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  1. Brady talks the world listens. Peasants get in line and worship the legend.
  2. No they didn't. GOAT's make their own rules. There is a standard Brady/Manning are the golden boys. Everybody else falls in line. Same reason LeBron James got his son drafted when he's not a NBA level player. GOAT's eat first!
  3. Did you even click on the link bro? He was invited, but Cam never responded to his DM's, so he stopped having contact with him over the years. Why would you think his wife wouldn't want Cam around?
  4. I own my house and I'm debt free. I'm already rich in my mind. That's the American dream right?
  5. Rich don't make you cool either. People with power can be evil just because of the power they have over people. This is in everyday life. If you worked you should know supervisors and managers try to act like they are boss and tell you what to do in the workplace. If you have power over people you tend to do what you want. So glad I work for myself and make my own schedule. No more stressing about work when you're your own boss.
  6. I had a weird dream last night about the Panthers trading 2 future 1st Rd picks for Ceedee Lamb and making him the highest paid WR in football. So glad that was just a nightmare.
  7. Who mentioned anything about money? I said they are bad people. When you have that kind of power you tend to be a jerk. It's common that most rich people think they are above everyone else. It's why these owners always get caught up in some scandal. There are more than we know about trust me. Some pay off people to keep quiet. Hell we already dealt with it with JR. My issue is not with their wealth. My issue is what that wealth brings which can be some evil tendencies...
  8. Are you saying Miles Bridges is a better player than Brandon Ingram? Ingram was a all-star just a few years ago and pretty much is better at everything other than athleticism.
  9. We are all peasants to them so who cares. Tepper literally talks crazy to fans and throws drinks on them. These rich powerful dudes are pure evil. They just want our money nothing more.
  10. Amico says we are interested in Brandon Ingram. If we can upgrade from Bridges to Ingram that would be nice. He's from NC as well.
  11. Today many people will lose a hand or fingers. Be smart people.
  12. Yeah I'm only speaking for me. CMC was great no doubt. I just didn't like the way he was milking injuries when we started losing. That's my only issue with CMC. We win together we lose together. Cam was all in. Dude played injured for most of his career.
  13. Yeah I can blame him. You get paid to play football. Milking injuries because we suck is a loser mindset. If you quit on your teammates I can never respect that. The guy has been a workhorse the moment he left Carolina. No I'm not a fan of CMC. *Btw I have a CMC Stanford jersey collecting dust in my closet. Anybody want it can DM me it's xl. I will gladly give it away for free. First come first serve!
  14. This comment hit different. Dude was not all in his time here.
  15. No different than the Cowboys getting attention. ESPN only focuses on big name teams. If you looking for Hornets/Panthers news on ESPN that ain't the network to watch. I just watch podcast that covers our local teams at this point.
  16. You sound like those Lebron haters on social media. He's only one of the best players to ever play the game. He's been having his way for years now. The guy literally made the Lakers hire his podcast buddy JJ Redick to be his HC. Lebron has power in the NBA it's just a fact.
  17. Basically this. Weak draft, they took one of the guys who had the highest potential. Might work out might not. Weak draft who cares.
  18. There is no star in this draft. People keep forgetting this was one of the weaker drafts in quite some time. This kid has decent size and athleticism, and he can shoot the 3. I can see him developing into a 3&D stretch pf. I had him as a trade back option. We obviously liked him enough to draft at #6. Hope he works out. The real draft is next season. Let Miles walk so we can tank.
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