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  1. Apologies to those who don’t like to click links...too much to copy and paste both from Riot Report 1 Slater https://theriotreport.com/can-rashawn-slater-be-the-panthers-answer-at-lt/ 2. all tackles, as panthers may be trading back https://theriotreport.com/scout-camp-2021-complete-offensive-tackle-board/
  2. Maybe they tried but 49ers offer too rich vs a rebuilding team
  3. I believe the Panthers will take the highest rated player available in the draft in spite of need i believe they will find line help (o and d) in RD 2 and down if their highest rated player be it tackle, cb. TE, WR isn’t there at 8, they will trade down highest rated equals a player who can change a game I know some think that’s stating the obvious but with DJ going into a contract year, drafting the top rated WR is not out of the question, and get a OT in RD 2, is not out of the question would I run for a LT, yes, but their are salary cap and ability to resign is
  4. I’ve seen tremendous achievements by players and teams in person in the stadium I’ve also sat through Chris Weinke and Jimmy Clausen It sucks the life and money right out if a person and nothing worse than being the home team during loss and having to deal with Steelers, Pats, Saints or Redskins (god when will the Panthers stop playing them each year) fans you have to look at as a day of entertainment outside with your friends, win or lose. nothing more....as the old saying goes ‘you pay your money and take your chances’
  5. Why wait. Tom Brady’s retirement? hope you are right.
  6. If you are silver club, they should have given you a concierge with a name and phone number I think your Endzone seats were taken from you and they moved you to the 300 level and as part of that, they should have given you a direct name and number call the ticket office and make them do the right thing here I’ve used that concierge for numerous things. Good luck
  7. Panthers. Part of my tickets and price of silver club it used to be a perk, now it’s a paying separate perk I noticed a lot of survey questionnaire questions about parking recently. I would not keep mine without it. Driving from Raleigh and back for games on the same day, it really helps only time I stay over is of the game is past 4pm, then dealing with 277, 85, 40 at might is too much
  8. Lot 1. Right across from the stadium. Parking deck Attached to the residence inn
  9. Believe me it happened as my season tickets stayed the same but my invoice jumped $400 for parking. It wasn’t never ever separate before. It was part of Silver Club. No more
  10. Mine were more expensive this year suddenly parking is separate and an add in whereas before it was part of my ticket price nothing to be done about it. I need the parking looking forward to being there in a full stadium this year missed it last year
  11. Seems the staff that just had to have him, wants him gone ....or the owner does and the owner writes the checks if I’m Teddy, the ball is in my court. I’d keep collecting those checks singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ all the way to the bank there is a price for stupid and the Panthers are paying it
  12. I miss the days when we had a QB who could get anyone to the end zone...when it mattered
  13. The QB coach is the one who will turn Darnold around if that is possible Brady’s offense is Brady’s offense stolen from Peyton who stole it ....
  14. Carson was just a guy in the nfl. Not a failure but not mvp level He was better than other jags from USC yes, I would have loved to have Justin. There are exceptions to everything in life That ship has sailed
  15. Well, not having to listen to Teddy endlessly audible at the LOS should be worth one game by itself PS. usually the audible didn’t work
  16. I’m going to be excited just to be in the stadium again as far as Darnold, I’m not big in USC QBs but the boy is a Panther now, so I’d rather hope that he improve vs continuing to be the second coming of David Carr
  17. I appreciate the point however the buck stops with Rhule and the person who hired him Rhule and Brady made significant coaching mistakes in games last year and hopefully with year two they are better too, anybody who thinks the amiable Rhule was along for the ride with Hurney in the Bridgewater fiasco is mistaken there was also significant turnover in the coaching staff who knows how that goes Rhule may have had influencers in Parcells and Coughlin but he still smacks of Div 1 Brady is the same. Carolina is nothing more than a jumping off point for him and look, I
  18. Yep people talk about gambling and the QBs and ‘painting themselves in a corner the person who did those things was Matt Rhule 1. Teddy is here because Matt and Joe loved him. 2. Cam isn’t here because they didn’t love him. 3. Then, he no longer loved the anti Cam in Bridgewater and ran his mouth about it 4. Then they win a game that cost them in the Qb sweepstakes 5. they are outflanked for Stafford and Watson couldn’t keep his penis covered and here we are 6. Now, they are dumpster diving to try and reclaim yet another qb all I know is it ha
  19. And why are the Panthers drafting at 8
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