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  1. Keeping it simple . jade ipa today and wings
  2. It honestly makes me cringe when I see people all over TV saying he has mental issues which don’t get me wrong he may have them but I rather a professional diagnose him. I just think people throw that term out a lot . Mental issues is a broad term and when people just throw it out like that , it’s worrisome. I seen people use the term just because they didn’t like someone’s attitude. Now he has showed out a lot but what if that’s really the person he is . If he needs help , I really hope he gets it . I knew people who suffered from alot of different complex mental issues and they can be helped. If that’s the case, I hope he gets help. Sorry if text is choppy ,
  3. Well I will say this, I won’t waste my time watching this game. We have a lot of guys on Covid list and Sam is starting . These last few games don’t interest me at all
  4. I don’t get why we don’t call Qb Rollouts etc. we are so basic
  5. I started the morning with grilled chicken , scrambled eggs and hashbrowns with cheese. Game time I’m doing yeh standard buffalo wings and French fries. Chasing it down with a variety pack of VooDoo Ranger
  6. ThTs one thing that paused me a bit. There is places in Midwest that I like , Lincoln , Omaha but , well ya know lol . Debating but we will see
  7. This is pretty cool . I’m debating about rather I should stay in nc and move to Charlotte or head out west. Charlotte seems to be thriving . I haven’t been there in years( no excuse because I’m in Greensboro) but the more entertainment , the better
  8. Ya know , I think you are right lol. I’m getting two llol
  9. I going with crustless pizza pasta. Simple and easy to make. Might pick up a bottle of 14 hands to drink for the game
  10. I really don’t believe in tanking. I have an issue with rooting for my team to lose. I doubt grown men will give up and tank just to get a top pick which in turn could be their replacement
  11. So this man came off the couch and played better than all the QBs we had and people think he is done? I guess people aren’t realistic. I give you he played bad but he wasn’t even on a team and learning the playbook on the go. The issues are far from just one player. This team is broken
  12. Thank Goodness I don’t have anymore turkey . I have some pizza pasta that I made for right at game time. Half time I will put my chicken breast in the oven. Side of potato salad made by mom. And a broccoli veggie medley . I will be washing all this down with cabarnet Sauvignon by Josh
  13. I don’t see how people can give up mid season . Still plenty of football left. Anything can happen. Miami is a tricky team. You never know which team you will get. Kind of like us. Tua looked solid last time I seen him in action. I’m looking for our d to have a bounce back game
  14. Yeah he played really good. Best Qb we had since him which you mentioned. This staff tho.
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