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  1. Most of the people I know were for Richardson or Stroud early on. It seemed Bryce picked up a lot of steam after Alabama’s Proday. Like all the Mocks in the Media seemed to switch to him as an almost consensus #1. I couldn’t really understand it. I always favored Stroud- but I knew it would be Bryce after we traded to #1. I like appreciate Bryce’s effort and hope he can grow into a decent player for us- Im skeptical about him ever living up to what we expect of a player we took so high and gave up so much to get though.
  2. Did anyone start a post with a poll predraft about who they’d pick after we traded for the #1 overall pick? If so I wonder how huddlers in this forum chose? Was it like 90% Stroud? Or was it tilted towards Bryce or Richardson? Anyone know or remember? I wasn’t posting back then, but it seems like a thread that someone would have created.
  3. IMO it’s easier to gage the coaches ability when the team lacks talent. That’s when a coach really has to put things in place to figure out how to make an offense or defense work.
  4. If the stars align and too many Cowboys starters get food poisoning at waffle house - maybe we squeak out a 6-3 win tomorrow!
  5. Another Huddler pointed out that in the past Icky was assisted with TE’s adding a chip. IMO that’s one thing that we could use more of especially in this new system. Adjustments like Sliding a TE over or a RB not only help Icky but the rest of team really. It’s called coaching. Icky has seemed to okay better the last two games so it’s not something that’s a constant need but it is something that should be implemented when he (or Motion) is struggling.
  6. Agreed but it might make us better so Mr. In on every deal- should at least kick the tires.
  7. I’d give him a shot. He’s young with some actual potential. He should be on a roster, why not ours.
  8. When you draft a guy #1 overall he should be really special in some way. Bryce is not athletically gifted, hell he’s below average really. So he must have some amazing intangibles- like his unmeasurable qualities must really be so intangible we can’t see them…at all…I guess
  9. Presnap motion is so helpful to an office and a QB. That, along with changing formations and grouping, IMO should be a really part of our scheme. It helps with misdirection, disguises, and getting blockers, receivers, and runners a big edge at getting off the ball. A highly cerebral QB should be deadly is a scheme that utilizes these practices. It’s weird the staff doesn’t do more to help the offense get an advantage.
  10. I’m available- I cheaper than Fitt and probably drunker too if only I had some draft picks to work with
  11. Football sucks when you are outmatched athletically- and our offense definitely is IMO. That said coaches are supposed to know what their players abilities are and then design an offense to be competitive. I was thrust into a HC position at a small school that hasn’t won a game since before the Covid outbreak. We are too small and slow to really compete with the many larger schools we have to play. I was, however, able to teach kids some fundamentals and design an offense that was able to put points on the board and keep us in games this year. Kids just had to run the right routes know the correct blocking schemes and stick their noses in there without hesitating or thinking too much. A little pre snap motion and a lot of heavy formations and misdirection served us well. I’m not a great coach- but my kids played hard. The current panthers roster are professional athletes who aren’t as out matched as my MS team. We should see evidence of coaches trying things to help the players succeed. Unfortunately I see very little. I have been a Panthers Fan since the very start and have never been as disappointed as I am now. - that said- Keep Pounding
  12. What does it say about this team- that we are looking back with longing nostalgia at the Matt Moore led team. As I read this thread I started wondering where Kyle Allen was hopefully and if maybe Joe Brady could come back and call plays.
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