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  1. I think he is just ranting about something he feels strongly about. Everything he post doesn’t have to be about football. Something could be going on personally
  2. Don’t put that evil on us lol
  3. Players tend to have down years. Think about Steve in 2010. Sure we know the circumstances why which is similar to Robbie’s situation. (I’m not saying Robbie is Steve)
  4. Why all the Robbie hate? I just don’t get some fans at times. He can put up good numbers. When you have sorry QBs throwing you the ball, your numbers will suffer.
  5. I would take Bree’s and let corral learn behind him. I doubt it happens but Brees is a HOF
  6. I’m really excited about this kid. He has alot of potential. He is human just like everyone else is. I commend someone that talks about issues they have had and how they overcame them.
  7. I like this pick and glad we didn’t trade Robbie. Kid has good upside. Side note, why is everyone wanting to get rid of Robbie? We don’t even know how TMJ or Shi Smith will pan out.
  8. Trying to take it slow but depends on what happens at 6th pick lol
  9. I understand your feelings. I really don’t feel any excitement at this moment. I’ve been through some terrible seasons but this just feels different for some reasons. Maybe I’m losing interest and realizing there are more important things to worry about that I can actually control. I am still a fan and I moved out to the Midwest from nc this year but I am still rocking is panthers gear. Keep pounding
  10. I will never get that contract. Plenty of good candidates in NFL but he decides to go pluck Rhule from college and gives he that big contract . Smh . Now I don’t hate rule has a person but this is just ridiculous
  11. I wouldn’t speculate at all. I understand Robbie is a football player but not everything he posts has to do with the game of football. He has a life outside his job . He could be referring to something totally outside the realm of sports
  12. This has me cracking up lol. A side note, I think sometimes we get caught up in tweets that probably doesn’t have a thing to do with football. It could be a quote he heard (and put in his own words lol) or it could be something personal. Not everything is about football IMO. But back to the quote, hilarious
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