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  1. Colorado seriously lacks talent on defense. No pass rushers and their secondary is god awful. Hunter/Sanders the only legit players on that defense.
  2. lmao that punter is a idiot. He was asking for a blocked punt.
  3. Colorado Oline so undersized that the lineman have to wear neck rolls to make themselves look bigger. #78 looks more like a basketball player in pads than a actual Olineman.
  4. No please stay and watch Caleb I need you to understand he's not just hype. You the only person in the country questioning him on the next level.
  5. Im just glad the East Coast gets to see this kid play. He's hard to watch because most of his games are so late on the EC.
  6. You keep talking about him holding the ball. Most QB's hold the ball long when they have a good Oline. What you want him to throw the ball 2 seconds after he gets the snap?
  7. The announcer said it during the game he's much more advanced as a passer than Mahomes at Texas Tech. He's sick!
  8. Man I hate we traded up for Bryce. We should have kept our picks and tanked for Caleb. Tepper had to get his son Bryce.
  9. Side arm throw makes it look easy lmao
  10. Apparently, the entire country is fooled by the hype...
  11. Mahomes like throw while in college. Sheesh!
  12. What a throw! Caleb Williams is the TRUTH!
  13. That Feely kid is nothing like his dad.lol
  14. Most college football coaches are dirty. Why is Deion the only coach being called out for his past?
  15. Just realized Colorado is missing their 2 best defensive players in Hunter and Sanders. Yikes!
  16. Not really if you understand who Deion Sanders is. It's like when we had Cam. Panthers never got Nat'l attention until Cam came along. Deion attracts attention. If you accept him for who he is then this hype wouldn't bother you so much.
  17. You might be the only person in the country questioning Caleb Williams. Meanwhile you praise Maye every chance you get and he's a turnover machine.
  18. Good luck with that. They will be talked about as long as he's coaching. Prime is a brand in itself. And these celebrities showing up to these games aren't helping quiet down the noise.
  19. Colorado has he worst defense in the country. That was easy.
  20. By the best QB in college football I might add.
  21. Did this dude just walk out with Charlotte rapper Da Baby?
  22. Colorado is the most intriguing matchup. At least from the viewers standpoint. They already have 4 of the 7 most watched games of the season. Win or Lose Colorado will still be the main attraction.
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