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  1. This really puts life into perspective and actually makes me ashamed of myself for whining about small things when you have others going through things like this. We need to all realize that we are all blessed and life is precious. I send prayers to the Olsen family and hopefully things can be turned around .
  2. I guess it’s more of me saying it’s not a guarantee that a top ten pick will be better than later rounds. I hate the off-season for us lol
  3. Exactly! I wish people would look at history and see where the “top” QBs were drafted . A lot of these names people are throwing out in the mock draft will not pan well on the nfl but what do I know
  4. I would definitely take Stafford and we would be competing for the division. Solid QB. We can draft a QB in later rounds. I don’t get why people always think that with are guaranteed to get a franchise QB in the top 10.
  5. Glad your mother is okay. Yes this indeed is a weird virus . I wonder why some have symptoms and some don’t
  6. Wow I’m glad that mri helped you out there. Not too sure what sarcadosis may be but I wish you well in your journey
  7. This is a real serious virus. I seen on the news where a 37 year old died from it which is around my age. Spooky. I wish everyone would be alittle more smart and safe in their decisions with day to day interactions (not saying those who passed wasn’t safe). A lot of people think they are out of the clear because “elderly” and “underlying medical conditions” been thrown around a lot. For one, a lot of people don’t know if they have a condition. Two, there has been people who died that had a clean bill of health. I just say I rather be safe than sorry. Protect yourself and your family. All I can
  8. I am jealous my friend. Drink for those who are not able to drink for themselves at this current tome. God speed!
  9. I can see how this would be very hard. People touch their faces without even think or know they are doing it. It makes sense though. I have been trying to discipline myself not to do it
  10. Yeah I don’t want to play with fire. I can give them a call and see what’s a good alternative to use. I’ve been using Tylenol but it doesn’t seem to work for me
  11. I reached out to my nurse today. I just had a crazy back surgery and I was told to use ibuprofen. I started to hear rumblings about ibuprofen makes it hard for doctors to treat this virus and makes it hard to recover. The nurse stated that there has been a lot of misinformation about ibuprofen. There hasn’t been any word from the CDC regarding this. She also mentioned that there has been no data to support these claims. I honestly am not sure. Just spreading info I learned from one of our medical providers. Be safe y’all
  12. I have been staying with family while recovering. We have been watching A lot of movies lately. I need to get my Xbox delivered here so I can start getting online because I’m sure tons of people are playing online games now
  13. I didn’t realize how serious this has gotten to be. I was so focused on my own world of this big surgery I just had and it didn’t really start getting real to me until the surgeon told me he wants me out of the hospital as soon as I feel better. That is not a place he recommended me to be hanging around during this time. There were so many restrictions applied that no one was able to see me while I was in there. Y’all stay safe out there and be smart about things. Hopefully this passes quickly
  14. A lot of people work from home such as myself. A lot of companies are now offering to let people work and home when they normally would be in the office because of this situation
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