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  1. Lakewood just passed a new building restriction that caps growth to <5%/year so the inventory isnt going to be growing. Should hold the sellers market for a while longer. We wont be here next summer. Cant come back to NC for reasons but we've been looking at acreage in Ohio,Western Pa, and even W Va
  2. I know that this thread is about Charlotte in particular but we are really starting to feel the pressure to sell here in Lakewood(Denver) The estimate on our place is 230k north of where we bought it 3 years ago, the market here is still cash offers without inspections/appraisals, most homes are going for 20 to 60k above list and are under contract in less than a week. Its hard to believe this market will hold for the 12 to 18 months they are predicting.
  3. Looks bad-ass! Just wish it was like an eight or ten episode event. Two hours will just leave me wanting more...
  4. Im just glad its back. Just another sign that the NFL will approach something we recognize as normal this year.
  5. I give SC a lot of poo over their BBQ (mustard? What the actual fug?) But Duke's is the only concoction worthy of the name Mayonnaise Then there's that whole Shrimp and Grits thing....
  6. Anthony was the Joey Ramone of the celebrity chefs. A Punk to his core.
  7. Just finished the first season... Thats some great TV
  8. Looks like a heat stroke torture device.
  9. And while in grovingto other tunes Mike Patton and FNM
  10. These dudes were a niche band in the late 90s that I dug
  11. Good on him Dude is/was a titan and deserves to live out his days as he sees fit. Miss ya Luke and good luck!
  12. As a self admitted dilettante... This was at first blush a great day and a very solid overall draft.
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