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  1. That's a fair assessment But as someone that never liked bourbon this was a good bottle to introduce me to this type of whiskey
  2. SweetWater is coming west I do miss their Dank Tank Limited release brews https://www.9news.com/article/life/style/colorado-guide/sweetwater-brewing-company-colorado/73-f3ff665c-4bae-4f9d-bce7-9f7ac5e48dde
  3. We should trade up to 3 and take Kellen Mond before someone else realizes that he is the next Brady
  4. Not a lot that we have in common with Saints fans but wanting to Sam in the HoF is something we can all agree on
  5. Ball carriers rules for stiff-arms allow for the hand to go to the face mask and long as it doesnt grip/twist
  6. I think its the other way. When its unabated they shut it down to protect the QB
  7. That would rob Manning of the distinction of rings with two teams so yeah, the NFL would love that.
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