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  1. Like last night, you have to beat them so badly even the refs can't blow the game for us.
  2. This is exactly what I envisioned with Darnold. Be a solid game manager and get the ball out to his playmaker. If anything he is tougher and more solid then I realized. He is really becoming the leader of the offense and elevating the play of those around him. His elusiveness even makes the terrible line look better than it is. Overall he is working out better than most expected.
  3. Exactly what I was thinking. So far so good. Sure we will have tests during the year and we won't go undefeated. The end of the year schedule is brutal. But why all the cautionary BS?? If the players were overconfident and cocky it would be a problem. But all these negative posts playing down the victories sound like they are afraid to be happy because they might get disappointed. That is exactly the reason to celebrate and get excited about being 3-0. Enjoy the beat downs and domination while you can. We are likely to come down to earth at some point. But until then I am going to root like hell and feel damn proud of this team. I have the ability to be happy, sad and all the emotions without having to.protect myself from PTSD because of the past.
  4. Worst 3-0 team ever. Woo hoo!!!!!
  5. Taking a defensive player out of a game by not throwing his way is much easier than defending a player like CMC who gets the ball 30 times a game. So of course CMC is more important than Horn. It isn't even close. Horn was playing well but he wasn't a shut down corner by any analysis yet. CMC is our best offensive player and won't be easily replaced. The defense was still potent without Horn. It took a gutty effort by Darnold to make up for the CMC loss.
  6. Reminds me of when Smith broke his arm in 2004 and we had a rash of injuries and finished 7-9. Benjamin wasnt a critical piece of the offense it turned out. CMC is totally different.
  7. Because McCaffrey not only is a great player he helps keep Darnold from getting killed on many plays by blocking on passing plays. Twice early in the game he blocked a guy running through the line untouched. In the second half those same guys crunched Darnold when the block was missed. Plus without CMC teams can largely ignore the running game and concentrate on pummeling Darnold when he tries to pass. With your logic maybe if we lose DJ and Robbie to injury then that would make us concentrate on other receivers and make Brady even more creative. In my way of thinking if you lose critical playmakers our offense then has the talent of the Jets and Darnold will look like he did last year. Especially since the line already looks like the Jets offensive line. You are never better when you miss your best offensive player.
  8. You can't make much of the gameplan of Darnold to McCaffrey. When healthy he is the best player on the field. On a 4 day gamre on the road you have to go with basics and tried and true. The halftime adjustments were great. And no matter how much you shine that turd it is still a turd. This was bad news unless he is back for Dallas. Darnold took a lot of abuse with McCaffrey out including missed blocking assignments with lineman coming in untouched.
  9. DJ has a long way to go before he is at Smitty's level let alone higher. Now Smitty is a DJ fan and thinks he was his replacement but Smitty not only had skills but the heart of a warrior. He found a way to keep a chip on his shoulder. I haven't seen that from DJ yet.
  10. Speaking of that when DJ got a hand on the ball I was thinking who wouldn't have dropped that and Smitty came to mind.
  11. Darnold proved how tough he was. That shot to the head, getting crunched by two blitzes, getting rag dolled on that last QB sneak. He earned the win tonight and played tough.
  12. I said Darnold was tough. Those QB sneaks particularly the last one was tough. He held onto the ball as they tossed him around til he scored. And some of those hits he took. How about the sandwich or the shot to the head. He is gonna need the cold tub this week.
  13. Exactly why we need pressure to help the secondary.
  14. Now we need pressure. No 4 man rush and prevent BS again. 3 and out baby
  15. We went to the 4 man rush and prevent defense on that last drive and of course give up.points. where was the pressure???
  16. What I have said all along is that one of Snows best ability is to learn and adapt to both his personnel and what works at the level he is at. This defense is very different than last year in terms of complexity and matchups. It is also the exact type of defense I begged for since the last season was over. This scheme he did not run in college with all the multiple looks. Partly because he now is dealing with professionals who play football for a living not in between classes and other things and because their skills are significantly better. This type of defense has shown to be one of the best over the years in the NFL and I am grateful he is using it. It is so nice to see pressure looks. Reminds me of Jim Johnson with more man looks and variation. I hope we stick with it.
  17. Exactly. You get to the line quickly, look at the defense and then adjust your play and protections based on what Darnold sees. You try and get favorable matchups or overloads for an easy pitch and catch. I used to hate that NO would always have someone open on every play but now that we run a similar scheme, I love it. I mean I hate the Saints but like their offensive scheme.
  18. Different teams may use the term for different things but a hot read is usually a pre-designed play to a receiver to avoid a blitz. Often the receiver sits down in the area just vacated by the Blitzer. It is something the receiver and quarterback already have worked out based on what the film says about the defense tendencies based on down and distance and how the defense lines up. So there isn't an audible needed. You seem to be confusing the term hot read receiver and primary receiver who is the guy you scheme the play for. https://www.sportingcharts.com/dictionary/nfl/hot-receiver.aspx#:~:text=The hot receiver is a,coming (a hot read).
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