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  1. Well that just further reinforces my decision to not put forth any additional effort to watch this team. If they come on a national broadcast Ill watch. Otherwise Ill catch them as I can on RedZone.
  2. To this day I remember the day I walked into the Janus theaters in Greensboro NC and saw A New Hope It changed everything James Earl Jones provided a bad ass amazing performances that led me to hate Darth Vader. Dude is a fuging legend if he wants to sign away his rights and walk away he deserves it.
  3. I missed my first two games in the history of this franchise the last two weeks. I'm out of market and I cant be bothered at this point to mess with the streams. Ill just be doing redzone until something changes.
  4. Missing my first game ever today. How hard is it in this day and age to have WiFi on domestic flights?
  5. I have faith that he will continue to do "Matt Rhule"TM things
  6. The emotional roller coaster that was the end of that game and then the first overtime had me crouched by the coffee table. So many "OMG were gonna win this" followed by "well damn... Its been a good season" had me unable to stay on the couch. When the ball hit Smitty in stride I knew he was going to take it all the way and I just collapsed back on the couch .
  7. Inimicus

    Star Citizen

    Any other masochists out there playing this? Yeah its still "alpha" Yeah it takes a pretty up to date machine to run it Even so its pretty amazing in its attention to detail and playability.
  8. At this point Im hoping for whatever outcome increases the salt level of this forum. Im hoping to see the salt singularity.
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