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  1. I'm looking at plays throughout the NFL...and it's the plays. the routes are not run like they were design to, what I mean is Frank's little wrinkles are f*cking up the design of plays(think on Madden hot routes), no matter the call.
  2. our offense suck of the plays period. AND I MEAN ALL THE PLAYS...TRASH THAT SHYT
  3. Young to Smith-Marsette for TD. calling it now
  4. why u don't u go to the Texans thread with that sh..
  5. Smith-Marsette said HEY GUYS I'm can play WR too.
  6. Don't ask me how I know but I know we will win this next game
  7. he's a better fit at FS to be honest. Im not a big Sam Franklin fan, so I would just move Jackson to FS, and put Hill(our best CB so far) in his spot.
  8. Mediocrity With that way of thinking, there would be no Carolina Panthers to begin with... cause America wouldn't exist we still be under England's rule...smh N I was a Steelers fan before Carolina became a team because we(Carolina didn't have a team)...so I know the culture all too well...n maybe that's just it, if u were a Steelers fan before we inherit this team then you used to a winning franchise... like our owner should be. N no I'm not going back as a fan I'm jus saying the owner, f..it the PLAYERS NEED TO SEE WE FED UP WITH THEIR WORK, spare the rod spoil the child
  9. Wilks going be holding up the Lombardi thanking Tepper...smh
  10. I say boycott the stadium until we have a winning record that'll send a clear message to Tepper
  11. A lot of Dalton success came from changing the plays(audibles). As a vet he doesn't have the " coach is always right mentality " so he can do what the f... he feels. Young has that pressure of being a people pleaser and he'll hate to start his career off with saying his coach doesn't have any idea what to do on offense. We moved the ball better in the preseason when Brown took over play calling. Even Pete Carroll 70 yrs old a** is running up n down the field... showing energy...I can't remember the last coach running like that on our sidelines since Fox really...Cam provide that energy during Rons days but that spark is missing. Who's identity is being used to fuel this offense...I say it's time to go chocolate and f... this vanilla shyt
  12. Let’s be honest he wouldn’t have the same effect here…it’s not our QB fault we went with a PR move type. Coach because Tepper didn’t want Wilks. the discipline he brought went with him, he made people accountable
  13. And with Mingo out those plays should go to smith marsette…
  14. true story...i like Dalton coming out the draft, actually wanted him to backup Cam but we had DA... Dalton 3-1 over Carroll Defense
  15. so no one noticed after this post, Dalton is now the starting QB for the game, smh.
  16. I see some of yall taken our fg's for granted smh
  17. you didn't notice the shouting back and forth from the sidelines, I think at one point Young said f*** it and just walked over there
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