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  1. It is clear that Robert Kraft is the most powerful owner in the league, lol at Jerry Richardson believing he actually had Goodell's ear. Somehow Tom Brady's suspension will be overturned, and Jerry will not say one word about Goodell forcing him to put Hardy on his exemption list and throwing away 13 million dollars.
  2. I can't wait until he's traded and The Bucs are heralded again as the team to "watch out for" by the media.
  3. We were interested in 34 year old julius peppers last season...
  4. Watch him go to Tampa or ATL... I actually agree with this decision but this will not go over well with fans at all.
  5. Roger Goodell must enjoy lookin like a dumbass because an appeals court judge will easily see Hardy being placed on HIS exempt list for 15 games was enough punishment.
  6. He saw how much attention Smitty got by throwing dirt on the organization that he gave it a try.
  7. I mena, didn't Gettleman and Rivsra show up to CJ's Grandma funeral? I don't believe any players did, though.
  8. The report states she suffered minor injuries – bruises and scratches – and she refused treatment. The report says she had been drinking alcohol." But she comes to court with her in a sling? Bullshit. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/05/14/4908967/court-sets-bond-for-panthers-greg.html#.U3OFPigedBO#storylink=cpy
  9. With the injuries her lawyer is claiming(exaggerating) he would have been charged with a felony.
  10. He called 911 because she wouldn't leave his house.
  11. Not to say she's lying, but if he did what she is alleging she would be dead.
  12. "You think the guy’s a little off. Then you have a chance to talk to him and you realize, 'Oh yeah, this guy’s a little off,'" defensive tackle Dwan Edwards told the Observer. http://m.thepostgame.com/blog/dish/201211/nfler-has-bizarre-gameday-alter-ego
  13. Edit: Because that is his bitch.
  14. Wait, are we sure the woman wasn't Matt Ryan?
  15. He was charged with a MISDEMEANOR, if she had serious damage to her body they would have charged him with a felony.
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