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  1. $5m max makes me think his salary is probably around the vet min ($1.125m) and incentives to get it up to $5m tied to production.
  2. Ridley put up worse numbers than DJ Moore last season with a better QB/offensive structure around him and got $50m guaranteed (when DJ signed his deal it was $62m with $41m guaranteed). Not to mention he missed an entire season. Can't believe we traded DJ away ugh.
  3. I think you might as well hang onto Sanders for this season and see what he can do if healthy behind this revamped line and scheme (Reich/Brown's offensive scheme was awful) given his $4m base salary for 2024 is guaranteed. If he sucks again, we can cut him after the season and only take on ~$3m in dead cap.
  4. Queen to the Steelers - so much for that
  5. If we land Queen (former DRotY and 3 years younger than Luvu), no one will care about losing Luvu. Burns was a sunk cost, knew he was gone at this stage. Bell and YGM are JAGs.
  6. Rumors are Henry to the Ravens is a done deal
  7. Basically a 2-year deal at $13.5m per with zero dead cap hit if we want to get out after that. Good business, solid signing.
  8. They're not going to bench the 6th overall pick going into his 3rd year. They're putting Icky next to a strong interior and are going to see if last season's stinker of a season was due to a bad scheme and a revolving door interior. If he sinks this season, they'll replace him as a starter. But he's going into the 2024 season as the starter at LT.
  9. $27m per for Wilkins, that Brown contract is going to be eye opening edit: I don't think the Panthers are going to be able to afford both Brown and Burns. Think one is gone.
  10. Mike Brown was gonna let Carson Palmer rot on his couch unless he got exactly what he wanted in a trade. I don't think Higgins is going anywhere - his best hope is that another team does him/his agent a solid and negotiates a deal that Cincy will then match.
  11. I mean I would say DJ Moore was a hit. Then we decided to trade our only proven WR in a trade up for a young QB instead of trading Burns. That was dumb.
  12. I think 5 years, $27m per is fair value, if not a slight overpay. Burns can negotiate with other teams under this tag, so let's see what the rest of the league is willing to pay him...
  13. I was responding to the rankings of players drafted with Tepper as an owner. With Fitt as GM, yeah, it's looking pretty terribad.
  14. Went back and...YIKES 1. Derrick Brown - far and away best player drafted under the Tepper regime MASSIVE GAP 2. Jaycee Horn? Elite flashes when healthy but that's only like 30% of the time 3. ...Chubba Hubbard? Brady Christensen?
  15. Yeah, I try to be optimistic, and I hope Bryce looks better with the new coaching staff, but woof. We could've just re-signed Darnold or started Dalton as a bridge QB, drafted Carter/Darnell Wright/Peter Skoronski with the 9th pick, kept DJ and probably get one of Williams/Maye/Daniels this year. Regardless of how this draft pans out (with the exception of Bryce becoming a superstar), the opportunity cost was massive and tracking to being an absolute disaster.
  16. We tried the homegrown route with WRs many times and the only real one we hit on since Smitty we traded away. Look at all the WR busts or nonfactors we've drafted in the first 3 rounds since we hit on Smitty (leaving out Mingo because it's too early to tell but early returns were pretty meh): Terrace Marshall (2nd round) Curtis Samuel (2nd round) Devin Funchess (2nd round) Kelvin Benjamin (1st round) Brandon LaFell (3rd round) Armanti Edwards (3rd round) Dwyane Jarrett (2nd round) Keary Colbert (2nd round)
  17. I think you have to pick it up. If he finally stays healthy and plays to his level, you'll be looking at a franchise tag/contract extension at a much higher number.
  18. I mean while I'd love a Mahomes-level talent at QB, let's not forget that if potentially any one of Greenlaw tearing his Achilles running on to the field, Moody getting an XP blocked, a punt hitting a 49er in the leg, the Chiefs recovering 5 (!) of their 6 (!!!) fumbles in the game go the other way, you could've easily seen Brock Purdy SB winning QB. The 49ers were extremely unlucky last night and still arguably should've won the game.
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