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  1. Saw Sam Mills wife at Superbowl 50. She was coming from visiting her son and saw me wearing my Mills jersey and came up and spoke. She was appreciative that fans still remembered her husband. I told her that he may be gone but his spirit is strong with Panther fans and I would be up in the stands rooting for a win. It didn't happen for us that day but our chat and meeting is still fresh in my mind.
  2. We will be better this year. How much better is a function of our new coaches. The defense will be good as the back end will help the front end this year. Plus if the offense is only average we should win 7 or 8 games this year. Not contending but surely improving.
  3. Having grown up an Eagles fan before being a diehard Panther fan I endured a number of pretty bad decades. It is funny to hear folks talk about the Eagles like they could take it all. Before they won the Superbowl a few years back they were one of the franchises that had never won one and had pretty limited success in the post season. Not sure they were not a flash in the pan instead of a yearly contender.
  4. Actually funding private organizations with tax dollars is not socialism at all but just the opposite. Socialism as an economic system redistributes wealth from those who have it to those who dont. Capitalism concentrates wealth in the hands of the chosen few who control a product or service by giving them incentives and free money to build one place over another in this example. If our system were socialism the state or city would own the stadium and the team could be privately run but salaries and other decisions would be determined by the city not the owner. Or something like that. Private companies holding cities ransom for more money is the ultimate bastardization of capitalism where everyone else subsidies those who own the company for fear they will leave and go elsewhere.
  5. We had no idea that 2003 or 2015 were going to be the seasons they ended up being. If Corral led us to the Superbowl he would be the first rookie QB to do it in the history of the NFL. So the odds would be very long indeed
  6. I don't know if we can blame our mascot for bad luck but we surely have had our share. I could use some good luck for a change.
  7. I am ready to see the qbs in action. I don't need any more hype videos. Can't wait for August to get here.
  8. I know it isn't credible because I talked to a guy who say he talked to a guy who is close to Christian and knows that CMC doesn't want to run up the middle anymore, he wants to be used more like Kamara. In space and out of the backfield on swing passes. They said he will never complain and will do what is asked but feels his injuries are due to how he is being used. Take it for what it is worth but I thought it was worthy of discussion. But I doubt he wants to stay if he is going to be beaten to death or he will last if we don't change how we use him.
  9. And he is on a 4 year really cheap contract. Finding a starter on a rookie contract is like hitting the lottery. Backup or starter it is still a win if he plays.
  10. Yep. The draft really worked great. What if this is our year and the season went the same way. We are overdue to have some good luck for a change.
  11. Rhule may get up to five years if he builds a winner. Folks posting that if Rhule thinks he gets 5 years no matter what, aren't paying attention. The goal was to build a winner within 5 years not suck for 4 and then miraculously turn things around year 5. Of course Rhule is going to have to show improvement this year to show everyone we are moving forward. And honestly I think we will show improvement. How much I don't have a clue. But Rhule isn't getting a pass this year and the Panthers are expected to improve this year to show we are on the path. Historically year 3 is a charm in college for Rhule, I hope for all our sakes history repeats itself and we actually show up.particularly at home.
  12. Of course I hope he is amazing and does a great job for us and becomes a fantastic starting QB. But until I see him in an NFL offense playing against NFL defenses, he is an unproven rookie who fell to the third round and needs a lot of work. Still color me hopeful that he can come in and learn the NFL game and start for us. If not he is still a good value in the third and worth the gamble. If we keep.rolling the dice eventually we will find our guy. Hopefully it is Corral.
  13. This offense will not be heavy with RPOs given neither Sam or Matt need to be running the ball. Neither are built like Cam. And we liked Matt because he was very accurate and had a quick release. When has Cam ever been known for his accuracy and quick release throwing on timing routes. We won't be running an offense that is built around what Cam does best so no matter how good he still is, he either has to fit the system or have the system built for him which wouldn't work for the other guys. I am not sure what we will run but I think the qbs better only be running around like Russel Wilson likes to do when he has to....
  14. Fitterer said he was going to do everything he can to improve the team all the time. So is he happy with what we have? Yes. Would he take a veteran if the price were right? Why not, if it makes the team better. Will he trade for one? I don't think he wants to give up any more draft picks. So it would be for a guy who gets released and won't cost that much or better yet, we make it all performance based with little guaranteed. We aren't desperate anymore for a QB but we certainly wouldn't avoid one if the right situation occurred if I read the tea leaves correctly.
  15. You are right. Each team and sport are very different. Hockey is fun and loud with lots of back and forth with less strategy and more teamwork and grinding. Lots of banging and fighting on and off the ice. Crowds are loud and rowdy. Soccer crowds are actually pretty fun and everyone sings chants and makes noise while we wait for something to happen. Our section 127 in BOA isn't in the supporter section but we all stand the whole game. Imagine that at a Panther game. Football is highly controlled to avoid fights and pander to the family crowd. We stand in the upper deck on third down and when things are close. I stand a lot anyway. But it has been a while since we had some raucous crowds like against New England in 2004 and Tampa in 2008. The playoff run in 2015. I would be up for more noise and big old flags and a crowd happy to be there win or lose.
  16. He said today in a press conference that he doesnt meddle in the gameplan and isnt interested in calling plays. Here is the interview.
  17. No. Brady wasn't good enough to run anything but his own system. When he tried to adapt it in year 2 to be more like Rhule wanted, it got him fired mid-season. He was a college coach in over his head.
  18. Rhule isn't a playcaller so it wasn't his offense. But he had yes man with little NFL experience. Now he has experienced coordinators who have there own system. Rhule wants to run the ball and be rugged and aggressive on the line and our new personnel reflect that. How we run and block as well as pass the ball with be the purview of McAdoo, Campen and Sean Ryan. I have hope for t&e future.
  19. I said that when I said his ego and naivete make him think college coaches can compete with NFL coordinators. The context which apparently escaped you was that by replacing the coordinators with seasoned veterans he has learned his lesson and there is no reason to believe that our miserable record has to continue. I understand McAdoo molds the system to the personnel and is a huge upgrade. But the coordinators he chose were responsible for the crappy product on the field and thankfully they are all gone. But of course the head coach who insists on control of everything is ultimately responsible for everything and gets blame or praise accordingly.
  20. That is exactly why we made the changes in coordinators and brought in Wilks. It wasn't Rhules fault our team was so easy to figure out, it was the coordinators with little or no NFL experience. It was Rhules ego and naivete to think his college coaches could compete with seasoned NFL coaches. Snow ran cover 3 in 2020 and lots of man press in 2021. Wilks will run a largely nickel defense with a mix of zone and man and hopefully provide more structure and scheming on the back side.
  21. Very good analysis. Cosell is so knowledgeable and able to communicate it in terms everyone can understand. Great interview. No wonder you know so much, listening to all these guys weekly really gives you good understanding of the NFL.
  22. Don't want the weasel after hating him for so long.
  23. If we are going to pay Clowney we should have kept Reddick. I also read that Cleveland is looking to move on from Clowney so they aren't impressed with his latest offer.
  24. Yeah the whole report someone standing like they do at football games is crazy if you are trying to grow a rabid fan base.. and having a supporter type section where things get a little wild is good if you are starting out but fans already have those seats and might not want to change.
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