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  1. Houstons field is complete dog poo too. Its similar to Heinz field in that everyone seems to get fuged up on it.
  2. All I got to say is that's a what coulda been sad thought. Look at his numbers even with those major injuries like WTF.
  3. Yup you get that with MMA fighters too. You can train so hard you injure yourself and not only that but get sick...as in your immune system gets compromised...bizarre that its 2021 and people dont' know this.
  4. Like others have said, it almost certainly wasn't there where it happened. Obviously no one has proof but it must have been fell on, stepped on, or otherwise cracked/weakened and in the flow of the game with adrenaline he didn't know until he tried to put his weight on it and collapsed. The turf IMO just finished the job.
  5. Look at this fugin poo The second play ahahahah GAAAAADAYUM
  6. Reddick is going to be a 12+ sack guy again...those guys being that elite don't' mean he's a poo LT though. He god damn annihilated Tunsil on that one break down though my god. OFC he's done that to everyone as the Saints have a legit LT too. Says more about Reddick than it does about Tunsil though, the man is special.
  7. https://www.pff.com/nfl/players/laremy-tunsil/10647 I mean he has given up 0 sacks and has no penalties but I do think they over paid for him in terms of the two first rounders. Doubt we get a better OT in round one next year given that we'll be drafting at least around 20+ so I don't see why people would say it's a dumb idea considering he's 27. He restructured his deal and I don't know what that entails but the money could be what funks it up? I don't care enough to look up his salary but the ability is there and the value is too if the money isn't goofed. But also probably around a 100% chance they don't do it though...like why would they trade one of the best pass blockers.
  8. Yea imagine a prime Cam and then having Lamar haha
  9. Ben is shot....completely done so that was a good call...not for your depth there but considering Darnold is an out of nowwhere addition that no one expected it could be worse
  10. In terms of the RB yup. Could try to use Tremble or just Darnold...he's not a small guy. Not as good as Cam but clearly a better option than our tiny ass RBs
  11. Seems to me that's what we have Sam Darnold for
  12. Yea I don't know that anyone disagrees with that...even the national media were like bruh 500 touches on pace for....you sure bout dat? Welp
  13. But then again Biakabatuka looked like he was going to be sick then got hurt But then again Stephen Davis....mother fuger our RBs/LBs man...must be the lul another 1st round LB/RB pick curse from shitty Hurney Yes I quoted myself fug off you
  14. OH poo he plays for Atlanta lol well poo he has basically no yards as their starter this year. Their OL is doo doo brown as well though
  15. Oh seems we have that issue all the sudden. I don't remember Stew or Dwill being so injured.
  16. Why did we get rid of Davis btw that guy was a perfectly fine backup
  17. Err na DJ is anything but an honorable mention. He's #2
  18. Yea this is terrible, our schedule is pretty weak overall so we may still have a good season but these hurt. I would think we have to bring in some help in the secondary and hopefully we can get Duke Johnson as his skillset is CMC lite(and i do mean lite) but he can clearly catch out of the backfield which is something it doesn't look like Hubbard can do so well.
  19. What do we have to back that up. I'm not even saying that he isn't but what comparison do we have. The eye test to me is not TD in his prime but he's not a fugin scrub either. I mean hell they were even insinuating that TD could be up for the HoF on GMF when he was talking about Steve Smith. I personally think it's a stretch for TD but it does go to show you what that 15-1 season with a SB win to top it off would have done for some of our guys. Probably would have Olsen in, Kalil in, TD in, Luke in, Cam in. Losing really does change a lot of it.
  20. K tahts about as good as we could want given what happened...no IR like the above said means should be earlier than 3 weeks.
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