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  1. I would take Bree’s and let corral learn behind him. I doubt it happens but Brees is a HOF
  2. I’m really excited about this kid. He has alot of potential. He is human just like everyone else is. I commend someone that talks about issues they have had and how they overcame them.
  3. I like this pick and glad we didn’t trade Robbie. Kid has good upside. Side note, why is everyone wanting to get rid of Robbie? We don’t even know how TMJ or Shi Smith will pan out.
  4. Trying to take it slow but depends on what happens at 6th pick lol
  5. I understand your feelings. I really don’t feel any excitement at this moment. I’ve been through some terrible seasons but this just feels different for some reasons. Maybe I’m losing interest and realizing there are more important things to worry about that I can actually control. I am still a fan and I moved out to the Midwest from nc this year but I am still rocking is panthers gear. Keep pounding
  6. I will never get that contract. Plenty of good candidates in NFL but he decides to go pluck Rhule from college and gives he that big contract . Smh . Now I don’t hate rule has a person but this is just ridiculous
  7. I wouldn’t speculate at all. I understand Robbie is a football player but not everything he posts has to do with the game of football. He has a life outside his job . He could be referring to something totally outside the realm of sports
  8. This has me cracking up lol. A side note, I think sometimes we get caught up in tweets that probably doesn’t have a thing to do with football. It could be a quote he heard (and put in his own words lol) or it could be something personal. Not everything is about football IMO. But back to the quote, hilarious
  9. I mean this unit only won 5 games. We have some decent players but we are what our record was this year . Everyone is free game to get traded/cut
  10. I say give him a try. What do we have to lose? No QB that’s on our roster would bring us to a winning record . I say try it and see what happens
  11. Keeping it simple . jade ipa today and wings
  12. It honestly makes me cringe when I see people all over TV saying he has mental issues which don’t get me wrong he may have them but I rather a professional diagnose him. I just think people throw that term out a lot . Mental issues is a broad term and when people just throw it out like that , it’s worrisome. I seen people use the term just because they didn’t like someone’s attitude. Now he has showed out a lot but what if that’s really the person he is . If he needs help , I really hope he gets it . I knew people who suffered from alot of different complex mental issues and they can be helped. If that’s the case, I hope he gets help. Sorry if text is choppy ,
  13. Well I will say this, I won’t waste my time watching this game. We have a lot of guys on Covid list and Sam is starting . These last few games don’t interest me at all
  14. I don’t get why we don’t call Qb Rollouts etc. we are so basic
  15. I started the morning with grilled chicken , scrambled eggs and hashbrowns with cheese. Game time I’m doing yeh standard buffalo wings and French fries. Chasing it down with a variety pack of VooDoo Ranger
  16. ThTs one thing that paused me a bit. There is places in Midwest that I like , Lincoln , Omaha but , well ya know lol . Debating but we will see
  17. This is pretty cool . I’m debating about rather I should stay in nc and move to Charlotte or head out west. Charlotte seems to be thriving . I haven’t been there in years( no excuse because I’m in Greensboro) but the more entertainment , the better
  18. Ya know , I think you are right lol. I’m getting two llol
  19. I going with crustless pizza pasta. Simple and easy to make. Might pick up a bottle of 14 hands to drink for the game
  20. I really don’t believe in tanking. I have an issue with rooting for my team to lose. I doubt grown men will give up and tank just to get a top pick which in turn could be their replacement
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