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  1. As a Clemson fan I know t00 well how mobile Burrow is. Trust me it was a surprise to us as well. I was like WTF how are we letting him do that, but he's just that legit honestly. He didn't do 40 yard dash but at 6'4" he moves well he just looks somewhat awkward while running but looks like a 4.6 ish guy to me. GA and Clemson have some fast players on defense too especially GA I think has faster guys at all levels than we do.
  2. Yes the greatest QB of all time won 1/3 of the SBs in that time period so we should not draft a QB in the first round lol 3 of those 5 first rounders also won multiple SBs and the majority of losing QBs were 1st round picks with another larger group being high 2nd rounders. Yea man don't do it you might get to a SB.
  3. Well the whole way through the few have carried the many. When you think about how many people are derpy and clueless compared to the Einsteins, and the top Engineers and the top Teachers, and the Top etc. Most people just get carried by the deeds of the few. I think it will just continue to be the few carrying the many until AI can carry those and keep them occupied(they already are starting: Netflix, YT, other apps) while the smartest and most capable just continue doing their thing. I am definitely more of a pro human optimist. I just understand that a lot of people just aren't b
  4. Yea man that's crazy that when we had our best QB ever and potential HoFer we did him like that
  5. No worries, I didn't see the response. But the above is terribly written. I meant to put that typing out a discussion like that is not ideal, I'd rather talk. I genuinely ponder those things stated in the post that this came from, still an open discussion with myself and others as I continue to formulate my ideas around them.
  6. Seems to me that tribal would be what would help actually. The tribe is humanity, if we come together as a species then that works out just fine. In terms of the space program: yea but then why else would we be interested in that if not to save ourselves as living is a big reason to do things evolutionarily speaking. It would be dramatically different if we never had to worry about another human killing us....what would we have scienced up and then why? You build the armor to stop the stick, you sharpen the stick because the other primate can kick your ass, etc. I mean would it be be
  7. This is totally true and heartbreaking in situations like this one too: I won't detail what happened to me but I got disabled while deployed and they tried to offer me 10% disability and a $20,000 pay out. I was like wtf is that poo hell no I need medical care, that non money dries up literally instantly 20k aint poo. So I denied that poo which OFC they don't tell service members they can actually do that but I already did my research. So then you have to go to Lackland in Texas in front of the medical evaluation board with the civilian lawyer. In my case they didn't even see me...they sa
  8. We are going to have to if we want to progress in space construction projects and OFC any kind of Moon/Mars colonies. There are going to be a lot of science based goals(like Global Warming atm) coming up that will take generations to complete and the people starting them/being involved with them will never see those completed. We do have to change that mindset.
  9. Well....we can make fun of JR all we want and rightfully so but I would 100% believe that someone there didn't actually know what a pie chart was. If that person was Peyton Manning that wouldn't surprise me either. While a lot of the head of the players are smart people there are most definitely a lot of people involved in that who are not the brightest bulb we got shining here.
  10. I could get more info Like a usual guy I don't really care or ask her questions about the drama poo to be real with you. There were things she was looking at herself when she was only a server that I could respond with when she gets home. There was something else I just forgot what it was, a long time ago she was just like "at least pretend like you're listening that's all I want is to vent" b/c I used to just say to her I don't care about that drama poo and didn't get into it. Now I hear the drama poo but I am not really listening and 18 years going that is what my woman wants at least.
  11. That would be up to the NFLPA yea? I haven't been following them or w/e but I wonder if they are helping with the Watson situation or have commented on it.
  12. There are details left out for sure because I don't know the tip rate they are actually using and neither does she. This place is looking shady atm which is what got my wifes attention in the first place. They promoted her b/c she is the best worker there and the other manager quit. poo like the GM keeps the petty cash in her purse and doesn't use a log or a safe for that poo... Standard pay is what is owed to those people not other peoples earnings in this poo system. That is a/the problem. The whole tip system is poo.
  13. I took it as just a saying. Even if the saying isn't used properly a lot of the time. But yea I don't think anyone hates Smitty.
  14. Agreed and you can tell Snake is one of those people. "Serve me bitch I had to wait one whole minute on my drank to be refilled" *throws a dime on the floor* Also a lot of the servers that do end up serving poorly do so because they just got 3 tables in a row of no tips or 2 bucks to go along with their TWO DOLLAR HOURLY WAGE(can't forget that beastly fact) I worked in customer service(not food) while using my GI Bill to get my BA in Computer Engineering and had to deal with POS MFers and understand completely how the American customer is. Then the stories from the store...easy to se
  15. I doubt anyone would come out and say it...one person on ESPN one time said they got Scott Mitchell injured on purpose by not blocking. That guy kinda disappeared and wasn't on there anymore so I'm assuming people didn't like that admission. Literally nothing could be done to stop it or even find it out though if the person did it intelligently and never said anything to anyone about it.
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