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  1. I always crave ribs when I watch House of Cards
  2. Haven't been here in ages - thanks for the kind words - just visiting tonight

  3. Happy New Year to you as well - and thank you for my gift.

  4. Awesome on the Bond CD. We need to catch up definitely - I'll do it via PM.

  5. I don't come on here much anymore, but happened to see a post by you. The devil has returned. Welcome back.

  6. That's Dave - we did have a good time, but didn't make it until the end. Rain delayed start made it to where it didn't start until 9:15. I'd like to do it again sometime - I;m guessing next year we'll get free tickets again with the girl scouts. We'll do it again.

  7. hey - drive by postings?

  8. where did you all perform

  9. hellz yeah - you all are

  10. You should know well enough by now to never say anything about an infraction or you will get one. Throwing out personal insults about the poster and their family is fine. Get with the program E-9. You're usually sharper than that. :-)

  11. been good - don't come around here much anymore - still check in once a day, but other than that - not much. I've become addicted to a game on facebook so that keeps me occupied when I have down time. Not much downtime now though - my son is home from college for Spring Break and there's been so much we need to do and so little time.

  12. Well hello to you. I just ran into a photo of you in a thread a few days ago so you must have read my mind when I wondered how you were doing.

  13. I felt weird doing it instead of LIAG. But bring that you told her not to start one, I'm glad I did.

  14. Thanks for buying girl scout cookies. Nice to meet you.

  15. http://www.carolinahuddle.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1943050&postcount=10 oh snap and I'm sorry I missed you this morning. thanks for the cookie order.

  16. I'll buy your drink.

  17. awwww - thank you - I'd buy your drink just for including me in your list.

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