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  1. We're winning the Super Bowl every year. Then the games get played
  2. rofl I check in and we're still a fugin meme
  3. So last year the best OL was playing?
  4. Well yea he does need to go, Rhule still being here is inept but thats what the Panthers have been more often than not
  5. A half serious Brees is better than the Qbs we have atm. Maybe the rookie can build up to be good but he won't be early on and rather him learn anyway and Brees would be a good mentor. Ultimately I don't think its real either though
  6. Yep do it and find a way to throw that one guy away w/e his name is I done forgot but we're paying him loads of caysh
  7. Can we just fire Rhule and hire Sean and his Vicodin pills now We woulda actually won a SB by now with some of the rosters we had if ole pain pill was coach of the Panthers.
  8. Yea he was awful on TV. Not sure who the guy was earlier in the thread who said Romo was the same but that's hilariously stupid. Romos charisma drips through the TV and he is far more popular on TV than he was as a QB. Literally would be the only person ever that would try to say otherwise and just look silly trying to be a hipster
  9. Yea and the division rivals only signing shitty WRs like Jarvis Landry and trash S's like Honey Badger. How will they ever compete
  10. Its Juans way of making fun of him. I feel like I'm one of the only people to get him lol
  11. Yeah man that new standard on Sunday is comfy...oh there's a game on? hardly noticed
  12. Also the bestestest franchies ever draft back to back QBs in the top 10 lol like this is now the counter to the poo show? Damn it used to just be "at least hurney drafts good in round 1" now its "just draft the same position in the top 10 two times in a row" can't make this poo up lol
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