for us last year. Get him 8-10 carries a game, 8-10 receptions a game, and he'll still be a game changer but will avoid the beating and prolong his career. 100% chance he ends his career as a WR anyways, might as well make the move sooner than later as by then he'll be doing this for some other team and we'll look like the idiots
  23. Actually pretty cool that the Washington game falls this month and we can do this when Rivera is in town given how close he's always been to the military due to his father.
  24. Because realistically, Fox doesn't care about having a cool experience for Panthers fans to watch. They put Olsen on their #2 game that about 75% of the country will see. It would have been cool for us to get to watch/listen to, and I'm sure Olsen would have enjoyed calling that game, but I'm sure he's not mad that they're already using him as their #2 color guy.
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