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  1. Id get it if he said he was done watching NFL lol. But the switch to another team that makes you happy makes it weird. Like do you just bounce from team to team each year based on if they are winning? You arent going to be happy while losing
  2. To be clear: 1. You are basing this off of a game you didn't watch. You looked at the box score. 2. You are basing this off of one game and somehow have the ability to determine who is good or isn't despite the fact you still think Bryce isn't part of the problem. 3. Who is backtracking? There's three replies to you and nobody backtracked. 4. You couldn't provide any quotes. 5. You have had way too much to drink today. Log off.
  3. For sure. I think the Bears look to find a team that wants a QB and makes a trade back and adds to the WR room, Oline or dline with the pick. Snags a second with theirs and if they are bad again next year they look to replace the QB.
  4. This is the literal definition of a bandwagon rider lol .
  5. Pull the quotes where people were saying he would thrive here. I recall people saying he would look better than Bryce.
  6. Restart worked for Wilson. Sit Bryce for a week or two at this point.
  7. At this point I think they trade it. Are folks not concerned about Male and Williams also being guys who hold onto the ball too long?
  8. He's just super hurt right now and looking to lash out.
  9. What an awful response lol. Why would anyone need to cope for the rookie who is playing like an all pro on the season compared to whatever the heck Bryce is putting forth each week? The person coping here is you.
  10. Fields and Moore look pretty good. I wonder what that combo plus CMC would have looked like.
  11. I couldn’t catch the end because our game came on but that was a good matchup between two solid 6-5 teams
  12. He’s having a rookie year Luck season. Team fighting for a playoff spot with a rookie head coach and rookie QB.
  13. Yes. Did we not question his play when we won but only scored 15 points? Do they not question Desmond Ridder? So they not question Kenny Pickett? edit: I’ll add Kirk has been questioned his whole career WHILE WINNING.
  14. And it killed ratings. I don’t think the CFB committee wanted that if they made it FSU vs Michigan in round 1
  15. Winning and losing isn’t a QB stat. Our highest scoring game this year was with Dalton when he didn’t even get all the first team reps that week.
  16. I did no such thing. I listed their 40 times. You’re just looking for an argument and did a type of comment that contributes nothing to the huddle.
  17. Who said it was? You forgot to switch to your other account I was replying to.
  18. If FSU wants to complain then win your bowl game. If they do they have an argument and can claim they were the best. If they lose then they shut up.
  19. Or he’s also a stud. What was Tank Dells 40 time? Collins ran a 4.40 at his pro day, if that counts. Dell ran 4.49 at the combine. Brown ran a 4.56 at the combine. Schultz ran a 4.75 at the combine.
  20. I think multiple things can be true. Stroud should have been the pick. He’s a better NFL QB. Bryce isn’t THE problem on offense. Bryce is absolutely one of the problems with the offense. Fitterer has been absolutely trash in the draft so why do we feel like the guy who assembled one of the worst rosters in the NFL got the Bryce pick right?
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