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  1. He got ousted due to controversial benchings. You guys gotta stop responding to the troll accounts. Luke left because this staff is inept and Luke read the writing on the wall. The best part to me is people like that actually believe the PC answer lol. https://thespun.com/nfl/afc-east/buffalo-bills/luke-kuechly-buffalo-bills-practice-sean-mcdermott-panthers#:~:text=Unfortunately%2C concussions ended his career,pro scout in June 2020. He leaves the Panthers to go up North definitely where his kids/family are to chill with the Bills and their team. rofl
  2. Not out of bounds at all. This is the Browns/Detroit right now so nothing is off limits. That being said yea they some ugly sum bishes
  3. Uh JR was in no way any better in this regard. He gleefully sucked off the NFL at the teams expense. Didn't stick up for the team in the face of adversity and bullshit like with Spygate which the Panthers were the main victim of btw....video taping our SB poo and in game it was obvious. fug JR too, for multiple reasons.
  4. poo if we do though we actually have someone who has a history if spotting the shitty/good ones so that's about the only hope in that department
  5. "diverse background" ruh roh Guess that will go well with our diverse OL
  6. After getting turnt down by far far.....far.......FAR worse candidates than that I guess they figured they save them selfs the hung up dial tone.
  7. the fug does that have to do with this thread
  8. He's pretty short compared to most but given matt rhule and his muh arm length type poo I am steering clear of that talk haha
  9. I mean this really is going to continue for me for awhile so...
  10. Well they best listen to this guy when it comes to picking a QB: Ben McAdoo had Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson as the top 2 QBs in 2018. He also wanted the Giants to draft Patrick Mahomes in 2017. I'd be curious to see his opinion on the 2022 QB class. We also heard he didn't like Darnold and there was another one that escapes me he had as a good QB...maybe this is the method to the madness. Use homie to get a QB.
  11. Ahh yeah the ole Rhule beats so and so to drop us from 1 to 5 or some hilariocity...i'm thinking positive thoughts in my negative thoughts here Scot sheesh
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