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  1. It's almost like it's team sport.
  2. WR screen. I've seen my Clemson Tigers run that play 1,000 times in college.
  3. I love the huddle. Darnold has a good pass he's going to be great. Darnold has a bad pass he is what he was with the Jets. Sigh.
  4. I would put CMC on a checkdown or at WR on a slant on every single third down. Even if they know it's coming if they rush and leave CMC one on one it's a conversation every time.
  5. Damn, I'm actually getting scared for Wilson. He's one clean shot away from trouble.
  6. Darnold got pressure up the middle and had to move off his spot and still slung that thing for a TD. That was all arm.
  7. Cameraman sucks. And that is two overthrows by Darnold that should be TDs.
  8. These numbers are going to mess me up more than Tom Brady.
  9. Paradis on rolling skates against 2nd string scares me. Dude was pretty bad.
  10. I loved it. I would pay money to listen to Smitty call games. Mr. Jenkins told me don't mess with Agent 89.
  11. I'm wondering if we'll run any power runs at all with a FB this year. I'm assuming if we do it'll be Tremble but have we run any in the preseason. I thought we ran some I-formation on those goal line stuffs against the Ravens. Part of the fun I have every year in Madden in recreating the Panthers and running the same plays they do on Sunday.
  12. My Pillow guy told me Sam Darnold is a fraud and he said he has the numbers to back it up.
  13. I understand that in the past the LT takes care of the blind side but in today's NFL I've also heard repeatedly that there is less and less difference between the RT and LT spots. If this is true then why not try Brady at LT? I know he has short arms but screw the metrics. If the boy can play the position, let him. He's been at LT a ton in college. Moton has pretty much been the RT for all of his time. Why work so hard to flip them? Are the measurements on a player really that important?
  14. #90 Peppers - Will be a 1st ballet HOF. #88 Smith - Greatest Panthers WR and possible HOF. #59 Kuechly - Greatest Panthers LB and possible HOF. #1 Newton - Greatest Panthers QB and possible HOF. (if for nothing more than being the best rushing QB in the history of the league)
  15. Nice. Now I know who to study up on so I can be properly pissed off if we don't take them where draft mocks have them slotted.
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