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  1. You should pin it for the day out of spite
  2. Imagine being so brainwashed that you think a disease that has killed 2.7 million people world wide 540 thousand of your countrymen is some sort of political game... We should be able to Baker Act covid deniers
  3. Props to you dudes that got the snip.
  4. The last 3 seasons Ive put RedZone on the TV and found streams for the Panthers games when they were not one of the national games. No way Im going back to paying to watch the games until they find a way to stop the streamers. I am glad to hear DirecTV is out though
  5. Yeah the Denver market is pretty stupid right now. I just pulled a re-fi on the house I bought 2 years ago and the mortgage company didnt even want an appraisal when I claimed the house was worth 80k more than what we paid.
  6. NBN was so much more than OPP Always loved Ice-T. Hell this was the album that got me listening to Hip Hop And Disposable Heros of Hiphopricy were ridiculously underrated and although its got nothing to do with the point of this thread Micheal Franti (Disposable Heros) is just a bad ass
  7. I had saved a link to a post of his where he was bragging about his generator powered A/C, watching Netflix, and spending his relief money on Amazon while people were suffering in the Superdome but it no longer works. He is still the only person Ive ever encountered online that I legit want to suffer real world bodily harm
  8. Six Feet Under absolutely NAILED the ending.
  9. And I cant belive I left PE out of my OP but damn...
  10. I miss MCs dropping poo like KRSOne
  11. Just finished Ep10 of season 5 Damn I love this show!
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