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  1. I’m really not a fan of the play calling . We can’t use CMC like that. We do have other weapons and we need to scheme to get them open
  2. I’m happy for the win but I do agree that we went to him way too much
  3. Started the morning with coffee , pumpkin pancakes with sausage links. Bourbon syrup. Moving on to Moscow mules, and my friends fiancé is making some kind of beef dip, then bbq sliders …..and bourbon lol
  4. If we don’t win, I’ll probably end up drunk off bourbon . Wait I’ll probably be that way if we win too lol . I’m expecting us to come out strong but who knows . Go panthers
  5. Man it helped me pass time while working lol . Go panthers!
  6. I get it and don’t get it. Me personally , I would have waited until I was retired or something. Even if he is right, he is still looking for a job and this may deter teams. But I do like when athletes speak on things and draw attention to things they think are important. My other point is, what’s the difference with him being interviewed by espn or fox where they can edit and take things out of context. He makes a written post on IG and people speculate then. Throw things out of context. Damn if you do damn if you don’t
  7. I don’t get what it is either. Cecil spoke his mind. He spoke what a lot of people have been thinking. Sadly I think this will hurt him. I don’t know why but it will. Cam wants to control his own narrative instead of letting pundits put out all these false things about him ( I.e, Mac Jones taught him the playbook) and nothing is wrong with that. I’m rooting for the guy. Seems like a good dude all around
  8. We really shouldn’t lose this game. I hoping for a beat down . Start off strong
  9. I had my reservations about Sam but it’s time to get behind him and hope he can turn his career around . I’m pulling for Sam to lead us to the playoffs but if he fails, we don’t have a plan B.
  10. I don’t think a team can say they dropped a player because of that. I believe that’s a violation and they will be investigated for that if they do.
  11. The thing about the Patriots was that Cam was in a lose lose situation. Let’s say he started, as soon as he threw a pick the fans would have been calling for Mac. As for as being vaccinated or not, that’s your choice: I’m fine if you get it . I’m fine if you don’t. It’s not my body. Wish him luck going forward but Cam is set for life. No need to feel sorry for him. He is still the best QB to ever put on a panther jersey
  12. I don’t have any pictures yet but we are making street tacos and washing it down with modelo and maybe bourbon
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