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  1. Huh? I said I was speculating. I don’t know why I would be hurt over his firing.
  2. Can’t be out on the kid during year 1. Plenty of rookies struggle early and then get better. Wrong pick but he’s still got plenty of potential. Hopefully the new play calling just completely removes the shackles from this offense and at least lets him throw downfield even if it doesn’t work. No more dink and dunk.
  3. If the team was playing better the fan base would be more positive. Sucks we are in this situation.
  4. Maybe these two were adamant Stroud supporters and felt the team forced Bryce onto Frank so with him gone there was no reason to stay?
  5. If the GM gets replaced too then no he’s not safe.
  6. Nobody would have even of asked him if it weren’t for Frank.
  7. But it was designed for him to be 4 yards behind the line of scrimmage per him and that’s where he was. He was where the play was drawn up. The play was audibled to , to defeat cover 0, and the Titans were not playing cover 0. We got outsmarted.
  8. I have been high on him since last year despite some of the numbers. He just has it in his arm, can make all the throws.
  9. If available in the 3rd, draft Ewers. If available in the 5th, draft Rattler. I think Ewers goes pro because he is going to receive a first or second round grade, his arm talent is pretty ridiculous and the school is likely going to help lead him to greener pastures with two stud younger players on the bench waiting to play and one of which is Arch Manning. The last thing they want is for him to transfer out due to playing time two years in. So Ewers may feel the need to transfer and then it's a crapshoot. His family will likely tell him he would be better off going a second round guy anyway to go to a potentially better team, the expectation for him won't be as high as a first rounder and the contract is over sooner so he can hit his second contract faster. And then we just have to hope he slips a little.
  10. I’m just in the I’ll believe it when I see it camp. Too often we look at who could be available during the season and before FA hits a chunk of those guys come off the board raising the prices for the others. We haven’t even been able to retain Burns or Luvu yet. We just brought in AT, Chark, Hurst and Sanders this year… we really feel comfortable with this front office assessing who we should pay in this years group?
  11. It’s not impossible it’s just highly unlikely we get one of these guys. And it’s basically impossible for us to get two of these guys while also needing to improve the line. I’m not stuck on Higgins and I don’t think I even mentioned him. Nothing in our franchises history indicates we will pull one of these guys unless we get a new GM.
  12. Cinci has more 2025 cap space than us. Why would a WR choose Young over Burrow?
  13. The Carolina Panthers have 40 million in cap space. Brian Burns doesn’t count against the cap next year as of right now. So whatever we pay him, factor that in and reduce the cap from there. Let’s say we luck out and he only hits the cap for 10 million. Now we are down to 30 million in space. What guys are we getting with 30 million in space? We also need to add like 14 more players on top of Burns to fill out the 55 man roster.
  14. I thought so. If Bryce produced 4 game winning drives folks here would ease up on him.
  15. If that says 4 game winning drives then I disagree. Folks here went nuts over one win when we scored just 15 points and they thought the narrative around Bryce was changing.
  16. That’s what they do, or get equal value. It’s why Foreman left and who can blame him?
  17. To be fair I was talking about, specifically, free agents. We are missing picks to offer up more picks for a great WR. So we have to go the FA route. And most top end WRs DONT hit the free agent market. He then asked you after your comment who hit the free agent market and you listed OBJ who is perpetually injured, Hopkins who is 22nd in receiving yards as of now and Meyer who is 33 in receiving yards. Higgins is younger and more productive than both of the last few seasons. He’s going to get a nice contract. And when they do they choose to not come here. You listed a bunch of guys that for the most part never hit the open market to allow for a bid war. Again, there are like 10 teams with more cap space than us that could use him and every single one of those teams looks more complete than us and has a better record than us and has more first round draft picks than us this upcoming draft. The appeal here would have to be a massive overpay at the risk that his head coach is going to get fired, his OC is going to get fired, and the guy throwing him the ball might be a bust. You’d have to offer a contract that takes care of him for longer than need be, for more money than need be to lure him from those other teams. And we still have to sign Burns and extend Brown. Eating into the cap.
  18. I think right now they are leaning towards a new offensive coordinator this offseason, honestly. Not that it would matter in the grand scheme of things but they have to know their conservative play calling late in games has cost them two wins, one against the Lions and one against the Broncos. 5-6 is a game back from the playoffs. Get that fixed and add two more elite pieces of talent to the team in the first round of the draft could look pretty juicy.
  19. This. First, their teams must not find a way to not extend them. Second, they must not get Franchise Tagged by their team. Third, then we can negotiate with them. We have middle of the pack cap space... we can't just throw a bag at two guys on offense to get instant upgrades. Fourth, even if we do WANT to throw them an overpay they still have to want to come here. They can likely field a competitive offer elsewhere. Fifth, if we fire our coach why are they going to want to sign here with a brand new head coach and a second year QB who hasn't flashed much in year 1? Like theres a lot of things at play here that likely signal us not getting a top WR from this class.
  20. I think they still would have done what they did. They have so many pieces to get to be really competitive and trading away the pick for picks plus a stud WR is pretty sound. There’s no rumors they trade away the pick we are giving them and rolling with Fields for one more year before picking a QB again.
  21. And sadly that would be the most passing touchdowns by a QB in this offense since Prime Cam.
  22. Disagree. It still gets undercut by the DB. Pick.
  23. Reminder: We first had a deal to move up to 2 and the Texans to 1 and the Texans were like… you know what? We’re good.
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