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  1. I did not want BY at one last year. I like the kid though as a person- He reminds me of the nice kid who bags my groceries or who helps me when I order flowers for the wife at the florist, instead a QB of an NFL team. He does not seem to have the athletic traits necessary to be successful at this level. That said, I’m rooting for him. He was surprisingly durable last season. While he looks like a boy among men he was tough. I hope the new staff can develop whatever traits made him a #1 overall selection. I’ll give him 1 more year- toughness and hard work can make a difference- I hope.
  2. Iceup

    Panthers Add a WR

    Daewood Davis- This had been coming for awhile- probably just a camp body. I also read last week they were gonna workout Hakeem Butler but I haven't saw anything else on that. Here the link: https://www.panthers.com/news/panthers-add-wide-receiver
  3. They really screwed up with Burns. I’d like to keep him, but I too doubt he wants to be here. He hasn’t played himself into the money he wanted and I think it’d be foolish to pay him like he’s a top 5 edge rusher. He likely won’t accept a second tier level deal. Our best hope IMO is to tag him and try to trade him- even the tag will be more than he might be worth- but it’s better to try to get something for him than to let him walk for nothing. If we do pay him I hope he proves me wrong- and wish him the best.
  4. IMO Tepoers and others hard on for a bright Offensive minded HC is a little too extreme. I think EE has done his current job well and should be considered as an option. Defensive guys aren’t idiots when it come to offense. As a matter of fact he might know more about how certain offensive guys should be used because he spends so much time studying offenses and how to counter certain players, schemes and tendencies. He may not be the best option depending on who else is available and interested but he and other Defensive guys should be considered seriously- we are foolishly limiting ourselves otherwise.
  5. Scott Fowler would definitely never get to ask any more questions at Press Conferences!
  6. Bill would make Bryce a ball boy- and the proceed to scrap the team and make a completely different sh!tshow.
  7. TMJ is big and pretty fast, but he plays doesn’t play as physical as a similar sized guy like DK Metcalf. Mingo reminds me a bit of AJ Brown but even though he sticks in nose in and blocks, he’s not able to make plays when DBs are bumping him. He may get better- he’s only a rookie. As for Chark and Marsette- they’re fast but don’t run routes good enough to get separation. No one but Thielan seems to have good hands and he’s are smallest, oldest and slowest guy. To make matters worse Bryce isn’t throwing anyone open and the OL ain’t really helping much either. The thing that really ticks me off is the coaches trying to pass the ball with a yard to go knowing how successful our running game has been recently.
  8. The Saints still have something to play for- they are only one game out. If Tampa beats ATL today and NO beats Carolina then they are all 6-7. And us …well…worse.
  9. I’ve been other stuff most Sundays since halfway thru last season. I often have to drive to return our nieces who stay with us most weekends to their mom or take them to visit their dad. I would listen to the game on the radio but had to stop cause I was setting a bad language example for them.
  10. If a capable staff is brought in and allowed to work I’d think they’d try trade away our best players to get picks and get even younger. It’ll be hard to rebuild without absolutely nailing FA which is tuff to do when you have to overpay to get average to slightly below average players to come here. Our draft capital is gone and the few good young players we have will be needing contracts soon. Bad Situation to be in for anyone coming in. In a world where we have options I’d like to keep Brown, Luvu, and Franklin- Maybe Jaycee and Motion too. That’s about it.
  11. He played T at BYU I think. We had him rated as a round 2 G and Round 3 T. Some of Fits crap I think. His arms were too small/sort to play Tackle was a comment I remember. IMO he’s a guy who needs help at either spot. Good Kid- Pretty good technique-Good feet- but not as powerful as others. He did improve as he got more reps at G- So maybe he good progress with reps at T too- but I’m not sure if that’s something I want to bet on.
  12. IMO Burns is a good player. He is bigger than when he first came into the league, and he’s been relatively durable since he came into the league. I do not think he’s elite tho. Very good maybe- but not top 5, probably just outside the top 10. He hasn’t shown up in big situations especially this year. I think we should get him paid but not Charles Johnson money. More like Mario Addison money. Maybe a bit more. I just hope we get something for him if he’s not willing to sign for a reasonable amount.
  13. He also stands with both feet parallel to the LOS a lot. Not really ready to throw because his feet aren’t set so he has twist and take an extra step before being really ready to throw. I noticed this earlier in the year when my assistant coach (a former NCAA QB) was helping my 7th grade backup QB get ready to play his first game after our starter was hurt. The kid had the same issue. Come to think of it him and Bryce could be twins- they’re bout the same size.
  14. Kinda for him- he had on bad drop that I remember, but he also should have had a TD on another play but had to wait and comeback for a lame duck pass
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