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  1. Their DBs suck lol we need to keep throwin
  2. The playcalling is good this game thus far...
  3. Gotta do something about this trash ass OL man...this team could be a real contender with a stout OL....swear just draft OL man.
  4. OH poo CMC almost broke that one fellas
  5. Well take it...this series looking goofy
  6. Exactly what I was saying in other threads....Darnold can run and should run more
  7. No need to trade Jackson nor would they lol. How often do team captains get traded. THis would clearly be a trade based on picks and only picks.
  8. Right down to a subpar OL but no Shula and the ball is clearly coming out faster by design. Imagine Brady on that team instead of Shula...maybe that change alone would have done it.
  9. Could not give less of a fug. After all the years of our injuries and bullshit ref calls etc. I wouldn't care if the starters in all our games were out for the other team. We had Dan Morgan who had HoF potential end his career early due to injury. We had great seasons taken away from Thomas Davis. Luke just retired based on head injuries or we have a 1st Ballot HoFer still at MLB for at least 4 more years. Cam got hurt on some bullshit so everyone misses me with all that. I say good. But honestly it ain't even that chill I say you god damn right.
  10. Oh yea people were thinking of a nick name for the defense and althought not a nick name "Snowed In" is indeed what he been doing to offenses.
  11. For sure that's why I ain't even sweating it...we got cap space too. Scot repeat adder me. WE GOT CAP SPACE TOO We got FA pick ups like Reddick We got draf picks yes draf picks like Brown, Chinn, Horn, Burns breh, bruh, bruddah, bro
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