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  1. I got you but you have to consider the situation too. The Chargers had fantastic rosters back then with LT being one of the best backs and they put up good records for many years straight. Nothing else that gets said is going to counter the Jets being one of the worst ran teams ever with some of the least talent in the NFL.
  2. Yea remember when we have OL who were good! Very underrated player for us in our history TBH
  3. No doubt. Obviously everyone on here will know that I am historically a trash talking asshole who gives this team and all it's moves the business and it was well warranted when we have fugin JR and Rivera and Hurney at the helm....not the case anymore
  4. 2nd round pick is all it'll cost us regardless so its going to be a meh or one of the best trades of all time if it works out. We arent' used to this as a team but there is nothing to lose here at all. If he stinks we draft one with our top pick. Clearly they didn't have one of this years QBs higher than him or they'd have just drafted them. If that speaks to their evaluation skills that's a different topic and would be 2 QBs that flubbed. Only Tepper can say what that would mean going forward but their other picks and development have worked out so they are on the better side of the draf
  5. I always thought it was the Saints given they kept trying to take out Smitty and injure our players and poo all the time. Followed by get off our field meg ryan and such. Perhaps it was Jerry Richardson this whole time lol
  6. The situation is what is being compared...
  7. Nope, Mahommes didn't even look fantastic on his team with his LT being out. The Jets gave up pressure on the majority of their passing attempts, no one is looking fantastic in that scenario much less Mahommes on a much worse team(severe understatement) than his SB team. Yea that's one example of many, like I said every scenario has happened and happens nearly every year. The Bengals suck but have weapons for a QB....Bernard has been one of the best RBs and Higgins and Boyd are good young WRs sucks for AJ Green with his injuries though but when he's on the field the other team is put
  8. This is why I only respond to certain people...it's easy to figure out who.
  9. Well most people at all bust out of the NFL so that's not saying much. We've seen every scenario so once again that's not saying much to point out that most QBs fail on any chance nevermind the 2nd or 3rd chance. We've seen players play well on a team then play bad on another team We've seen players like DeMarco Murray look like the best RB in the NFL to being right on out of the NFL...clearly the team/OL there Each scenario is it's own context and can't be universally applied. I don't believe what you just said at all. The reality is that its closer to equal and it certa
  10. I like how the Jets have to spell it out since most of their fans never graduated. It sounds like a college teams chant and that part isn't actually a diss though just what it sounds like. Personally not a fan of the "go -----" anything as it sounds lame and always has sounded lame and seems to be what you hear from people who don't actually talk football or watch much football but pretend they do. At least in my anecdotal experience. Like ahh you like the Panthers? Next time I see them they be like "Go Panthers"....like go where mfer OFC being a Clemson fan they spell that poo out
  11. Yea he's fantastic. Its also worth pointing out that Alex Smith took that team to the AFC Championship game. KC has weapons that are second to none and one of the best offensive HC ever...fist ballot HoFer....goes back to a previous post of mine in here. System matters and everyone is a system player. Doesn't mean Darnold will pan out but it also means it isn't just Mahommes and he couldn't just go anywhere and light it up like people are so quick to say about all sorts of players when it simply isn't true. IF he had been the QB on the Jets we'd be calling him a bust...I mean hell he was
  12. Yea some of his throws were literally the ones Mahommes gets shown for on his highlights. It's not an arm, athleticism, or talent issue. Even looking at his runs he's not some inept buffoon he actually injured a defender on a run lowering his shoulder.
  13. Same "sources" as those Shefter "sources" from the Rodgers bullshit. Yea man someone reached out to walter fugin football lol Funny how gullible people are though. Just put a per league sources in there and the easily duped will be all ears.
  14. Not to mention now that the newer generation of ex players are on TV and talking on those shows we are getting a lot more honestly about the whole process. Like Brandon Marshall and many others saying everyone is a system player to combat the idiotic nonsense when those non players keep calling this or that player a "system player". Literally no QB would succeed with that Jets team and they showed the routes and why its a poo system. Marshall was saying how they ran certain route patterns against defenses that are meant specifically to stop said routes and did it consistently. Where you g
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