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  1. And another one, we all know the real issue but funny anyway
  2. Yea I've been off it too obviously....sucks but too much poo to to with too many other people
  3. No where near the ceiling of Cam but can be good obviously. He ain't carrying a franchise though, not many can. In hindsight Cam is even better than his nut huggers were saying....this is the franchise he took to the SB lol Imagine Cam on an even average ran organization....sucks for him tbh.
  4. Yarp turns out everyone at every level sucks here oh well. Luke being the smart man he is peaced out LOL. shoulda been a sign
  5. Yea this ain't it chief. This used to be the place where people got neg repped outta the box so....good to see some small return to form at least.
  6. I mean if we had CMC and actual speed it might actually amount to something but since we have like negative WR speed its lol. They can't get open running fast as they can straight much less catching it while stopped then going.
  7. We're going to be that team that ruins a QB and or just straight picks the wrong one ofc. I mean we whiffed on everything but Cam when we had Cam just got lucky TBH.
  8. How you bout to be worse than some Rhule lol Doo this isn't even funny
  9. Yea well we suck and have always sucked outside of 2 whole years
  10. lol yo i sure would suit up I'd be as unopen as all our WRs sure gimme the cash then i'll take the blame
  11. "The best coach the Panthers ever had" that means literally nothing lol Yo member dat tyme we lost a SB? yeah that was great! just the the other time!
  12. This team isn't the type of team smart enough to hire a Deon Sanders you guys know better than that.
  13. The lone bright spot is can give even less of a fug even earlier than last year.
  14. People thinking looking good doesn't matter clearly never played lol. The players care at all levels I can tell you that much. OFC just even more reason even if at the bottom of reasons why no one gives af about the boring *yawn* Panthers. At least using one of the best uniforms in NFL history would be something instead its lol on top of the lol. Can't even look good while playing bad.
  15. Yeah and Horn got stuck in turf with his cleats on his first injury. They claim to care about player safety but the data clearly shows turf is one of the main if not THE main culprit on injuring players to include heads bouncing off it.
  16. The Jets may be about to win with some Zach Wilson. Josh Allen doing his best Young impression.
  17. Yeah Otah was actually good when on the field, same with Horn...we do love to pick injury prone good players when non injury prone good players at the same position go right after them....literally always seem to pick the wrong way
  18. IF Theilen was healthy maybe but he's old now and also the defense was not focused on him in Minny. It happens all the time where someone leaves a place where they were the secondary focus on a defense and try to be a primary offensive threat then sputter out b/c they were never that great anyway. Is it b/c Theilen isn't so good or old now, either way he's ours so yay
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